Behati Prinsloo Hot Images, Wedding, Husband Pics, Sexy Bikini Photoshoots, Tattoos, ChildrenA lot of celebrities take models as their wife. They meet at a social do and hit it off. Adam Levine wife Behati Prinsloo biography is all about that. Behati Prinsloo modeling contracts are many and we will learn about that in full detail. Behati Prinsloo movies are not so many but she acted in various music albums. Behati Prinsloo model profile is similar to Victoria’s Secret other gorgeous models. She is of the league of Candice Swanepoel. Behati Prinsloo bikini photo-shoots show off her sexy body. Behati Prinsloo personal life is going good as she recently entered into marriage. Behati Prinsloo Twitter handle has many followers and the singer Adam Levine wife name has appeared for many brand ad campaigns. Behati Prinsloo has had a lot of hot photo-shoots for a plethora of magazine covers like Vogue, V, Elle, the Daily Telegraph and L O’fficiel.

Model Behati Prinsloo Age, Family, Wiki

The biography of Namibian model Behati Prinsloo will throw some light on the growing up years of Behati Prinsloo family background is from Grootfontein, Namibia. Behati Prinsloo’s parents are simple people. Her father, Boet is a church minister and mother, Magda runs a small Bed and Breakfast. The model Behati Prinsloo age is 26 years. Behati Prinsloo height is 1.89 meters. Behati Prinsloo weight is 53 Kgs.

Behati Prinsloo date of birth is 16 May, 1989. Behati Prinsloo’s education happened in the Afrikaans language and was later educate in English. The model Behati Prinsloo wiki also mentions that she is a Victoria’s angel. Behati Prinsloo nationality is Namibian. She was discovered by Sarah Doukas of Storm Model Management while she was 16 and in holiday at Cape Town in South Africa. Kate Moss was also discovered by the same person.

Behati Prinsloo Fashion Shows, Modeling Career

The wife of singer Adam Levine is a well established model. Behati Prinsloo is often seen in fashion shows that showcase big brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, H&M, Victoria’s Secret etc. there are innumerable videos on Behati Prinsloo ramp walk. The resume of Behati Prinsloo also mentions her being a victoria’s secret angel.

This Namibian beauty, Behati Prinsloo was seen walking in victoria’s secret sub-brand pink; she is the face of that product. A few of her fans have studied the make-up of Behati Prinsloo and have created a makeup tutorial to help other fans. Behati Prinsloo first movie appearance was in ‘Hawaii Five-0’ as herself in 2014.

Behati Prinsloo first entered into a modeling contract when she was in her late teens around 17. Behati Prinsloo modeling agency is the same one that launched Kate Moss, but later she changed to Women Management, Marilyn Agency and currently she is with D Management Group.

Behati Prinsloo Net Worth, Music Videos

Behati Prinsloo net worth is 3 million. Adam Levine wife wiki is very interesting because Behati Prinsloo has taken a break from all her upcoming fashion weeks as she got married just a year ago and is enjoying the new life. Behati Prinsloo next modeling contract is with D Management.

Behati Prinsloo new movie is in the pipeline and the title has not been decided yet. Behati Prinsloo was seen in jeans in the music videos of ‘Animals’ and ‘Rich Girls’. Behati Prinsloo and Taylor swift met for a ramp walk and song performance for Victoria’s secret. Behati Prinsloo kiss was seen in the music video of ‘Animals’ where she starred opposite her husband.

Model Behati Prinsloo Marriage, Husband

The model Behati Prinsloo love affairs have been quite a few. Behati Prinsloo started dating Adam Levine in 2012. Behati Prinsloo relationship with Adam Levine was taken to the next level in 2013 when they announced their engaged; prior to that the model Behati Prinsloo had different boyfriend. Behati Prinsloo love life saw also the presence of Jamie Strachan from 2005 to 2012.

The model Behati Prinsloo married the front man of Maroon 5. Behati Prinsloo husband name is Adam Levine of ‘Sugar’ fame. Behati Prinsloo has since then been with her husband even visiting Thailand with the band. Behati Prinsloo husband profile as a singer/performer is very strong.

Behati Prinsloo Adam Levine love story is quite surreal as has been admitted by the latter in the Ellen DeGeneres show. Behati Prinsloo Adam Levine age difference is 10 years which just reiterates the fact that love is blind. The husband of model Behati Prinsloo is pretty psyched to have a wife now and can’t seem to get over it. It has been a year since she got married.

Behati Prinsloo is not yet pregnant because she still has a long way to go in her career and does not want to have children right now. Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine wedding took place in Mexico in July in 2014 among friends and family. Behati Prinsloo was in Manila with her husband’s band. Behati Prinsloo was also seen in Thailand for the same reason.

Model Behati Prinsloo Latest Buzz

Behati Prinsloo beauty secrets are something that everyone is after but they are a still a secret. The interesting facts about Behati Prinsloo are that she broke up with Adam a couple of times before finally marrying him. Behati Prinsloo hairstyle is decided according to her outfit. Behati Prinsloo new look is ravishing. Behati Prinsloo looks sexy in a bikini.

The demure Behati Prinsloo has never been seen in a Saree. Behati Prinsloo has a very sexy tattoo on her back and also on her side. Behati Prinsloo meaning of new tattoo has something to do with marriage. It is inked on her wedding finger and conveys that the gal is taken. Behati Prinsloo makeup tips are very elaborate. So far the model Behati Prinsloo has steered clear of all kinds of controversy.