Anchor Reham Khan Dance Video, Wiki, Age, Pics, HusbandReham Khan is a famous British Pakistani journalist and anchor. She is currently the wife of Pakistani cricketer Imran Khan and this news broke out a few days ago. While writing Imran Khan wife Reham Khan biography, we’ll be discussing about her earlier life and her journey to becoming Imran Khan wife Reham Khan and also about her professional career as a journalist. Since Imran Khan is a former cricketer, he is better known amongst the masses and so Imran Khan wife name was looked up at various occasions. On the other hand, Reham Khan as news anchor is quite well known too in Britain as well as in Pakistan. In her professional career, she has done similar works to Indian journalist Shereen Bhan and others.

News Anchor Reham Khan Age, Family

Although she is currently Pakistani cricketer Imran Khan wife, but she had an ordinary life like any other person until now. She was born to her Pakistani parents in Libya, and since Reham Khan birthplace it Britain, this is why Reham Khan nationality is both British and Pakistani. To talk about Reham Khan family background, her father was a doctor and she has two sisters and a brother. Born in 1971, Reham Khan date of birth is 3rd April, and so Reham Khan age is 41 years. Since she works on television, Reham Khan height has to be good, and it is. To speak about Reham Khan education, she has a master degree in Sociology and this British Pakistani journalist Reham Khan biography also focuses on her later career.

Journalist Reham Khan Wiki, Career

The biography of Pakistani anchor Reham Khan will narrate that she has worked in various positions during her career as a journalist and an anchor. Currently, the association of Reham Khan BBC news is notable, unlike Reham Khan first job which she took as a weather forecaster in BBC news. It was then that she catching some eyes and it was TV weathergirl Reham Khan biography that was much looked for.

Later she took up various jobs and which is why Pakistani news anchor Reham Khan bio-data is so much diverse and vivid. She moved back to Pakistan in 2013 and several Reham Khan new TV shows were aired as she is a popular media star. She then worked with another TV channel and Reham Khan AAJ news association is going strong as of now.

However, she has a huge number of fans and so there is always a buzz about Reham Khan upcoming tv shows. For more updates on her professional life, feel free to log onto Reham Khan website and find interesting facts about her. Also, look out for Reham Khan latest news with her recent marriage.

Reham Khan First Marriage, Husband, Divorce

Reham Khan is a public celebrity and so Reham Khan personal life is not so personal. Though Reham Khan wiki will confirm that she has been married twice, there is hardly any number to the times when Reham Khan love affairs were seen published and talked about on the social media. Since, Reham Khan dating life is quite famous; people sometimes wonder that is Reham Khan married? Well, twice. It is not something new that talks about Reham Khan boyfriend are heard every now and then.

Speaking of Reham Khan first marriage, her first husband was Ijaj Rehman and all three Reham Khan children are from that marriage. Surprisingly, Reham Khan was only 19 when she married Reham Khan first husband and as her career took a toll, the discussions about Reham Khan first husband name began. Later the news about Reham Khan pregnant came out and she had three kids from her first marriage. Reham Khan kids are a delight and their names are Sahir, Ridha and Inaya. But as it turned out, Reham Khan relationship with Ijaj came to an end and he soon became Reham Khan ex-husband. However, there are no sources to confirm about Reham Khan divorce but she is separated from Ijaj anyway.

Reham Khan Controversy

In the midst of all this, Reham Khan hot images with her female co-stars were leaked and it became a question about her sexuality as Reham Khan lesbian controversy grew like fire in the woods. People endlessly searched to the question that is Reham Khan lesbian? To answer this question, apparently not.

Another controversy that subsided her was Reham Khan Nabeel Gabol relationship as the two were believed to be dating after the gossips revealed that Nabeel Gabol proposes anchor Reham Khan. Her answer was never quite sure.
In the year 2014, luckily for her she became cricketer Imran Khan new wife and Reham Khan and Imran Khan marriage was kept a secret until now. Even though rumours about Reham Khan and cricketer Imran Khan relation were in the air for quite some time now, the couple never admitted to Imran Khan being Reham Khan second husband until a few days ago.

Reham Khan Imran Khan Wedding, Latest Buzz

Reham Khan Imran Khan Marriage Photos, Husband Name, ChildrenAlthough anchor Reham Khan personal details are very less known, Reham Khan love life has been public news since forever. However, there were rumours about Reham Khan Imran Khan split in the news; it all came to an end when the man agreed to Imran Khan married to TV weathergirl recently. Though Reham Khan and Imran Khan love story was more of a secret, Reham Khan second marriage with Imran Khan proved that the void in her life had now been filed. The 62 year old husband of Reham Khan is a cricket legend and the two tied the knot in secrecy.

The families of the couple are not very happy with the wedding and this is why Reham Khan and Imran Khan wedding photos do not feature any of their family members. It looks as if the ceremony where Imran Khan marries Reham Khan was a secret even to their families. Other than that, Imran Khan Reham khan wedding pics are gorgeous