Megyn Kelly Hot Pics, Family, Husband Images, Fox News Anchor, Short Hair, Kids, College, Hair ExtensionsMegyn Marie Kelly is an American journalist and former attorney at law. In this Megyn Kelly success story, we will be focussing on the various struggles she had to go through, personally and professionally. She is quite popular amongst the American audience and so, we thought of writing about news anchor Megyn Kelly biography so that her fans can get to know her better. While Megyn Kelly TV journalist profile is pretty well-known as of now, there was a time when she was one of the most desirable married female news anchors. Many people believe that Megyn Kelly real name is Megyn Kendall, however, she was known by that name when she was previously news anchor Megyn Kelly married Daniel Kendall. Now, journalist Megyn Kelly wiki is pretty clear as to the fact that the two divorced and now the husband of journalist Megyn Kelly is Douglas Brunt. Well, we will get to know more about Megyn Kelly second marriage in the later segment of this biography of news reader Megyn Kelly.

Megyn Kelly Family, Age, Education

She is undoubtedly one of the sexiest divorcee female news anchors and that is why she is so desirable. However, to take a peek into Megyn Kelly family background, she comes from a mixed descent where her mother is Italian and her father was Irish. But Megyn Kelly nationality is American as she was born and brought up here. Even though her father died when she was 15, Megyn Kelly parents have set very good examples for her.

Right from the beginning, Megyn Kelly education has been seen as a priority in her family as her father was a teacher. Now to speak of Megyn Kelly date of birth, she was born on 18th November, 1970 which means that journalist Megyn Kelly age is 45 years today. Owing to her sexy look and Megyn Kelly height, she sure does not look 45. She is still as beautiful and charming as she would have been as Megyn Kelly in high school.

Megyn Kelly Professional Career

As Megyn Kelly Twitter account would show, she has hundreds of followers and thanks to Megyn Kelly TV shows, she is quite a popular talent as well. While most people would believe it to be, Megyn Kelly first job was not that of a journalist or a reporter. She was an attorney at law and Megyn Kelly salary at that time was quite an impressive number.

Currently, the association of Megyn Kelly and Fox News Channel seems to be pretty well working out for both the parties. There was news about her owning a self-made Megyn Kelly news channel but she later denied all such rumours. These controversies even led to Megyn Kelly in trouble with Fox for a short while but the air is clear now. Well, at least her fans hope that she continues to be associated with the network so that they can get to see her work regularly.

Of all Megyn Kelly interviews that she has ever conducted, the most sparkling conversation was shared between Megyn Kelly and Charles Koch in the October of 2015. However, this did not make the biggest Megyn Kelly controversy but her explosion of the double standards with the treatment of blacks. This is why Megyn Kelly and Black Lives Matter made such a cut and could not be taken off of the news and YouTube for months. After this, various big names in the industry like Lara Alvarez praised her view point on the topic and appreciated her guts for exposing the truth.

As per Megyn Kelly latest news, she is thinking of investing a huge part of her wealth into some cause as Megyn Kelly net worth is pretty huge now and so, it would be interesting to see what Megyn Kelly upcoming works are. She might be tagged as the divorcee female journalists but she has set a massive example for thousands of women out there as to what a woman can achieve.

Megyn Kelly First Marriage, Husband, Divorce

Recently, Megyn Kelly in Paris was spotted with her current husband Douglas Brunt. Even though the rumours about journalist Megyn Kelly love affairs with her co-workers have been out there a lot, but Megyn Kelly love life is happy with Douglas right now.

However, this was not Megyn Kelly first marriage. To speak of Megyn Kelly first husband, she married Daniel Kendall in the year 2001 and Megyn Kelly split with Daniel Kendall took place in the year 2006. After being married for almost 6 years, Megyn Kelly relationship with Daniel Kendall could not reach the happy ending that everyone wishes of.

Even though Megyn Kelly divorce reason was never officially stated by her, there were some rumours of infidelity. Probably the same set of people discussed about Megyn Kelly Douglas Brunt age difference and how their marriage will never work. But she shunned away all the stupid rumours.

Megyn Kelly Second Marriage, Husband, Son, Daughter

Presently, Megyn Kelly husband is Douglas Brunt and Megyn Kelly with her husband seems to be living her life to the fullest. Megyn Kelly wedding date with Douglas Brunt is sometime in the year 2008 and since then; the couple has been happily married. In fact, they have three kids from Megyn Kelly Douglas Brunt love story, and Megyn Kelly children constitute of two sons and a daughter. While Megyn Kelly daughter name is Yardley Evans Brunt, Megyn Kelly sons names are Thatcher Bray Brunt and Edward Yates Brunt.

Getting to some of the interesting facts about Megyn Kelly, she recently said in an interview that she put herself to law school when her father died when she was 15 and her mother worked as a nurse. She believes and said that anyone can pull themselves up if they really wanted to. Well, as it turns out, Megyn Kelly romance with Douglas Brunt was a great start for her second innings at the marriage hand and she seems to be pretty contempt with that part of her life.