Harman Baweja Movies, Images, Wiki, New Girlfriend, Dhishkiyaon ActorHarman Baweja is an Indian actor who has done several Bollywood films over the years. He got most famous due to his relationship with the Bengali beauty Bipasha Basu. However, Bipasha Basu boyfriend Harman Baweja biography will discuss about his personal details, his professional career and his relationship with Bipasha. Being a successful actress in the industry, people were curious about Bipasha Basu boyfriend name as she did not date anybody for long after her breakup with John Abraham. But actor Harman Baweja biography will speak majorly about him and Bipasha Basu. Although the relationship of Bipasha and Harman no longer exists, you can still search for Bipasha Basu boyfriend photos on the web and find some great pictures of the two together. Also, Harman Baweja shirtless images are to die for as the actor possesses great physique.

Harman Baweja Age, Personal Details

Harman was born in the year 1980 and Harman Baweja date of birth is 13th November. This implies that actor Harman Baweja age is 34 years, but with his dancing skills, he manages to look like in his early twenties. Talking about Harman Baweja family background, he was born in a Punjabi family in Chandigarh to Pammi Baweja and Harry Baweja, who is not only Harman Baweja father but also a famous Indian film producer.

Born and brought up in India, Harman Baweja education was conducted in Indian schools and colleges, until he went to University of California, LA to complete his masters. Aspiring to be an actor, Harman had to look over his weight and height, and so Harman Baweja height is 1.85 metres. Although Harman Baweja wiki will mostly talk about his professional career and early life, this biography of Indian actor Harman Baweja will also talk about his personal relationships.

Harman Baweja Acting Career

Harman Baweja began his acting career with a home production film, Love Story-2050. This was in the year 2008 and many after the release of this film felt that Harman Baweja looks like Hrithik Roshan in spite of the fact that the two actors have nothing in common. This was a disastrous film on the box office and crashed soon after its release. As bad as Harman Baweja Bollywood debut was, he later went on to do films like Victory in the year 2009 and “What’s your Rashee?” in 2010. None of these films could do anything good for the actor and it was started to believe that he is having a failing career in the industry. This is why Harman Baweja actor profile is limited to four films only, and the latest in Harman Baweja movies list is Shilpa Shetty produced “Dishkiyaoon”.

Later, an alleged similarity between Harman Baweja and Mayank Gandhi was found as the two have closely similar looks. He was then also compared with budding Bollywood actors like Himansh Kohli and Sushant Singh Rajput. As blunder as Harman Baweja first movie was, it was implied that his acting career won’t be as pleasant as he had expected. This is also a reason that audiences do not get too excited about Harman Baweja new movie name as against films of other superstars.

Even though we have plenty actor Harman Baweja personal details, seems like we cannot say much about his future in Bollywood. Since nobody seems to be too intrigued by Harman Baweja next movie, it would be righteous to say that his career in Bollywood was short-lived. Also, Harman Baweja net worth cannot be estimated accurately due to his unsuccessful career in Bollywood, but sources reveal that he has some personal businesses to fall back on.

Harman Baweja Movies List

Given the fact that Harman Baweja hit movies list is almost negligible, he then appeared on some TV shows to try his luck. As a part of promotion for his film “Dishkiyaoon”, Harman Baweja in comedy nights with Kapil appeared along with Shilpa Shetty. Also, Harman Baweja in “Adaalat” also played a small role in one of the episodes under the same campaign. Since “Dishkiyaoon” was potentially the turning point of his career, Harman Baweja in fear files also appeared on an episode. Even though the film was well noticed, Harman Baweja “Dishkiyaoon” also failed to create any sort of great buzz on the box office.

Unlike other artists, there were never seen any Harman Baweja ads that could have given a boast to his career. However, there is no Harman Baweja upcoming movies reported as of now. But one thing that must be mentioned in Harman Baweja biography should be about the cool Harman Baweja dance moves that were liked by the audiences. Apart from this, audiences also saw Harman Baweja in “Gori Tere Pyaar Mein” performing a small role for which he received positive comments.

Actor Harman Baweja Personal Life

Although, his acting career isn’t a great success, Harman Baweja personal life is much talked about in the news. This is mainly because of the fact that Harman Baweja dating Bipasha Basu was big news for Bipasha’s fans. However, Harman Baweja Bipasha Basu love story did not continue for much long and Harman Baweja split with Bipasha Basu was confirmed by the actress in December, 2014.

Ever since the release of his first film, Harman Baweja relationships have always been complicated. He was associated with co-star Priyanka Chopra and Harman Baweja and Priyanka Chopra songs saw their extreme chemistry which was confused as a real one. Later, when Harman Baweja and Genelia D’Souza movie released, he was assumed to be in relation with the actress who later got married to Riteish Deshmukh.

Harman Baweja Bipasha Basu Relationship

Harman Baweja Bipasha Basu Engagement, Marriage, Dating, BreakupHowever, as complicated as Harman Baweja love life has been, Harman Baweja Bipasha Basu relationship was accepted by the couple in public. The two confirmed their love in February, 2014. This was said to be different from all the other alleged Harman Baweja love affairs, but the coupe breaking up led to yet another Harman Baweja controversy. Being a hot-shot actress, the talks about boyfriend of Bipasha Basu left everyone awestruck when she declared her breakup with Harman.

The two had been involved seriously that there were Harman Baweja Bipasha Basu marriage gossips, none of which were denied by the couple. This gave emersion to further rumours that is Harman Baweja married to Bipasha Basu, which is obviously not true. However, seems like Bipasha did not want to be Harman Baweja wife and the couple split by the end of 2014.

As bizarre news like Bipasha Basu being the girlfriend of Harman Baweja was, their breakup was highly anticipated. However, Harman Baweja Bipasha Basu breakup reason was never revealed as the actress said that it was personal but they split up mutually. Allegedly, there were rumours about Harman Baweja cheats Bipasha Basu which were never confirmed. But Bipasha’s fans would like to see a Bipasha Basu boyfriend in the future that is much of her league.