Sugandha Garg Coke Studio Songs, Movies, Husband, Hot ImagesThe sweet and chirping girl of Bollywood Sugandha Garg shot to fame with her role in youthful movie “Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na” and Let’s Dance. The astonishing Sugandha Garg actress profile has left every stunned when she married the brutally honest man of Bollywood Raghu Ram. The fans can gather Raghu Ram wife pics from internet. There is lot more to be revealed in Raghu Ram wife Sugandha Garg biography about her love life and career. The most talked about show of BBC is one of Sugandha Garg TV show which was a hit. The fans demanded for biography of film actress Sugandha Garg and Youth Developers fulfils the wishes of many. Although Raghu Ram wife name is not as famous as Raghu’s name. The most delighted to watch Sugandha Garg movies are liked by the youth. Raghu Ram wife photos are prominent and available on internet.

Sugandha Garg Age, Hometown

Born at Hyderabad, Telangana and raised in Delhi Sugandha Garg date of birth is February 2nd 1986. This depicts Sugandha Garg age is 28 years old. And also Sugandha Garg height is 5 foot 2 inches. Being the roots of Sugandha Garg family background in Delhi, they are Dilwale of Delhi. Talking about Sugandha Garg education, she has studied at Maitreyi College of Delhi University. The daringly honest man Raghu Ram’s wife Sugandha Garg wiki gives the description of Sugandha Garg personal life precisely.

Sugandha has remarked in an interview that no matter wherever she lives Delhi is always at her heart. Sugandha Garg parents are enthusiastic to watch her movies. The food of Sugandha Garg hometown, Delhi is most loved by her. It is quite a noted fact that Sugandha Garg sister in law Supriya Nistala have some resemblance to her. Through Raghu Ram wife wiki fans wanted to know about Raghu’s level of anger. The multi-talented Raghu Ram wife is an actor, television host and singer.

Sugandha Garg as a Singer

One cannot compare Raghu Ram wife biography with other television host, singer and actress Shruti Seth as everyone has its own charm. With great thin voice she has tried her luck in singing also, Sugandha Garg singing songs on demand by the audiences. The fans are eccentric to listen to Sugandha Garg coke studio songs that moment was mesmerizing. The very own Sugandha Garg first song was “Tokari” and the full audio is available on internet. One can learn the passion of working, through Sugandha Garg singer profile as she never hesitates. Though her singing is not reached to wider audiences as Sugandha Garg song have got fame through the show.

The biography of Raghu Ram wife revealed her interest in various fields related to anchoring, music and acting. Soon Sugandha Garg new song will be released by her as she got positive response for the first song. One can enjoy the duet of Papon and Sugandha Garg at various parties and events. The singer Sugandha Garg biography is jam packed with great surprises.

Sugandha Garg as an Anchor, TV Shows

The great way of interacting with the people made her stand for the people and Sugandha Garg as anchor has done debut anchoring at the show “Haath Se Haath Mila” which raised the social cause issue and supported by numerous actor including Neha Dhupia, Priyanka Chopra, Arjun Rampal, Koena Mitra, Shahrukh Khan, etc. Later TV host Sugandha Garg bio data became even stronger when she started her career in movies. The news of Sugandha Garg new TV shows includes “It Happens Only in India” celebrating the diversity among Indian heritage. The hot and sizzling Sugandha Garg latest news updates can be found on social networking sites.

Sugandha Garg Bollywood Movies

The overnight fame from Sugandha Garg Bollywood debut “Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na” starring Imran Khan and Genelia D’Souza. The name of character in Sugandha Garg first film was “Shaleen” and she played the role of Genelia D’Souza’s best friend. One can see the great chemistry of Sugandha Garg Imran Khan in the song “Oh Aditi”. Since the college days the need of earning landed into Sugandha Garg first job she hosted several college fests. The fans are eagerly waiting for Sugandha Garg upcoming movies list.

Soon the details of Sugandha Garg next movie will be released. Though wife of Raghu Ram is calm and serene, Raghu seems to be aggressive. The very few people knew Raghu Ram wife profession, which is covered in this biopic. There is hardly any confirmation about Sugandha Garg new movie name.

Sugandha Garg controversy
The rumour of Sugandha Garg Raghu Ram divorce was hyped in media as that was a small quarrel between the two. The sweet and bubbly television host Sugandha Garg stays away from cheap publicity. Some people in Industry tried to create Sugandha Garg controversy just to spoil her image. The most people doubted Raghu Ram wife profile to be only an actor.

Sugandha Garg Marriage, Husband

Sugandha Garg Raghu Ram Marriage, Love Story, Wife of Raghu RamThe fascinating Sugandha Garg love life relates to Delhi. The news of Sugandha Garg married covered the most part of media. Nobody dared to ask Sugandha Garg husband name as the guy is honest and rude. Raghu Ram Sugandha Garg love story began when they met each other at Mumbai Party. Sugandha Garg husband Raghu Ram is most popular among youngsters as he analyses people quickly and hit the conscience of a person.

The fact that their marriage happened in 2012, Raghu Ram Sugandha Garg wedding date was auspicious. The couple looks great together Raghu Ram Sugandha Garg age difference is not much. Their marriage photos are not a private affair Raghu Ram Sugandha Garg marriage photos are available on internet. The media hyped the news of Sugandha Garg pregnant. That later proved to be untrue. The friends and relatives are eager to hear Raghu Ram wife pregnant news curiously. Soon the fans will hear the good news of Sugandha Garg children in near future. There are lots of surprises hidden in actress Sugandha Garg personal details so go ahead and read.

Sugandha Garg MTV Roadies

Sugandha Garg MTV Roadies appearance with her husband stay her in touch with television shows and contestants on this reality show also showed great respect for wife of roadies host Ragu Ram. Soon Roadies host wife will be seen performing the daring stunts in the show. The contestants were shocked to realize Roadies host wife name as a contestant to the show.

The most daring show of MTV directed by husband of Sugandha Garg Raghu Ram has become rage in the world. It has high TRPs as the show has stunned everyone by the risk taking tasks set by twins’ brothers Raghu and Rajiv. Though highly publicized image of Sugandha Garg husband has got attention of every youngster as it need lots of guts to stand and speak in front of Raghu Ram.