Himesh Reshammiya Wife Komal PicsThe sensational Singer Himesh Reshammiya who has stirred the nation with his voice and set an epitome of melodious and euphonious singing has stormed the media and entertainment with his sizzling success. Himesh enjoys copious popularity and fame owing to his outstanding achievements but his wife Mrs. Reshammiya has always maintained a low profile sensitive image shying from camera and media as she herself kept away from entertainment headlines and appalling gossips. But today we present to you singer Himesh Reshammiya wife Komal Reshammiya biography that will unveil details about this star wife. Biography of Himesh Reshammiya wife has recently been the interest of most of his fans owing to the blazing rumors about his personal life. Owing to these crispy gossips Himesh Reshammiya wife name has come into limelight and garnered media attention and talks.

Himesh Reshammiya Wife Age & Profile

Komal Reshammiya is the star wife of elite and illustrious singer Himesh Reshammiya. Himesh Reshammiya wife Komal pics were not available much but media has been able to capture her sight when she visited her son’s school function lately. Himesh Reshammiya wife Komal profile is extremely placid and simple like singer Honey Singh’s wife.

Komal Reshammiya date of birth is 14th September and Himesh Reshammiya wife age is nearly 36 years. She has traditional beliefs and moral values that have kept her entwined in Himesh’s family in spite of the dawn of another woman in his life. Meet Komal Himesh Reshammiya’s wife and get acquainted with her personal niches. The biography of Komal Reshammiya will shower light on her personal and professional platforms.

Himesh Reshammiya Wife Family Background

Komal Reshammiya is an elegant and calm lady who finds her world in her son and husband. She has kept herself away from the media attention that made people often ponder who is Himesh Reshammiya’s wife and Himesh Reshammiya married to whom. She has recently been spotted in the silver Jubilee celebrations of her son’s school. Himesh Reshammiya wife family background is simple and modest that has fostered similar principles in Komal Reshammiya.

Himesh Reshammiya wife profession is a home maker and she takes care of all her household chores with devotion and love. Komal Reshammiya has been quiet enjoying her sacred wedding until television actress Sonia Kapur left everyone clueless and surprised with her growing intimacy with the versatile singer and actor Himesh Reshammiya.

Himesh Reshammiya Komal Reshammiya Love Story

The popular and established singer, actor and a popular distributor Himesh Reshammiya has been involved in a secret relationship for long that has gutted his wife Komal Reshammiya. Komal Reshammiya personal life has been disturbed by his prolonged friendship and rumored affair with the television actress Sonia Kapoor. The singer has been going out with Sonia and her family openly for the last few years and recently she has received an overwhelming welcome at his residence.

Her wife has suffered from tremendous agony and dismay owing to this relation of Himesh. Himesh Reshammiya Komal Reshammiya love story and Himesh Reshammiya love affair with Komal Reshammiya has never been the talk of B-town but his growing affair with Sonia has made spectacular headlines. Singer Himesh Reshammiya Wife Komal Reshammiya is a woman with traditional beliefs and notions and has accepted her painful fate.

Himesh Reshammiya has enthralled the nation with his professional accomplishments but has failed to win hearts because of the rumored ill treatments with his wife. Komal Reshammiya Himesh Reshammiya with his wife Komal has come in spotlight and it has been heard that Komal has finally succumbed and accepted the presence of Sonia in his life and family. Himesh Reshammiya and Sonia Kapoor love affairs have advanced over the years and the couple has even enjoyed vacations and holidays. However Komal has voiced her reservations against it but settled her mind on her husband’s second woman.

Komal Reshammiya and her Kid

Komal Reshammiya is an excellent mother and has graced her son’s life with unperturbed motherly love and affection. Himesh Reshammiya’s wife and son pictures have now become available on many internet pages. Komal Reshammiya kid Swayam was also disappointed on his father’s relationship with Sonia. However Himesh has managed to tide over this sensitive issue claiming Sonia as his family friend since 12 long years.

There were rumors about Himesh Reshammiya wife Komal pregnant twice that baffled his fans with the question is Himesh Reshammiya wife pregnant again? Himesh Reshammiya wife kids Swayam is their only child presently and other rumors have met a dead end. Komal Reshammiya is a strong lady who has accepted her miserable destiny in a good way and accepted the meddling of another woman in her husband’s life.