Singer Tochi Raina Biography, Songs, MarriageA highly spiritual and marvelously talented singer Tochi Raina firmly believes in the blazing desire in him that compels him to sing only to spread the message of Lords. He regards his voice and music as a blessing and a gift of the almighty and hence wants to use it with an intention to serve Him and convey his thoughts. Tochi Raina has given his prodigious voice to numerous movies and stirred the nation with a sensational tune and music. Tochi Raina venerates music and delivers phenomenal piece of work every time. People have been mesmerized and deeply absorbed by his works and have accorded him with praise and wishes. However, not many know about the singer Tochi Raina biography and are very less acquainted with his life history. Here is a glance at this melodious singer’s life and motivation that encouraged him to worship music and imbibe spirituality.

Singer Tochi Raina Age, Family, Personal Details

Tochi Raina was born in the small city of Darbanga, Bihar. Tochi Raina’s family preached music in the family and the melody ran unruffled in their blood and nerves. The inspiration behind this singer’s passion is reflected from Tochi Raina family background. A glimpse at Tochi Raina wiki reveals it all. Tochi Raina age is 48 years. Tochi Raina’s family belonged from Kohat, Pakistan.

The family had settled in Patiyala after the Indo-Pak partition. The prominent singer hailed from the music Gharaana of Patiyala in Punjab. Thus music and a flair for it ran in the singer’s blood, which was god-gifted. Tochi Raina father worked as a government employee in Nepal, where the singer completed his education. Tochi Raina date of birth is 02 September 1965 and he used to celebrate his birthday with his wife and kids.

Tochi Raina’s grandmother was a sitar player and his uncle was a popular violin player. When the singer moved to Delhi he started taking music lessons. Tochi Raina was taught to visualize his breath and with time he could visualize the words and was drawn to spirituality. He instilled the belief in him that music and meditation walk together and hence was deeply influenced by it.

Singer Tochi Raina Career, First Song

Tochi Raina had a penchant for music and longed to learn it. With a view to pursue his dream he moved to Patiyala to take music lessons. He studied various forms of music for more than 28 years and has gained expertise in it. He followed the preaching of his gurus and soon developed an attachment to spirituality and Sufi music. When he traversed to Mumbai things got favorable for him and fell into place. His desire and yearning for music soon unlocked the gates to his profession.

Tochi Raina first Bollywood song was ‘Bulleshah’ in the movie ‘A Wednesday’; 2008. Thereafter Tochi Raina has gifted the film fraternity with amazing and noteworthy songs in many Bollywood movies. His remarkable works include ‘Iktara’ from the movie ‘Wake Up Sid’, ‘Shor’ from the movie ’Shor in the city’ and many more that have amazed listeners. Tochi Raina songs list enlightens us on his outstanding contribution to music and movies that gets appreciated and laureled nationwide.

His song ‘Kabira’ has enchanted millions and billions of listeners all across the globe. This song was picturized on Ranbeer Kapoor and Deepika Padukone. Tochi Raina famous songs have been admired and acknowledged and the depth in it has been relished. A few of his remarkable works have been mentioned in the earlier lines and they have successfully reigned over the airwaves.

Singer Tochi Raina Love Life, Marriage, Wife

Tochi Raina is a brilliant artist and his work is unparalleled. However, Tochi Raina personal life also enthralls many of his fans as it is believed that the eminent movie ’Rockstar’ had a resemblance with his life. According to him, the struggles and hardships portrayed in the movie quite effectively reflect Tochi Raina’s life.

Tochi Raina has remained unperturbed in his profession and hence not much has been aired in news about Tochi Raina dating. Tochi Raina love affairs have never been the talk or gossip of Bollywood yet and his musical work only engulfs the news and information about him. Tochi Raina is marveling in his career and delivering a spectacular piece of music, but Tochi Raina marriage life has not been unveiled before the media. Tochi Raina wife name is Shweta Raina and she has worked as a lyricist in the album ‘Sona Sajan’.

Thus the much curious question ‘is Tochi Raina married’ in the minds of many followers have been sufficed by deep researches on his life that revealed Shweta Raina as the prominent singer’s wife. However, Tochi Raina wedding date has not been highlighted much in the internet search engines. Besides, Tochi Raina wife Shweta Raina pics are hardly available on the internet. Tochi Raina kids haven’t come into much prominence yet. Thankfully, there have been no controversies about Tochi Raina girlfriend rumors in the media.

Singer Tochi Raina Album Songs

The inception of musical career of Tochi Raina has witnessed many struggles and hardships but his belief in destiny and faith in almighty has brought him a peaceful ambience adorned with success and prosperity. His musical works have been recognized and praised all over. Tochi Raina has worked with many other popular artists and has blessed the Bollywood film industry with a melodious voice.

Tochi Raina and Shreya Ghoshal songs have been overwhelmed by praises and are requested to be played even today. Tochi Raina treats music as his companion and his first Indipop album has grabbed the attention and received outstanding recognition.

Tochi Raina first album was an eclectic album and its songs float into various genres. Tochi Raina has sung with many famous voices of the nation and has hence presented outstanding composition and music. Tochi Raina and Amit Trivedi songs from the album’ Sufi Ishq’ includes melodious and rustic songs that has earned applauses and noticeable remarks.

Singer Tochi Raina Live Performances

Tochi Raina’s performances have always been pleasant and rejuvenating. Tochi Raina MTV coke studio live performance is an epitome of mellifluous melodies put together harmoniously. The cracking urban melodies and a sturdy vocal, infuse energy and vibrancies in the musical track that is always a treat for the ears. Thus Tochi Raina coke studio songs with Amit Trivedi, rapped by Jaggi has created sensational buzz in the performances.

Tochi Raina singer biography is filled with music and his devotion to it. He has taken to spiritualism and his beliefs in destiny have meticulously planned his approach to work and life. His voice is a boon to the music fraternity and Tochi Raina upcoming songs are the talk of the town. This marvelous singer has gifted the industry with his melodious voice and is continually gracing it with his awe-inspiring works that shall reign the aura of music forever. Experience the grandeur and magnificence of music with Tochi Raina!