Shereen Bhan CNBC, Age, Marriage, Salary, Husband PicsShereen Bhan is a famous Indian journalist and news anchor of CNBC. To start with the biography of Indian journalist Shereen Bhan, it would be righteous to embark her great journey with sheer hard work, perseverance and glamour. This page can be precisely dedicated to the CNBC news anchor Shereen Bhan’s biography; however, it narrates the life tale of a woman that has gone to enormous limits in her career. Shereen Bhan is bestowed with a glamorous persona and she is an exemplar of woman empowerment to the young crowd and is a living inspiration in the field of journalism. Her biography is an insight on her achievements and family background that has helped her stand strong amidst a male dominated society and emerge colossally successful and popular setting examples for many. With all the heights she has touched in her career, Shereen Bhan profile glitters with accolades and applauds.

Shereen Bhan Age, Family

To look like her would be the dream of millions of girls. This Kashmir beauty was born and brought by an ordinary Kashmiri couple, and so Shereen Bhan date of birth happens to be 20th August, 1976. This gorgeous looking woman Shereen Bhan age is 38 years, but the list of her achievements are way too greater than just a number. She born to a Kashmiri Hindu couple and hailed from an opulent and revered Kashmiri family.

News anchor Shereen Bhan family has encouraged her education and that has helped her pursue her dreams and passions. The long legs and graceful body comes from Shereen Bhan height and with the elegance with which she carries herself. Not a lot has been officially published by news anchor Shereen Bhan personal details, but then her work speaks a lot for her.

Journalist Shereen Bhan Education

Shereen Bhan was born and raised on the arms of our very own paradise, Kashmir. She did her schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya and apparently was one of the brightest students in her class. Shereen Bhan education was further accomplished from Air Force Bal Bharati School in Lodhi Road, in the capital of India, New Delhi and she has acquired prestigious educational degrees to make a mark in her career.

Shereen Bhan completed her education from the much esteemed St. Stephen’s college in Delhi with a prestigious degree in philosophy and also acquired a master’s in the field of communication studies. She acquired her master’s from Pune University and then went on to pursue her career in film and television acquiring specialization in the stream.

TV Journalist Shereen Bhan Wiki

One would often go to the search engines to look for Shereen Bhan news anchor bio data, however, not everybody knows that Shereen Bhan first job was as ordinary as it would be to any other girl in her twenties. She did not take up the job at CNBC until December, 2000. In fact, Shereen Bhan wiki would clearly confirm the fact that she started her career by working as a news researcher for a vernacular called Karan Thapar.

Later she was employed at UTV which gave Shereen Bhan profession a great kick with the shows like “We the People” and “Line for Fire”. In no time after she joined CNBC, Shereen Bhan salary finally matched the skills she possessed and was handsomely paid for the work she did at the channel.

Shereen Bhan Salary, Net Worth

However, Mr. Gurinder S Walia released a statement in the year 2012 stating that Shereen Bhan deserved more salary than other notable journalists in the industry, namely Arnab Goswami and Rahul Kanwal. Many called it to be discrimination in the media world and another Shereen Bhan controversy had emerged by then. It was then that a lot of activity had taken place on Shereen Bhan twitter profile which she managed to deal with easily by the help of her PR.

Over the years that Shereen has worked in the media industry, a lot has been spoken about Shereen Bhan net worth given the fact that a CNBC news anchor salary of her capability would be attractively high. Also, of all the CNBC news reporters female India has ever seen, Shereen Bhan turns out to be one of the bests and also the most celebrated one.

Shereen Bhan Personal Life

Unlike other girls in their teenage, Shereen Bhan never focused too much on having love affairs. This is one reason why there has been no distinctive news or even rumour about Shereen Bhan love affairs, and so maintaining her dignity over the years. Little has been known about Shereen Bhan personal life given the fact that she always kept it a low profile about the great curiosities about Shereen Bhan love life, avoiding all sorts of controversies. Before she got married, there were several rumours about Shereen Bhan boyfriend; however, she ruled them all out gracefully.

Since then, a lot has been in news about Shereen Bhan spouse and the mystery continues till date. In fact, numerous people were left in utter ambiguity when they were forced to wonder that is Shereen Bhan married? The whole ceremony was performed in the presence of near and dear ones, not leaving too much room for the outside elements. But Shereen Bhan wedding date and photos can be easily tracked down through the internet.

Shereen Bhan Marriage, Husband Name, Profile

Talking about the husband of Shereen Bhan, one would also wonder about their marriage. Unlike Sheeren, her husband has always maintained behind the curtains and Shereen Bhan husband name never really came out in the front. After having several years together, due to some undisclosed reasons Shereen Bhan marriage ended and she again took over to her career whole heartedly. Like his name, Shereen Bhan husband profession too was always a mystery, but all Shereen had to say in an interview was that both of them were too busy with their work that could not even spare them the time to cook at home.

Shereen Bhan Latest Pics, House

Even though not a lot has been known about Shereen Bhan dating history, all that is enough for her fans to know is on the record. The same fans would always look on the web for Shereen Bhan images, some even referring her to as their ultimate fantasy. This sexy and glamorous diva can be seen in Shereen Bhan hot pics on the web, drawing her elegant fame away from her profession.

In a conversation with one of the interviewers, the topic of Shereen Bhan house came up which Shereen referred to as the one that will always be India, no matter where she lived across the world. To get in touch or to follow her, look for the official pages of Facebook & Twitter and you can also find Shereen Bhan contact details on the web.