Nidhi Razdan Omar Abdullah Pics, Wedding, Live in Partner, NDTV Reporter Husband Pics, HaircutNewsreaders are as much the celebrity as are actors and celebrities. The life of a journalist is not easy either. Always travelling, irrespective of the tumult of the time and always being faced with moral dilemmas. The Indian news anchor Nidhi Razdan biography will throw light on how it feels to be in this profession. The media is teeming with women that are working day and night alike to report fair truth for the country. Nidhi Razdan net worth is quite high as she features in the top 10 most beautiful anchors. Nidhi Razdan Twitter handle has a huge fan following. In the sections below we are going to throw some light on Nidhi Razdan personal life. We will also talk about Nidhi Razdan TV journalist profile. She is one of the most talented and critically acclaimed married female news anchors of India.

TV Journalist Nidhi Razdan Age, Family, Wiki

The biography of NDTV reporter Nidhi Razdan is laced with a lot of spicy news. Nidhi Razdan family background is Kashmiri Pandit family that relocated to Delhi. Nidhi Razdan parents brought up their daughter in the capital of the country. Her mother is Sarla Razdan who is the author of the cookery book ‘Kashmiri Cuisine through the Ages’ and her father is Maharaj Krishan Razdan who is the editor-in-chief of the Press Trust of India. In a way it can be said that news has been in the blood of this feisty young woman.

The journalist Nidhi Razdan age is 38 as of now. Nidhi Razdan height is quite commendable at 5 feet 6 inches. Nidhi Razdan date of birth is in the year 1978. The news anchor Nidhi Razdan wiki mentions that she had been a great student during her growing up years. Nidhi Razdan education happened from Apeejay School then graduation from Lady Shri Ram College for Women and finally post-graduation in Radio and TV journalism from Indian Institute of Mass Communication. Nidhi Razdan nationality is Indian.

TV Journalist Nidhi Razdan Career

Nidhi Razdan first job was as a journalist with NDTV and she got it at the age of 21. Nidhi Razdan success story is all about grit and daring. She has a lot of happenings from in and around Kashmir. She has anchored four shows for the same channel – ‘Prime time news’, ‘Left, Right and Centre’, ‘India decides @9’ and ‘The Lead’. But there have been a lot of rumors surrounding her personage and work that led to headlines saying that the Indian media was in bed with politicians.

She is one of the many divorcee female TV journalists in India, which shows just how demanding their work is. The journalist Nidhi Razdan salary is in 7 figures. Nidhi Razdan controversy is revealed in the next section. Just like Sunetra Choudhury, her life was also embroiled in a political affair.

Nidhi Razdan Omar Abdullah Love Affair

Nidhi Razdan love affair with Omar Abdullah has become a matter of national television. The details of Nidhi Razdan Omar Abdullah relationship was being discussed by all the tabloids post the announcement of Omar separating from his wife of 17 years, Payal. Earlier the rumors about Nidhi Razdan dating Omar Abdullah were not very concrete but after the announcement of the separation all hell broke loose. Many Nidhi Razdan and Omar Abdullah pics were flashed across news channels. Before this she was married to her boyfriend, Neelesh Misra who is also a radio jockey and works in the media industry.

Nidhi Razdan Marriage, Husband, Divorce

It is said that Nidhi Razdan lives alone in Delhi but it is believed Omar used to visit her if not as a live in partner. The NDTV journalist Nidhi Razdan was married to her longtime boyfriend for two. Nidhi Razdan wedding date was some time in 2005 and they got divorced in 2007. Nidhi Razdan husband name was Neelesh Misra of ‘Yaadon Ka Sheher (Idiot Box)’ fame. He has moved on and remarried and is happy now.

Nidhi Razdan started having troubles with her husband when she started spending a lot of time in Kashmir with Omar. That is why Nidhi Razdan Neelesh Misra love story which had started in IIMC, Delhi came to an abrupt end. Nidhi Razdan divorce reason was that she fell in love with a politician. Nidhi Razdan was never pregnant because she separated with her husband soon after marriage.

Nidhi Razdan does not have any children as of yet. The husband of journalist Nidhi Razdan was quite devastated by the whole affair. After Nidhi Razdan split with Neelesh Misra, Omar Abdullah had tried to marry her but had faced opposition from his father Farooq on the basis that she was not Muslim. And that was how Nidhi Razdan second marriage was sabotaged.

TV Journalist Nidhi Razdan Latest Buzz

She is one of those Indian married female news anchors who got entwined in a political controversy. Nidhi Razdan hairstyle is very simple. Nidhi Razdan new haircut is a plain step cut. Nidhi Razdan interviews in Kashmir got her the Ramnath Goenka Award for Excellence in Journalism for reporting from Jammu and Kashmir and north-eastern India.

Nidhi Razdan latest news is that she received many awards for her work in journalism. Nidhi Razdan beauty secrets lie in her lineage. Nidhi Razdan looks very beautiful in a Saree. Nidhi Razdan looks equally resplendent in skirt. Nidhi Razdan new show is yet to be announced. Nidhi Razdan and Shereen Bhan look very similar.

Life ahead for this woman maybe lonely and melancholic, for she has been scorned by her husband in pursuit of a lover who has also been kept away from her due to the societal norms that dictates religious barriers be followed. However she has taken everything in the face of it and puts up a brave front.