Journalist Sonia Singh Husband Pics, Wedding, Kids, RPN Singh Images, NDTV News AnchorsSonia Singh is an Indian journalist and is basically famous for her excellent skills in her field. From being a TV reporter in the year 1992 when she first joined the NDTV, she is today the editorial director of the channel along with being the President of the NDTV Ethics Committee. She has been actively working in the industry in order to provide latest news and valuable facts to her viewers. In this news anchor Sonia Singh biography by Biopic Medley, we shall cover various arenas of her life including her personal life as well as Sonia Singh’s journalist profile. Today, she is one of the most celebrated TV anchors in India and many women aspiring to be journalists have been looking up to her. She possesses a well-refined set of skills that make her stand apart from the crowd. Undoubtedly, Sonia Singh is one of the most successful married female news anchors of all times. To know more about her, continue reading:

Sonia Singh Family, Age, Wiki

As Sonia Singh’s Twitter account would suggest, she has thousands of followers online apart from her co-workers. With the excellent poise and communication skills, she really makes the cut and hence, has been popular for it, not to mention well-paid too. However, as far as family background is concerned, it is seen that her parents raised Sonia with great values and focused a lot on her education. As confirmed by her wiki page, Sonia went to Convent of Jesus and Mary for her schooling and later joined St. Stephen’s College and excelled in English Literature.

It is interesting to note that the date of birth of Sonia Singh is 21st September, 1970 and by the age of 22 years, she had already joined as the NDTV news anchor. At such a young age, she had started working in an industry which was mainly male dominated at that time and was also frowned upon for women. However, the height that she has reached today is evidence that the only disability in life is a bad attitude and one should always follow their dream. The success story of Sonia Singh is not only a legacy for her but also is an inspiration for thousands of women out there, and for this, we are proud that Sonia Singh’s nationality is Indian.

Professional Career of Sonia Singh

Sonia Singh is one of the few female news anchors of India that have made it big in the world of journalism. Needless to say, it is hard for women in this field and was harder when she started back in the year 1992. Since then, she has been employed with NDTV India and continues to climb up the ladder of success. As already mentioned, Sonia Singh’s first job as a journalist was with NDTV India and continues till date; only she has reached higher position in the company. Back in the year 1992, she started hosting a talk show called “The World This Week For Doordarshan”.

It is believed that at this stage in one’s career, factors like salary and perks do not matter that much as much as the work itself. The same is the case with Sonia Singh; however, she is paid really well, given her obvious contribution to the channel over the years. It would be right to say that the net worth of Sonia Singh is majorly calculated through her contributions to the journalism and not in monetary terms as such. Her name is counted amongst the most-renowned female journalists across the world including Erin Burnett and Megyn Kelly.

Sonia Singh Interviews, Awards

In her 23 year long career, Sonia Singh has conducted various interviews some of which led to sparking a controversy. Anyone who understands journalism understands that controversies are a huge part of the business and cannot be eliminated. Being one of the top Indian female TV journalists of all times, it is an obvious fact that the industry needs her and more like her. All the awards that she has received over the years are well-deserved.

Given her popularity, the contact details of Sonia Singh are often looked for, especially her email id. Making a rough guess, it would make more sense if anyone who wishes to approach her approaches the channel first. To sum up about her professional achievements, it is noteworthy that most of the major stories that have happened in the past two decades in the world have been covered by Sonia Singh for her channel. These include the Jessica Lall Murder Case, Kandahar Hijack, the tragedy of 26/11, and the unfortunate parliament attack. Presently, there is no word on any of the new TV shows that Sonia Singh will work in.

Sonia Singh Marriage, Husband, Children

It seems a little inappropriate to discuss about the love life of a journalist that has been doing serious work in the journalism for the past two and a half decades of her life. However, the readers of this biography were promised a complete detail of Sonia Singh’s life and we will have to talk about the husband of journalist Sonia Singh in this section of this text.

Nothing much has ever been disclosed about Sonia Singh and R.P.N Singh love story as both of them belong to the worlds that are always under the camera. R.P.N Singh is the husband of Sonia Singh and is also a Congress Leader. Sonia Singh’s relationship with R.P.N Singh goes back to the 2000’s when their wedding took place on the 7th of December of the year 2002. Sonia’s husband name is a well-known personality in the political world and this restricts them to discuss about their relationship publicly.