Faf du Plessis CSK Fielding, Wiki, Batting, Age, Best Catch, ImagesFrancois Du Plessis or Faf du Plessis is a South African cricketer. He has played various matches for South Africa and has also been a part of IPL. While writing South African cricketer Faf du Plessis biography, we’ll be throwing some light on his professional career as well as Faf du Plessis personal life. Although Faf du Plessis wiki will majorly talk about his cricket career, Faf du Plessis cricketer profile goes much beyond that. One of the most interesting things about the man apart from Faf du Plessis batting average is SA captain Faf du Plessis personal details which we will be discussing in the primary section of this South Africa captain Faf du Plessis biography.

Cricketer Faf du Plessis Age, Family

While he is one of the youngest and most talked about batsmen, there are other things apart from Faf du Plessis matches that make him popular and successful. The biography of batsman Faf du Plessis will talk about Faf du Plessis family background as they belong to the native South African culture. Since Faf du Plessis birthplace is Pretoria, SA, which is also the birthplace of AB de Villiers.

Faf du Plessis nationality is South African and he owns all Faf du Plessis batting records to his native land. Much has been talked about Faf du Plessis height and weight as he is in incredible shape. This all came to life when Faf du Plessis debut match in 2012 against Australia was broadcasted.

Born and brought up in SA, Faf du Plessis date of birth is July 13th, 1984 and so cricketer Faf du Plessis age is 30 years. In fact, Faf du Plessis education has also been completed in SA at Afrikaanse Hoër Seunskool, University of Pretoria. Although cricket career of Faf du Plessis is one of the highlights of his life, we’ll also take a look at his personal life later in this biography.

SA Batsman Faf du Plessis Cricket Career, Wiki

It was the day of 2nd November, 2012 when Faf du Plessis first class debut was broadcasted against Australia. Since then, there has been no stopping to Faf du Plessis test matches records and he has been delivering Faf du Plessis ODI centuries ever since. He is the middle order batsman and Faf du Plessis fastest century made him one of the best batsmen in the world.

This right handed batsman delivered Faf du Plessis debut score in ODI against India, an unbeaten score of 60. Although, there haven’t been Faf du Plessis world record apart from one or two as of now, but his fans are looking forward to many more.

This cricket player Faf du Plessis biography speaks of his well-accomplished batting career in the international cricket, and holds high for the years to come. As impressive as Faf du Plessis SA cricketer bio data today is, it is highly likely that soon he will be a great inspiration for other young and aspiring cricketers.

Faf du Plessis in IPL

If you have been in touch with Faf du Plessis latest news, you’d know about the incident where Faf du Plessis returns to CSK. He is one of the notable players in the Chennai Super Kings team, and it is expected that Faf du Plessis IPL contract with CSK will renew in 2015, having seen the previous Faf du Plessis IPL stats. However, it has been a point of discussion that will Faf du Plessis play IPL 8 or not; but it is expected that he will. While some people wonder that Faf du Plessis plays for which IPL team, his extreme fans wish to know everything about him.

Beginning from Faf du Plessis test career stats to his dating life, media and fans have always loved to give him attention so much so that millions of people claim to have Faf du Plessis favourite batsman, even in such short career. Another thing that has brought him attention is the fact that Faf du Plessis and AB de Villiers friends since they studied in the same school.

Cricketer Faf du Plessis Marriage, Wife

Faf du Plessis Wife Pics, Imari Visser Wedding Photos, Pregnant, KidsAs famous and debated as Faf du Plessis love affairs are, equally adored is Faf du Plessis love life with Imari Visser. It was a long time that Imari was Faf du Plessis girlfriend until the couple married in 2013. While she was Faf du Plessis fiancé, there were tonnes of people searching for Faf du Plessis girlfriend photos and they were all looking for cricketer Faf du Plessis wife profile as well.

However, as it turns out, wife of cricket player Faf du Plessis is a professional model and she looked amazingly hot in Faf du Plessis wedding pics. It was then that Faf du Plessis wife age and profession were extremely searched out for.

Before the news of Faf du Plessis marriage broke out, his fan girls were hoping that the answer to is Faf du Plessis married would be a no. But Faf du Plessis Imari Visser love story is one of the most fascinating things about him and so, Faf du Plessis Imari Visser affair was one of the loved ones. The pictures of Faf du Plessis with his wife were adorable and it was then that Faf du Plessis wife Imari Visser was also a part of his wonderful career and life. When she was introduces as cricketer Faf du Plessis wife at several official events, Imari was on cloud 9 of happiness.

Of all the Faf du Plessis relationships, the one with his wife is the most precious to him. There were rumours about Faf du Plessis wife pregnant when there were leaked some Faf du Plessis wife pics where she revealed a little belly. It was assumed that Faf du Plessis children were soon-to-be expected, but it all was a unreliable rumour. Another time the gossip about Faf du Plessis Imari Visser divorce drew the couple some attention.

Faf du Plessis as Captain Records, Latest Buzz

As of now, it is expected that Faf du Plessis world cup 2015 performance would be one of the bests in his career. Also, experts are inclined to say that they see Faf du Plessis future captain and that will lead the team to a great future ahead. However, his profile at Faf du Plessis South Africa captain wiki will clearly change, if & when that happens, as Faf du Plessis as captain records would be worth the wait. Combining all of his success, Faf du Plessis net worth is worth billions today and a huge part of it goes to Faf du Plessis charity work.

Like every other public figure, he has always been in the news too, sometimes due to Faf du Plessis dating and other times due to the talks about Faf du Plessis match ban. However, none of it could ever degrade his fandom and every Faf du Plessis controversy passed away like smooth wind. He was also discussed because of Faf du Plessis match fees as he charged way more than regular players.