Erin Burnett Husband Photos, Wedding Pictures, Family, Kids, Hot Pics, Legs, SalaryThe world of media has transformed a lot due to the female presence and vice versa. Life can be unpredictable at times. You never know which way it is headed or what is going to hit you next. The news anchor Erin Burnett biography will talk about that unpredictability of life. The news anchor Erin Burnett net worth is $12 million in 2016. Erin Burnett success story if read carefully will tell you how a financial analyst became a popular face on TV. Erin Burnett is very active on Twitter and has millions of followers. But that can be partly attributed to the fact that she looks somewhat like a certain Hollywood actress. The news anchor Erin Burnett can be seen on the CNN news during prime time. Let us take a look at Erin Burnett TV journalist profile to find out about her qualifications. The details about Erin Burnett personal life will also tell us what led to her becoming one of the most sought after married female news anchors.

Erin Burnett Family, Age, Wiki

Erin Burnett family background is that of an Irish and Scottish ancestry. Erin Burnett parents are Esther Margaret, mother and popular corporate attorney Kenneth King Burnett, father. The news anchor Erin Burnett age is 39. Erin Burnett height is 1.68 meter. Erin Burnett date of birth is 2nd July, 1976. The journalist Erin Burnett wiki also mentions that she was born in Mardela Springs, Maryland, USA.

Erin Burnett education happened from Andrew’s School in Middletown, Delaware from where she graduated in 1994. She attended William’s College in Williamstown in Massachusetts where she studies political science and economics. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in political economy. The news anchor Erin Burnett nationality is American.

Erin Burnett Journalist Career

The news anchor Erin Burnett first job was as a financial analyst in Goldman Sachs. Erin Burnett CNBC journalist first started her journey in the real world in the finance division of Goldman Sachs where she dealt with Mergers and Acquisitions and Corporate Governance. She is one of the most successful married female TV journalists know today. The news anchor Erin Burnett started taking interviews way later. First she was hired as a booker and writer for CNN’s show MoneyLine.

Erin Burnett was offered the show ‘Outfront’ at CNN and she returned to the place from where she started her career in media. Right now Erin Burnett TV shows includes a prime time show called ‘Erin Burnett Outfront’. Erin Burnett TV schedule is that it is aired during the prime time which is not a very easy spot to bag. Erin Burnett TV series have been many in the form of documentaries. She has travelled the world to shoot these documentaries and has 6 of them to her name.

Erin Burnett Net Worth, Fame

Erin Burnett salary is $3 million at CNN. Erin Burnett house is a lavish bungalow with all the amenities that money could buy. Erin Burnett email id could be found on the official page of CNN. Erin Burnett contact details can also be found on LinkedIn. Erin Burnett new shows happened after she left CNN to work as a digital Media head for CitiGroup media division CitiMedia. She is the equivalent of Indian news anchor Anjana Om Kashyap.

Erin Burnett controversy is not much except people mistake her for an actress. She also used the term ‘Serial Killer’ for the Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s plan to cull camels. If you saw Erin Burnett in a fashionable skirt, you would surely think that she was an actress from Hollywood. This was between 2005 and 2011. Erin Burnett legs used to be often flaunted in her show ‘Street Signs’ in CNBC. On a closer look, the news anchor Erin Burnett looks like Zooey Deschanel of ‘500 Days of summer’ fame. The fact that Erin Burnett looks like actress Zooey still bums people over.

Erin Burnett Marriage, Husband, Daughter, Son

Talking about Erin Burnett love affairs, she went to a blind date in 2003 and that was it. Erin Burnett relationship with David Rubulotta has been a long term one. Erin Burnett David Rubulotta love story has lasted 12 long years and is still continuing. Erin Burnett love life has been a very healthy one. Erin Burnett got married in 2012 to a former trader of Lehman Brothers.

The husband of CNN news anchor Erin Burnett is now the managing director of CitiGroup. Erin Burnett wedding made quite some news on 21st December 2012. Erin Burnett husband name is quite famous as he is one of the powerful ones. Erin Burnett is still seen with her husband in social events.

Erin Burnett children are two. Erin Burnett baby boy was born on 29th December, 2013. Erin Burnett son name is Nyle Thomas Burnett Rubulotta. Erin Burnett daughter name is Colby Isabelle who was born in 15th December of 2015. The news anchor Erin Burnett has been scarcely seen with her daughter as she is just a few months old.

Erin Burnett Interviews, TV Shows

Erin Burnett hairstyle is short steps. The interesting facts about Erin Burnett are that she went from being a financial analyst to a media face. She is a badass woman. She even accused the Australian prime minister. Erin Burnett new haircut was courtesy the motherhood for the second time. Erin Burnett upcoming TV shows have still not been announced.

Erin Burnett was amazing in the Donald Trump interview. She even said that he might have been ‘childish’ at one point. Erin Burnett was also in Paris to do certain segments of her show. Erin Burnett live stream is seen on the CNN official website. Sometimes the CNN channel also does Erin Burnett live telecast.