Ayesha Faridi Husband Pics, Wedding, Family, Hot Images, BabyThe number of hot married female news anchors has increased in the country. The ET Now news anchor Ayesha Faridi biography will be discussed today and we will also dig into what Ayesha Faridi net worth is. Ayesha Faridi success story is quite interesting. Ayesha Faridi hot images show a beautiful woman in a business suit reading the market trends. Let us find out more about Ayesha Faridi personal life and also look at how news anchor Ayesha Faridi takes time out for her love life. In the upcoming sections we will learn more about this hot anchor. She is very much like Tanvir Gill who also happens to be married and is very famous in the financial market scene.

Ayesha Faridi Age, Family, Personal Details

The Faridi family background is rarely discussed though we are sure that Ayesha Faridi parents must be very proud of her. Ayesha Faridi age is somewhere around 31 and Ayesha Faridi height is approximately 5 feet and 5 inches. Ayesha Faridi date of birth is 8 February, 1981 says Ayesha Faridi wiki. Ayesha Faridi education happened from Delhi University where she was trained to be a journalist.

The hot Ayesha Faridi pics can be seen with her reading the markets. Ayesha Faridi religion may be Islam. The biography of Ayesha Faridi also mentions that Ayesha Faridi first job was as a reporter for BBC World Services. But after a number of experiences at different channels she has finally landed in ET Now in 2010.

News Anchor Ayesha Faridi Career

Ayesha Faridi news anchor profile says that she is a market trends reader however she has done a lot of editing, production and direction for different channels. Ayesha Faridi has a lot of followers in Twitter. Ayesha Faridi has worked as a news journalist in BBC World Service where she used to report a half hour show. Ayesha Faridi first drew her salary while working for BBC. But Ayesha Faridi new job is as a Markets Anchor at ET Now where she joined in 2010.

Ayesha Faridi and Mini Menon were often seen hosting shows together in CNBC TV18. Ayesha Faridi sleeveless photos can be seen if you find out her wedding pictures. Ayesha Faridi house is grand as she is enlisted as one in 25 of the most sexy and successful Indian female news journalists.

Ayesha Faridi generally does not do interviews and the news reader Ayesha Faridi bio data is quite accomplished even without the interviews. She has proved that married female news readers can make it large in India. She has hosted morning shows like “The Market” and “First Trades” and afternoon shows like “Markets @ Lunch”, “Riding the Bull” and “The F&O Show”.

Ayesha Faridi Love Life, Marriage, Husband

Ayesha Faridi boyfriend was Nakul Vengsarkar for a long time and Ayesha Faridi had been dating Nakul Vengsarkar between her hectic work lives. Nakul Vengsarkar and Ayesha Faridi relationship is still going good and this all about Ayesha Faridi love affairs. Ayesha Faridi and Nakul Vengsarkar age difference is not great and they make a fairly compatible couple.

Ayesha Faridi husband name is not discussed much is the media as he comes from a very different background. He is an interior designer who completed his studies in Milan. Ayesha Faridi generally is never seen with her husband because both of them keep busy. Ayesha Faridi Nakul Vengsarkar love story is a mystery left unsolved. Ayesha Faridi married the son of former cricketing legend, Dilip Vengsarkar.

Ayesha Faridi wedding date is an auspicious date in her life. Ayesha Faridi is not pregnant yet and Ayesha Faridi though does want to have children has not seriously started planning about it. Ayesha Faridi baby pics will be shown when she has a baby. Kid or no kid, the husband of news anchor Ayesha Faridi is quite happy with her.

Ayesha Faridi Latest Buzz

Ayesha Faridi latest news is that Ayesha Faridi hairstyle has become the latest trend now and a lot of girls are copying her hairdo. Well it does suffice to say that it is a very sexy look for a corporate. Ayesha Faridi new look is a welcome change because people see her every day and the change did come as a good surprise.

Ayesha Faridi personal details have been discussed in the above sections. Ayesha Faridi has also been seen in skirts hosting many economic award functions. Ayesha Faridi appears in Sarees during traditional festivals. And so far Ayesha Faridi has steered clear of all kinds of controversy.