Honey Singh Wife, Wife Pics, Wife Name, Shalini Singh PhotosShalini Singh, or known by her maiden name, Shalini Talwar is the wife of popular singer and performer, and Shalini Singh husband name is Honey Singh. While Shalini Singh wiki is not up to date as of now, we have brought some valuable information about Shalini Singh. Often people look for Honey Singh wife photos and they are stunned to see that she is a gorgeous looking woman. May be currently she is known as wife of Honey Singh, but to our reader’s surprise, biography of Honey Singh wife will cover a lot more than just their marriage. Apart from Shalini Singh personal details, this article will talk about her personal life, her career and also about Shalini Singh marriage with Honey Singh.

Honey Singh Wife Age, Family

Although the exact Shalini Singh date of birth is 16 June, 1985 and therefore, as of now, Honey Singh wife age is 30 years. To speak about Shalini Singh education, she studied at Guru Nanak Public School in the Punjabi Bagh area of New Delhi. Reportedly, she and Honey Singh were classmates and since then, Shalini Singh romance with Honey Singh began and the two blossomed into marriage.

However, Shalini Singh family background is just like any other Punjabi family and Shalini Singh parents have done a great job in raising her. As regards her statistics, Shalini Singh height is 5 feet and 6 inches, and since Shalini Singh birthplace is Punjab, she is a healthy grown woman. But thanks to Shalini Singh diet plan, she looks stunning as ever. To confirm this, check out for Shalini Singh pics on the web.

Shalini Singh Wiki, Career

While not a lot is known about Shalini Singh personal life, her career is also one of the mysteries. However, Shalini Singh bio-data is not much attractive, and she is believed to be a housewife. This explains that why Shalini Singh profile is not filled with accolades as she is not much of a public celebrity. Although, Honey Singh wife Shalini Singh biography does a little sneak peak at the couple, it is anticipated that there could be Shalini Singh Bollywood debut song anytime soon in the industry. However, it is also expected that Shalini Singh first song may not be as big a hit as much as it is talked about.

Unlike him, Honey Singh wife profession is not singing until now, but if that ever happens, we’d be glad to check out some Shalini Singh songs. Till then, enjoy the performance of her rock star husband Honey Singh, and his works with other superstars like Mika Singh, Shaan and Mohit Chauhan.

Honey Singh Shalini Singh Love Story

Honey Singh Shalini Singh Photos, Wedding Pics, Rawstar ImagesHoney Singh is a famous star, but Honey Singh wife name was known to the media and fans only after he brought her to his show. Surprisingly, Honey Singh Shalini Singh love story is nothing less than a love tale. And since the two were classmates, Honey Singh Shalini Singh age difference is barely any. When the news about Honey Singh married to Shalini Singh broke out, all his female fans were shattered.

Even though Shalini Singh career is quite different from her husband’s, it seems like husband of Shalini Singh is established enough to run the family. She has, though, made quite a few appearances such as in Honey Singh wife raw star episode. The idea of bringing Shalini Singh in raw star was not only a huge success, but it gave an opportunity to Honey Singh’s fans to connect with his wife.

Shalini Singh Wedding, Husband

To seal the deal, Shalini Singh and Honey Singh wedding date was fixed on 23rd January, 2011 and the ceremony was more of a private affair, involving only a few family members from both sides. But it was not until 2013 that the talks about Honey Singh wife were admitted by the musician. Although, this text is basically concerned to singer Honey Singh wife biography, their marriage is one reason why it is even being written. So, their wedding holds great importance here. While there was no need to state that Shalini Singh husband Honey Singh is a great artist, he has had his share of troubles in the industry.

Shalini Singh in Controversies

Although Honey Singh Shalini Singh relationship is quite charming, there have been several Shalini Singh controversy, however, none of which have been direct. It was once when Shalini Singh and Honey Singh wedding photos were leaked in the media even when the couple did not want them to. Another time it was the rumours about Shalini Singh pregnant, which were later proved to be false and Shalini Singh children are yet to be born.

The couple had a huge scene when the talks about Shalini Singh Honey Singh divorce were seen airing everywhere. This was even a bigger scandal than the one that happened when Honey Singh dating Shalini Singh news broke out. As it seems, the gossip about Shalini Singh split with Honey Singh was untrue and so were the talks about Shalini Singh daughter. The success of Shalini Singh husband is inevitable and so, Shalini Singh husband wiki will clearly state about all his accomplishments. For more about Shalini Singh latest news, keep following her blog.