Sami Khedira Girlfriend Lena Gercke PhotosSami Khedira is a professional German footballer who plays for Read Madrid and national German team. He has garnered colossal recognition owing to his fantastic gameplay and amazing shots that astounds all spectators on the ground. He has been dating model Lena Gercke for a long time since the year 2011. Sami Khedira girlfriend name, Lena Gercke has featured on the cover pages of many elite fashion magazines and is a popular name in the fad world. Sami Khedira girlfriend Lena Gercke biography showers light on her personal and professional accomplishments and her journey to the zenith of vogue. Sami Khedira girlfriend profile is a ravishing model and television host. She has also been anointed with numerous accolades. She has also won the 1st cycle of Germany’s next Top Model.

German Model Lena Gercke Age & Family Details

The riveting and enticing model Lena Gercke has featured in numerous fashion covers and has walked the ramp for elite designers. Lena Gercke was born in Marburg in German. She has grown up in Coppenburg and is a staunch believer of Christianity. Lena Gercke date of birth is February 29th, 1988. Lena Gercke age is 26 years currently.

Lena Gercke height is 1.79 m and she is blessed with a ravishing countenance. She used to attend Roman Catholic gymnasium that contributed to her lean and alluring persona. She has grown up with a sister and 2 half-sisters. German fashion model Lena Gercke biographie also reflects on her penchant for the game of chess. She enjoys being a hobby chess player and cherishes the game as part of her recreation.

Germany’s Next Top Model Winner Lena Gercke Wiki

Lena Gercke is best known for her modeling assignments and photo shoots. Sami Khedira girlfriend wiki talks about her modeling contracts and love affairs. She has been in a warm relation with the popular German footballer for more than three years now and enjoys the ride pretty well. Model Lena Gercke wiki reveals Lena Gercke full name, Lena Johanna Gercke.

Germany’s next top model winner Lena Gercke biographie is embellished with popular modeling contracts and shows embossing her name in most of the grand fashion events in the world. She had walked the ramp on New York Fashion week in 2010 that bagged her humongous popularity and success. No wonder the girlfriends of star footballers like Bruna Marquezine enjoys their name embossed in the fashion industry.

Lena Gercke Modelling Career

Fashion model Lena Gercke has given many exquisite catwalk shows and enthralling dance performances. She has also won the esteemed Germany’s Next Topmodel competition that offered her many modeling contracts. The demand for Sami Khedira girlfriend Lena biographie and photos have been in demand since then. Lena Gercke hot images and Lena Gercke Heiß video are available in many internet websites and webpages. She has also advertised for the much esteemed Windows Live and Microsoft.

Lena Gercke magazine cover cosmopolitan pictures display some spectacular and breath-taking images of this sensational fashion model. Lena Gercke net worth has exceeded in millions and Lena Gercke model agency has also become widely known to modeling aspirants. She had also featured in IMG Models shows held in Paris and on cover pages of French magazine Votre Beaute.

Sami Khedira Lena Gercke GQ Magazine

One of top fashion models in Germany Lena Gercke is also widely known as a television host. Television host Lena Gercke personal details focus on the chirpy Lena Gercke love affairs. She had dated the member of US5 boyband until the year 2009 and Lena Gercke ex-boyfriends list includes his name among the prominent ones. Lena Gercke model personal life took a new turn when she started dating Lena Gercke Neuer Freund Sami Khedira who plays for Real Madrid and Germany’s national team.

Sami Khedira and Lena Gercke GQ Magazine cover picture was stupendous and it featured the two in the cover story. Lena Gercke Sami Khedira love story has been embellished with vibrant colors of love and the model loves spending time with him in Madrid and hence no rumors about Lena Gercke Sami Khedira breakup have been aired. The fashion model lives in Berlin but her frequent journey to Madrid reflects her love for the star footballer.

Lena Gercke Sami Khedira Engagement Rumors

Lena Gercke has entwined herself in the arms of Sami Khedira since May 2011 and is traversing a beautiful journey with him since then. Lena Gercke Sami Khedira engagement rumors have spiraled up grabbing prodigious media chatters and her fans started wondering is Lena Gercke Sami Khedira engaged? Lena Gercke married to whom has baffled all their fans and perplexed them all fuelled Lena Gercke marriage gossips. The fashion model has proven to be the lucky mascot in his life and he has been excelling on the ground.

Lena Gercke boyfriend Sami Khedira net worth has reached millions and the star couple has created an aura of panache in their respective careers. Thus the biography of Germany soccer player Sami Khedira girlfriend shared information on her professional niche and personal involvements and it suffices for who is Germany football player Sami Khedira girlfriend. Lena Gercke has emerged as a top fashion model of her nation and her television show has also gained humongous prominence.

Lena Gercke Boyfriend, Official Instagram & Controversy

Sami Khedira girlfriend German fashion model Lena Gercke has adorned their love lives with vibrant colors and is anticipated to exchange vows soon. Lena Gercke boyfriend name Sami Khedira is enjoying blazing Google searches and popularity owing to the matches played in World cup 2014.

Lena Gercke controversy has surfaced after some journalists were locked in prison for naked pictures of the model with the star footballer. The pictures of Lena Gercke Khedira tuxedo had also stirred media juicy talks. The searches on Lena Gercke have also showered some light on magnolia wedding Lena Gercke and Lena Gercke familie Yana.

Her family background has already been discussed and it acquaints us with her roots and family. Lena Gercke official Instagram name Lena Johanna Gercke has become popular in the fashion fraternity and she epitomizes modern fashion models. The model has indeed maintained a perfect commendable balance between her glamorous fashion fraternity and scintillating love life that paves way for immense happiness in her life.