Shruti Pathak Singer PhotoShruti Pathak is a blazing phenomenal singer of Bollywood who has astounded the nation with her euphonious and melodious voice. The power and magnificence in remix and blazing hit songs sung by Shruti has anointed her with overwhelming appreciation from the listeners and captured the interest of all listeners. She has garnered copious fans who are glued to any update about her upcoming songs and professional advancements. Singer Shruti Pathak biography showers light on her growing musical career and personal life. Shruti Pathak singer profile is graced with a few hit songs sung by her in some amazing movies that has become a must play in most of the music players of today’s youngsters. The biography of Shruti Pathak will help you enjoy a stroll across her marvelous professional work and crispy personal love affair. She works as a lyricist and playback singer and with her phenomenal works she shall be the much anticipated leading musical star of the Bollywood.

Shruti Pathak Age, Family Background

The alluring voice of Shruti Pathak has created a buzz and adorned her career with dazzling sparkles that paves way for prodigious acclamations and accolades in near future. Shruti Pathak was born in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and she is in deep love with her native state. Shruti Pathak date of birth is October 27th, 1982. As of now, Shruti Pathak age is 33 years.

The ravishing singer has referred herself as a staunch Gujarati and Shruti Pathak family background reflects her deep roots mingled with classic Gujarati delicacies and traditions. Shruti Pathak height is approximately 5 feet and 4 inches and she is always decked up beautifully. Shruti had embarked on her musical career in the year 2004 and within a span of ten years she stands distinguished as a popular and leading singer of dazzling B-town.

Singer Shruti Pathak Wiki, Debut Song

Shruti Pathak had commenced on her musical trek with remix albums and the first hit was witnessed in the remix version of the song Leke Pehla Pehla Pyaar in the year 2004. Shruti Pathak wiki talks about her career graph that gave her a smashing break in Bollywood in her debut song. Shruti Pathak first song in Bollywood was from the movie “Fashion”, “Mar Jawan” was reckoned with her voice that made no looking back for her thereafter.

Shruti Pathak hit songs in “Ra One”, “Anjaana Anjaani” and “Kai Po Che” had created records. Shruti Pathak love affairs have not spiraled into the B-town gossips but her songs and hits have created a phenomenal buzz. Shruti Pathak & Divya Kumar “Shubhaarambh” song from the movie “Kai Po Che” was inevitably a chartbuster. Shruti Pathak Deloitte profile is also a different twist of her career. The singer has maintained a balance between her attractive personal and ascending professional life.

Shruti Pathak Super-hit Songs, Movies

Singer Shruti Pathak had a flair for music right since her naive days of childhood. She started learning classical from Shruti Pathak Guru Divyang Thakur and it was during her college days she had made up her mind to settle with music. Shruti Pathak all songs list include a bunch of hit songs. Shruti Pathak latest song ‘Tooh’ from the movie “Gori Tere Pyaar Mein” was also a commendable hit of 2013.

Shruti Pathak in “Student of the Year” had played a small role which was apparently which was apparently Shruti Pathak first movie. Shruti Pathak upcoming movies have not been disclosed to the media as of now but her voice shall be lent to many forthcoming ones. Shruti Pathak in “Indian idol Junior” was enchanted the crowd and added scintillating lamps to the stage.

Shruti Pathak has given many stage performances and enlivened the ambience. Shruti Pathak coke studio songs have also witnessed enthusiasm and verve of audience. She has been nominated as the playback singer for the song “Mar Jawan” and she is marching elegantly towards the accolade.

Shruti Pathak Live Performances, Album Songs

Shruti Pathak has performed in numerous places, technical and cultural fests of renowned institutes and in other cultural festivals held in Mumbai, Gujarat and many more places. Shruti Pathak live performance in the college campuses has created an aura of panache among all the students and spectators.

Shruti Pathak album songs in the early days blended with remix touch gives flair to her voice thereby creating a blazing musical ambience. Her recent performance at the cultural fest of ‘Udaan’ in SPIT College of Mumbai was appreciated whole-heartedly.

Shruti Pathak with other Singers

Singer Shruti Pathak has sung and performed with many other singers of Bollywood and has given massive hits. Shruti Pathak singer images with most of the popular singers of B-town are available on internet websites. Akon, Vishal Dadlani, Shruti Pathak and Ugie Khan lyrics for “Criminal” from the movie “Ra One” were a splendid hit that was hummed in every corner of the nation.

These amazing songs of her are the main inspirations of singer Shruti Pathak lovers. She has also sung with other singers from Bollywood like Mika Singh, Mamta Sharma, Salim Merchant and many more and is looking forward to work with Shreya Ghoshal, Sanam Puri, Tochi Raina and others.

Shruti Pathak Dating Rumors & Marriage Gossips

Singer Shruti Pathak has colorful professional life that her fans are pretty familiar with. Shruti Pathak personal details are however not known to all. Shruti Pathak Bollywood playback singer personal life reveals information about Shruti Pathak love life and Shruti Pathak love scene. She has not been spotted with any personalities from B-town to raise curiosity in the minds of media and hence Shruti Pathak boyfriend name and Shruti Pathak dating rumors remains silent.

The true Blue Gujarati girl Shruti has however entwined herself in some other chirp rumors related to Shruti Pathak husband name rumors and Shruti Pathak marriage gossips. Is Shruti Pathak married baffles all as the singer hardly speaks about her inclination for marriage and love. But the magic lies in Shruti Pathak pics which is displayed in any Gujarati matrimony it shall welcome a horde of awaited machos.

Shruti Pathak enjoys a placid life away from Shruti Pathak controversy. She believes music is not just her profession but her passion and she is so much in love with it that she hardly finds time for the real hero of her life. Shruti Pathak husband will surely be a lucky guy.