Dinesh Agarwal IndiaMart CEO Images, Wife Pics, Wedding, Family, Contact, Email ID, KidsDinesh Agarwal is an Indian entrepreneur and is the founder of IndiaMart.com, which is India’s largest B2B website. In this IndiaMart founder Dinesh Agarwal biography, we shall be discussing some of the facts about his personal as well as professional life. Undoubtedly, he is one of the most successful Indian male entrepreneurs and so, he has expanded his work horizons to unimaginable limits. Even though Dinesh Agarwal personal life is very secretive and aloof to his fans, we will try to peep in a little with the limited facts that we have. Of all the Indian entrepreneurs that have tried making it big in the world of e-business, Dinesh Agarwal success story is surely a great inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs. While IndiaMart founder name is pretty famous in the world today, the biography of IndiaMart CEO Dinesh Agarwal will cover much more than that. In this biography by Youth Developers – Biopic Medley, we will try to emphasize on the various aspects of Dinesh Agarwal so that his followers get to know him a little better. Read on to know more about him:

Dinesh Agarwal Age, Family, Wiki

Born and brought up in India, Dinesh Agarwal nationality is Indian but he has expanded his works worldwide. To speak of Dinesh Agarwal family background, not much has been written about that but we can be sure that he comes from a family of well-educated people. This is because Dinesh Agarwal education was given so much importance right from the start as he went on to get a Master’s degree in engineering in computer sciences from Lucknow.

As Dinesh Agarwal wiki would confirm, Dinesh Agarwal date of birth is 19th February, 1969 which means that Dinesh Agarwal age is 46 years now. Surely Dinesh Agarwal net worth is a number too impressive for his age as he started working on his dream goal from a very young age. Well, about Dinesh Agarwal entrepreneur profile, continue to read the next segment of this biography.

Dinesh Agarwal Early Career, First Job

While Dinesh Agarwal Twitter account is filled with his fans and aspirants that wish to be like him, the CEO of IndiaMart company was not always the CEO of this company. To speak about Dinesh Agarwal first job, it was as ordinary as that of an Indian engineer and he worked for five years in HCL Technologies.

However, it was only in 1996 that Dinesh Agarwal first start-up happened when he quit his job and came back to India to build the empire that he has built today. In fact, if hearsay is to be believed, Dinesh Agarwal interviews were a drastic blunder in the beginning.

Dinesh Agarwal Success Story

Today, he is one of the most successful male entrepreneurs in India and that has made him a real catch amongst the shutterbugs. More and more young people wish to walk in his footsteps and so, the demand for Dinesh Agarwal email id and Dinesh Agarwal contact details is extensive.

Not only he is a well-renowned entrepreneur, Dinesh Agarwal as investor has also made some pretty good decisions. In fact, it is surprising though that IndiaMart founder wiki did not include this side of his profile. To speak about the extents of his business, today India Mart has about 1.7 million registered sellers. This means that everyday these many people in India make use of technology to take their business to greater heights.

Dinesh Agarwal Other Projects

It is amazing though that Dinesh Agarwal funding is as simple as helping people grow their businesses and yours will grow with them. This is why the partnership between Dinesh Agarwal and Tolexo.com proved to be as fruitful as both these entities had mutual interests and helped each other realize them. Another major clientele that he has is with L&T and so, Dinesh Agarwal Larsen and Toubro share pretty close business relationships.

While he was trying his hands at new things, he also started a website for auto information but that did not work out too well for him and he stuck to just his mainstream business. It is great that he did this as his name is now taken with renowned entrepreneurs like Bill Gates.

Dinesh Agarwal Marriage, Wife, Children

There is not much to talk about Dinesh Agarwal love life as he is more of a business tycoon. However, we know that Dinesh Agarwal wife name is Chetna Agarwal and the couple got married a few years ago. Well, as it turns out, the wife of IndiaMart founder Dinesh Agarwal isn’t much of a socialite herself and avoids coming in front of the camera.

It was a few years back when Dinesh Agarwal married Chetna in a private wedding ceremony. However, Dinesh Agarwal with his wife is seen on various public and charity events but their married life is pretty confined up to themselves. Dinesh Agarwal Chetna Agarwal love story is going well and both the couples happily live together with their kids.

It was rumoured that Dinesh Agarwal Chetna Agarwal age difference has become a problem with their folks but that was just media hype and nothing more than that. He is so secretive that no details about Dinesh Agarwal children were ever revealed and so, it is safe to say that Dinesh Agarwal relationships have a very special place in his life.

Dinesh Agarwal Latest Buzz

As it turns out, he started up the business of import-export as well under the franchise of India Mart. However, after a few years, he realised that he needs to devote his 100 per cent to his objective of growing market place in India and so, he shut down his business of import & export and focussed only on B2B marketplace.

As per Dinesh Agarwal latest news, it seems like he is going to work harder with IndiaMart and any plans of Dinesh Agarwal new start-ups remain secretive. Well, it seems like Dinesh Agarwal next start-up will be a complete surprise for everyone in the business world and until Dinesh Agarwal future plans are revealed by him, it is all going to be hidden from the media.