Christi Paul Hot Images, Family, Marriage, Divorce, CNN News Anchors, Sexy Legs, First HusbandMany women have struggled to get an equal respectable spot in the industry. Such is the story that will be told by the news anchor Christi Paul biography. She is a strong woman whose success story has inspired many. She is a celebrity of sorts on twitter and is one of those glamorous CNN female news anchors who is admired by millions of fans. However all was not a smooth cake walk for her. Coming out of an abusive relationship and then working for a popular network had not been easy for her. She is a huge believer in the benevolence of God and has also written a book describing her dark journey into the light. Her family is now happy and she has a huge house to take care of and 3 kids and a plethora of pets to look after. So basically all is well that ends well.

Christi Paul Age, Family, Wiki

She hails from a family background that belongs to Bellevue, Ohio. Her mother’s name is Ann Elizabeth Paul and father’s name is Roger Donald Paul. Her age is 47. Christi Paul height is only 5 feet 3 inches although she looks a lot taller in TV. The date of birth of Christi Paul is 1st January, 1969. Christi Paul wiki also mentions that her religion is Roman Catholic.

She completed her education from the University of Toledo from where she got a bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism. Soon after her education she spent some time being a magician’s assistant. Christi Paul nationality is American. Her maiden name is Christi Ruth Paul. She competed in Miss Ohio and literally fell off the stage. She even participated in a marathon once. Her personal life has been quite an eventful ride.

Christi Paul Journalism Career

Christi Paul was an intern at Entertainment Tonight. Apart from that she sings really well and has sung the national anthem for the Atlanta Braves, Cleveland Cavaliers, Cleveland Indians and Arizona Diamondbacks. Her first job ever was as a main anchor, reporter, photographer and editor in West Virginia for WDTV and she used to get an annual salary of $12000.

She is one among the many married female news anchors that are successful both on the personal as well as professional front. Her book titled ‘Love Isn’t Supposed To Hurt’ recounts her experience of emotional abuse in her first marriage. Before joining the network in 2003 the journalist had already worked hard to build her profile and had already done similar work in Boise, Idaho and Phoenix.

She currently is a weekend anchor for the show ‘New Day’. She has been a correspondent for HLN and CNN since 2003. She was also honored by the Idaho Press Club for covering a story of a 4-year old girl who underwent a 5 organ transplant.

Christi Paul First Marriage, Husband, Divorce

Talking about Christi Paul love affairs it had not been a very easy ride for her. In her early years she was dating a co-worker named Rob Koebel. They had been a relationship for a long time when suddenly he asked her to marry him. But Christi Paul was not sure she wanted to take the next step with her boyfriend as she had gotten a job offer with quadruple the present salary in Cleveland – a place where she really wanted to work.

When she told about the offer to Rob, he launched a tirade hence she chose the sanity of her love life over her career. They got married but things started going downhill from there. He started drinking a lot and fighting and indulging in verbal abuse. But after four years of living in denial she filed for a divorce. To heal Christi Paul went into counseling and therapy to find her true worth.

Christi Paul Love Story, Second Husband, Kids

Christi Paul Husband Photos, Wedding Pictures, Daughters, Peter Paul Images, KidsThe gorgeous news anchor Christi Paul met Peter Paul just after her divorce. She felt safe with him and that was the start of another love story. In June 2002 the man officially became the husband of Christi Paul. Her mother-in-law is a Czech and had spent many nights trying to get Christi Paul to learn how to curse in Czech. She has 3 children.

She also said that her ex-husband himself was hurting from something but he was just not strong enough to go through all that name-calling, shoving, screaming and abuse that was s characteristic of her first marriage. After getting out of that emotional abuse in the early months of 2000, she is happy with her second husband now. Her third child was born in 2nd December in 2009.

The latest news on Christi Paul ids that she has become a viewer’s favorite. Her hairstyle is simple cut into layers. One of the interesting facts about her is that apart from being the mother of three daughters, she also takes care of two dogs, two chickens and three beehives. Another interesting thing that she has revealed is that she has been a bridesmaid 13 times. Her new haircut has been copied by many laypeople.

Christi Paul News Coverage, Achievements

The HLN news anchor take brilliant interviews and is also friends with Robin Meade. She has also appeared in the new show titled ‘Morning Express with Robin Meade’. She is one of the bravest American female news anchors who have survived the storm in her life. Her controversy regarding her past abusive life is behind her now. The anchor now enjoys the adulation of her fans as they admire her slim figure and slender legs.

She looks ravishing when she wears a skirt and it becomes hard to believe that she is that short. Her net worth is approximately $1.5 million and is slated to increase over the years. She is also the former Miss Mansfield and the third Runner Up in Miss Ohio. In 1991 she was also crowned the Miss Greater Cleveland. She had been in the beauty pageant circuit since her college days.