Karanvir Bohra Wife Teejay Sidhu PicsKaranvir Bohra, a very popular name among all the girls of nation, is best known for his stupendous looks and hunky personality. He is a heart stealer and spellbinder who has hypnotized millions of viewers with his amazing acting and dashing persona. The versatile television star has tied the nuptial knot with Teejay Sidhu who is also another popular name from the glamor world and Punjabi film fraternity. The biography of Teejay Sidhu has also created a wave of brilliance among her adorers and hence they are anxious to get familiar with Indian film actress Teejay Sidhu profile. The Karanvir Bohra wife Teejay Sidhu biography reveals fascinating facts about their marriage and her professional and personal life. She has an extremely alluring countenance that phenomenally makes her a perfect match for her handsome beau Karanvir Bohra.

Karanvir Bohra Wife Age, Date of Birth & Height

The sensuous and gorgeous Canada born model Teejay Sidhu hails from a Punjabi family. Teejay Sidhu was born in Sagarpur, Punjab. Teejay Sidhu date of birth is January 22nd, 1980. She had a deep inclination for the glamor world and always aspired to be a part of the fad fraternity. Teejay Sidhu height is 5 feet and 6 inches and Teejay Sidhu weight is 58 kgs which gives her a well maintained body structure. Karanvir Bohra wife age is 34 years currently but she looks all naive and novice in her beauty and charm.

She has emerged successful in accomplishing her dream of being a celebrity by enacting in a couple of Punjabi movies, television shows and anchoring. She is also acquainted with other television celebrities like Mouni Roy, VJ Nikhil Chinapa and many more.

Teejay Sidhu Family Background

Teejay Sidhu was born in Punjab but brought up in Canada. Teejay Sidhu family background represents an opulent Punjabi family who had shifted to Vancouver in Canada. Teejay Sidhu siblings have also been brought up with great affection and they shared a marvelous close bonding. She was brought up with 3 sisters and 2 brothers. One of Teejay Sidhu brother name is Min Sidhu. Teejay Sidhu brother Min Sidhu profile is available on internet websites.

She is blessed with a wonderful family and the siblings truly encourage each other. Karanvir Bohra wife name has been famous for her achievements and professional accomplishments that have bestowed fame and success on her. The versatile actress Teejay Sidhu has got the right support at the right time and has emerged successful in following her heart.

Film Actress Teejay Sidhu Wiki

Teejay Sidhu had a penchant for modeling but she has graced her career with different recognitions from the glamor world. Teejay Sidhu wiki talks about her dynamic professional growth as an actress, mode, film producer, VJ, anchor and Censor board member. She is best known for the prominent roles she had played in television shows. Teejay Sidhu debut TV show was “Kinna Sona Tennu Rab Ne Banaya”. Teejay Sidhu TV shows included a few of her shows that she had embarked on after modeling.

She had tested her luck in a few Punjabi movies as well. Teejay Sidhu first movie was “Tera Mera Ki Rishta” in Punjabi and “Love Yoou Soniye” followed it. Teejay Sidhu movie list includes a few Bollywood movies and Teejay Sidhu in “Band Baaja Baaraat” had played a small role. She has straddled in all directions of the glamor and entertainment world and has left no stone unturned for lights, camera and action.

Teejay Sidhu Upcoming Movies & Projects

Teejay Sidhu has ventured in the field of modeling and small screen quite effectively and has given some pretty hit television shows. She is the participant of the television adventure based reality show Khatron Ke Khiladi 5 with her beloved hubby Karanvir Bohra. Teejay Sidhu in Khatron Ke Khiladi has supposedly rocked the show and raised its TRPs to glorious heights and is anticipated to get anointed with the dazzling winning crown.

Teejay Sidhu upcoming projects and Teejay Sidhu upcoming movies shall garner some awesome publicity and media attention in near future if the couple bags victory in this show. Apart from these, Teejay Sidhu is also the co-founder and editor of an Indian based music magazine Rave.

Teejay Sidhu Boyfriend, Dating & Love Affairs

Teejay Sidhu is one of the most gorgeous and riveting beauties in the television screen of her times and no wonder numerous handsome hunks have fallen heads over heels for her. Karanvir Bohra wife personal details have revealed the height and weight that gives her an enticing lean countenance and mesmerizing body structure. Teejay Sidhu love affairs had been the chirpy media chatters prior her marriage with Karanvir Bohra and Teejay Sidhu boyfriend name was the interest of all her increasing number of fans and admirers.

Teejay Sidhu dating history might have created a humongous wave that contributed to Teejay Sidhu controversy but it all met a dead end when the blushing love story with handsome Karanvir commenced. Teejay Sidhu is decked up with the perfect figure and alluring persona that has inevitably entwined in her many rumored affairs.

Karanvir Bohra and Teejay Sidhu Marriage

Teejay Sidhu has tied the divine wedding knot with Karanvir Bohra and is married for five years now. Teejay Sidhu husband name Karanvir Bohra is known among all the viewers of daily soap operas as he is a fabulous television actor who us known for his engrossing looks and prominent roles. Karanvir Bohra Teejay Sidhu kiss scene captured by the industry had fuelled the gossips about this charming couple.

The people in the film industry often wondered Is Teejay Sidhu married as Teejay Sidhu and Karanvir Bohra love story was the talk of all. The couple enjoyed a 5 years courtship prior getting married. Teejay Sidhu and Karanvir Bohra wedding date is November 3rd, 2006. Karanvir Bohra wife Teejay Sidhu considers this as their destiny and got married in the Art of Living Ashram in Bangalore.

Karanvir Bohra and Teejay Sidhu Children & Gossips

The dashing couple and Teejay Sidhu has stirred the nation with their performance in Khatron Ke Khiladi and they embellish their love lives in the similar manner. Teejay Sidhu and Karanvir Bohra divorce rumors have not been aired till date and the couple seems to relish a peaceful ride of their marriage. The couple is extremely fun-loving and not they have disclosed to the media about their plans of having a baby. The news of Teejay Sidhu pregnant shall bring a bundle of joy in their lives and all their pals and relatives will await Karanvir Bohra Teejay Sidhu kids.

The couple is looking forward for the good news and they have already started keeping Teejay Sidhu daughters name. Rumors never die and hence the absurd talk of Karanvir Bohra wife pregnant again had also surfaced. Talking about Karanvir Bohra wife wiki she is a dazzling and sensational beauty on television and Teejay Sidhu hot pics and Teejay Sidhu in bikini photos are hence available on internet pages and websites. She is not just a star wife but a twinkling star herself with her killer smile and appealing personality.