Rowan Atkinson Daughter Pics, Wedding, Wife Images, Family, Son Name, Cars, Death, Quotes, HouseOur childhood has been immensely playful and enjoyable when we sat down to watch the much popular comedy show “Mr. Bean”. The erstwhile popular comedian Rowan Atkinson has bestowed an unparalleled humour and freshness in our naive innocent days. Rowan Atkinson most popularly known as Mr. Bean has defined comedy in a unique way where his silent physical acting played the magic and charmed millions of viewers worldwide. Mr Bean videos and Mr Bean movies have created a sage in the pages of comedy adding the novelty of silent comedy play through Mr Bean episodes. Mr Bean biography is an insight on Rowan Atkinson life, career and personal details of which most of us are unaware of. Here’s a brief extract on Mr Bean’s real life that made him a distinguished comedian and versatile actor.

Comedian Rowan Atkinson Age, Family and Education

Rowan Atkinson, popular English comedian, screenwriter and versatile actor was born in England. Mr Bean date of birth is 6th January in the year 1955 and his age is 61 years currently. His birthplace is Consett in County Durham. Rowan Atkinson father Eric Atkinson was a farmer and company director while his mother Ella May was a housewife.

Mr Bean’s real name is Rowan Sebastian Atkinson and he was the youngest among four siblings. Rowan spent his growing years in Anglican and received his early education from the esteemed Durham Choristers School. Mr. Bean education was further accomplished from St. Bees School and Newcastle University. He has acquired a prestigious Electrical engineering degree from the latter institute.

Rowan Atkinson holds a venerated degree in Electrical Engineering from the Newcastle University which is a matter of surprise for many of his fans who are not accustomed to his education and qualification. He pursued a degree in MSC in Electrical engineering from the Queen’s College, Oxford. Later he garnered the national attention in Oxford Revue at the popular Edinburgh Festival Fringe in the year 1976. During this time in Oxford, Atkinson has written and been an integral part of several sketches for shows in Oxford.

Comedian Rowan Atkinson Wiki

Rowan Atkinson’s inclination for acting and plays helped him nourish his passion to become an actor. He had written and starred in “BC’s not the nine o’clock new. This was among the successful Rowan Atkinson’s TV show which was produced by his friend John Llyod. The commercial success of this TV show landed him role in “Blackadder”. He later starred in Mr Bean and gained worldwide prominence for his distinct acting and miraculous performance in the movie adaptation.

Rowan Atkinson net worth soared to huge figures of £85 million after his prominence and he is best known for physical comedy as Mr. Bean. Rowan Atkinson wiki is well embellished with his achievements and honours that he has received as a brilliant actor, screenwriter and comedian. Rowan Atkinson, Nikki Glaser, Lee Evans, etc.; have taken comedy to unimaginable heights of appreciation and entertainment. He has defined a new sense of comedy which is loved by viewers even today.

Comedian Rowan Atkinson Career and TV shows

Rowan Atkinson featured in a series of comedy shows called “The Atkinson People’ in BBC Radio 3 in the year 1978. This was apparently Mr. Bean’s first TV show and it was a series of satirical interviews with fictional prominent stalwarts played by Rowan himself. After the success of his shows while in University he featured in London weekend television in the year 1979 called ”Canned Laughter”. Rowan Atkinson got popular with his break with BBC where he features in “Not the Nine O’clock News”.

His consistent success in these TV shows garnered him roles of lead protagonist in sitcom like the Black Adder. The “Blackadder” series witnessed humongous success among all sitcoms then and spawned into TV specials like “Blackadder’s Christmas Carol”, “Blackadder: back and forth” in the year 1999 and more.

Rowan Atkinson Comedy Shows, Movies

Atkinson’s comedy shows geared up and his creation of Mr Bean was first broadcasted on New Year’s Day in the year 1990 for a half-hour special for Thames TV. Mr Bean received an overwhelming response and it was later featured as a film in the year 1997 which was directed by Mel Smith. The following flick “Mr. Bean’s Holiday” was released in the year 2007 and it garnered a colossal response from all viewers.

