MTV Splitsvilla Host, VJ Nikhil Chinapa Biography, MarriageThe Indian Heart-grabber VJ Nikhil Chinapa is all set to hypnotize all the gorgeous faces of the nation with upcoming season 7 of the phenomenal reality show MTV Splitsvilla. The multi-faceted actor who is best known as a VJ is highly ravishing and spellbinding with his hunky physique and modish countenance. He looks debonair with his exemplary and mass appealing attitude. He has garnered huge prominence as a VJ, actor and Radio Jockey and has hence lined up numerous fans who are dying to read more about him. He has enthralled many attractive damsels and raised the brilliance of the show. VJ Nikhil Chinapa biography is the curiosity of many youngsters who are deeply inspired by his work and profession. With the new season of one of the most awaited show, Splitsvilla 7 host Nikhil Chinapa biography is the talk of many fans and followers of the show. The biography unfolds various niches about his professional and personal life.

VJ Nikhil Chinapa Family Background

The amazing and elite Nikhil Chinapa was born in Bangalore, Karnataka. Nikhil Chinapa date of birth is June 6th, 1973. He has established himself as a renowned presenter on MTV India after some splendid years of experience as a successful VJ and RJ. Nikhil Chinapa age is nearly 41 years. The talented VJ has secured his education from Pune, Hyderabad and Bangalore. MTV Splitsvilla season 7 host names are Sunny Leone and Nikhil Chinapa. Sunny Leone is famous all over the world while Nikhil Chinapa is a widely known for bringing the most remarkable and enthralling DJ’s in the nation with his company named Submerge Music. Nikhil Chinapa family background reflects his strong roots that motivation that has led him to embark on this different field. Nikhil Chinapa’s father is an Indian army Paratrooper. He has grown under discipline and affection that has given him courage and inspiration to pursue his dream.

Nikhil Chinapa Wiki

The sensation of MTV, Nikhil Chinapa is also known as the host of a weekly radio show, ‘Together’ that is popularly known as TGTR. Nikhil Chinapa wiki is quite fascinating with his some of his remarkable works as a host, VJ, RJ and an actor. He was also the Festival director of the grand Asia’s premier music feast and festival named Sunburn Festival in Goa. Owing to his glamorous persona and handsome structure he has a colossal fan following on many popular social networking sites. Nikhil Chinapa Twitter and Facebook have gained marvelous recognition and are overflowing with the exciting interests and responses of fans. Nikhil Chinapa in Splitsvilla Season 7 is being expected to create an ambience of panache with his presentation and delivery that is bound to keep the viewers glued to the show throughout its complete season. The popular VJ has also acted in a couple of his films and ventured in some popular flicks.

Nikhil Chinapa Reality Show, Movies, Job

Nikhil Chinapa has excelled in his professional front with some exemplary works in various popular shows. Nikhil Chinapa MTV select was a massive success that showered abundant fame and name on him during the late 90’s. Nikhil Chinapa first song had also mesmerized many people. Nikhil Chinapa first job might not have given him an enormous recognition, but his later works have raised his standards and engraved his name as a prodigiously talented VJ. He has hosted the 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 seasons of MTV Splitsvilla and is ready to set ablaze the 7th season with his powerful presentation and mind-blowing appearance. Nikhil Chinapa and Sunny Leone in MTV Splitsvilla had stormed the viewers at the premier with their amazing performance. He had also judged MTV roadies for some time. Besides, he had hosted in the popular show ‘India’s Got Talent’ along with the charming actor and VJ Ayushmann Khuranna. Nikhil Chinapa salary has always faced a hike with his growing career. Nikhil Chinapa into the mix has also gained huge recognition and appreciation. Nikhil Chinapa first film was SNIP that was released in the year 2000 that had fallen prey to many controversies. He has also provided an amazing platform for many DJ’s and hence presented the nation with some outstanding DJ’s. He has explored the world of Video Jockey and hosting and has become an expertise in the profession.

Nikhil Chinapa Scandals and Love Affairs

The awesome Video Jockey and host Nikhil Chinapa has cherished an exciting personal life. Host Nikhil Chinapa personal life is embellished with many radiant colors that has been a secret support to his growing career. Nikhil Chinapa height is nearly 5 feet and 8 inches that have gifted him an appealing and enticing body structure. Nikhil Chinapa love affairs have stirred the B-town crispy gossips and blazing rumors. There have been numerous gossips about Nikhil Chinapa lover name. The smashing hunk is sure to have dazzled many gorgeous ladies and blown their minds off. Nikhil Chinappa life story reveals about some of Nikhil Chinapa scandals and controversies that have affected his reputation. One of the scorching news that had created a combustible ambience for VJ Nikhil Chinapa was Nikhil Chinappa and Joanna Magee sex scandal. The reality shows have been thriving on many controversies, but this sex scandal had a different story all-together where the popular VJ had been alleged of asking sexual favors from contestants. It was spread that Sakshi Pradhan had offered sexual and lustful pleasures to Nikhil Chinapa for winning the show and hog limelight. Nikhil Chinappa and Sakshi Pradhan MMS scandal had created a wave of disgust and confusion about Nikhil Chinappa sexual favors being asked from the contestants. However the pandemonium had been cleared and Nikhil Chinapa secured a clean image and gracious support of other contestants in the show.

Nikhil Chinapa Marriage

The heart-throb and controversial VJ and host Nikhil Chinapa has confronted many scandals, but the unfailing support his wife has been the backbone behind his calm mind and steady and career. Nikhil Chinapa dating history and Nikhil Chinappa girlfriend rumors had surfaced in B-town and more often created havoc in the media and headlines but his marriages seemed unflustered throughout. People do wonder ‘is Nikhil Chinappa married?’ and much to the amazement of everyone the astounding VJ relishes a beautiful married life with his gorgeous and beloved wife. Nikhil Chinappa wife name is Pearl. Nikhil Chinappa with his wife enjoys their profession as both of them share the same musical platform. Pearl is also a popular DJ and is pretty famous. DJ pearl Nikhil Chinappa marriage date and Nikhil Chinappa wife DJ pearl wedding pics are available on many popular sites. There has not been any news about Nikhil Chinappa kids yet. Nikhil Chinapa wife pics are stunning and turned many handsome hunks fall head over heels for her. The biography of Splitsvilla host and VJ Nikhil Chinapa has engrossed millions of fans nationwide and also gives information about Nikhil Chinapa supersonic. The truly smashing and phenomenal VJ Nikhil Chinapa has astonished spectators with his fantabulous personality and awesome presentations. He is unique in his style and has defined fad to the today’s youth.