Mr. Bean popularity crossed all boundaries and soon Mr Bean games were seen in market. Still today, Mr Bean is an amazing piece of entertainment for all kids and adults that has redefined silent comedy in one of the most beautifully expressed way! Atkinson was a part of several sitcoms like “The Thin Blue Line” television situational comedy. In the year 1999, he played the role of a doctor in “The curse of fatal death” which was a medical serial that actually rendered comic relief.

Later in the year 2012 Atkinson also featured as Mr Bean in a comedy sketch at the esteemed Summer Olympics opening ceremony 2012 during a performance of “Chariots of Fire”. It is anticipated that Rowan Atkinson shall also feature in Maigret which is another series of TV sitcoms from ITV.

Comedian Rowan Atkinson Films

Rowan Atkinson created a benchmark with his Mr Bean and it was his hugest commercial hit. His supporting role in James Bond flick “never say never again” marked the commencement of Atkinson in movies. He also played a lead role in Dead on time along with Nigel Hawthorne. Later Rowan starred in the short film the Appointments of Dennis Jennings which got him anointed with the elite Oscar in the year 1988.

Rowan Atkinson movies and films witnessed success both on commercial and critics’ front and he was appreciated for his performance and exquisite acting skills. Atkinson also gained recognition with movies like “Four Weddings and a Funeral” and was a part of the Disney movie “The Lion King”.

His very own Mr Bean was debuted on big curtains in 1997 and it gathered him international fame and success. The very sequel “Mr. Bean’s Holiday” was also a huge commercial success. Rowan Atkinson also played the lead protagonist in the flick Johny English and its sequel Johny English reborn.

Rowan Atkinson Stage Shows, Death Rumors

Rowan Atkinson has performed several stage shows and love skits. He has appeared with the members of Monty Python in the very popular “The secret policeman’s bill” in the year 1979. He also starred in the musical revival of Oliver and played the role of Fagin there. In the year 1984 Atkinson featured in a comedy play “The nerd”. He has also featured in the play “Quartermaine’s terms at the Wyndham’s theatre in London.

Apart from this, there were certain rumours about Rowan Atkinson death. It was in the year 2012 when Rowan Atkinson wanted to retire Mr Bean. Din the year 2014, he features as Mr Bean in a TV advert for Snickers. In the year 2015, he starred in BBC Red Nose Day in which he attends a funeral which adds flames to the rumours about Rowan Atkinson death. This very episode on Rowan Atkinson dead became very popular. Mr Bean is truly an immortal series that will thrive in our hearts forever.

Rowan Atkinson Marriage, Wife, Divorce, Children

Rowan Atkinson has been a popular celebrity all through his life and his panache of acting is well recognised worldwide. The biography has shared a brief insight in Atkinson’s career, shows and movies but here is a revelation on Rowan Atkinson wife, Rowan Atkinson house and shockingly about Rowan Atkinson death. Rowan Atkinson was in a relationship with the erstwhile popular actress Leslie Ash.

Later he exchanges the nuptial vows with Sunetra Sastry in February, 1990. Rowan and Sunetra are blessed with a son Benjamin and daughter Lily. Rowan Atkinson daughter, Lily Atkinson is also an actress. However, people often mistake Lily Atkinson, the feminist and suffragist with Rowan Atkinson daughter Lily Atkinson. Rowan and Sunetra got divorced in the year 2015 on November 10th.

Comedian Rowan Atkinson House and Cars

Rowan Atkinson is passionate about acting, films and drama but very few are aware of his penchant for cars. Mr Bean cars and his fascination for them has got him into news several times. He started driving his mom’s Morris Monir and went onto trying cars in future. Rowan Atkinson cars include a posh Renault 5GT Turbo, Honda NSX, Hnda Civic Hybrid, Audi A8 and a Skoda Superb. He also owned an MrLaren F1 between the years 1997 to the year 2015.

Unfortunately it was involved in a petrifying accident near Gastang. Later in 2011 the car also succumbed to a serious crash and caught fire which made severe damage to the vehicle. This led him to the insurance for repair which was £910,000, the largest insurance in Britain so far.