Tanvir Gill Husband Pics, Hot Images, Wedding, Family, Times Now News AnchorNews anchors have gone through an evolutionary phase. From being drab news readers, the 21st century anchors are glammed up, smart and sizzling hot. The news anchor Tanvir Gill biography is the topic of discussion today. Tanvir Gill news editor profile will be revealed and Tanvir Gill personal life will be scrutinized. Tanvir Gill hot pics show a very bubby girl all suited up ready to take the world by storm. Tanvir Gill Twitter account has a lot of followers which just adds on to her credibility. She is an inspiration to all the aspiring female news anchors of India. The hot Tanvir Gill images show a very smart girl who is adept at mutual funds. Tanvir Gill relationships will be discussed in the upcoming sections.

Tanvir Gill Age, Family, Wiki

The biography of Tanvir Gill talks about Tanvir Gill family background which is that she comes from modest beginnings from Jamnagar, Gujarat. Tanvir Gill parents are quite elated about the amount of money Tanvir Gill makes in terms of her salary. Tanvir Gill age is just 33 which show the promise of more achievements to come. Tanvir Gill height is that of an average Indian woman, 5 feet 4 inches approximately.

Tanvir Gill date of birth is 28 November, 1982. The news anchor Tanvir Gill wiki also mentions that Tanvir Gill education happened from Jesus Mary College where she was pursuing commerce. Her education was completed with her pursuing MBA from Delhi University, after which she became a financial advisor. She is an NCFM-NSE approved financial advisor. Tanvir Gill had landed her first job in CNBC- TV18.

News Anchor Tanvir Gill Career

It is now time to discuss Tanvir Gill news editor bio data. Tanvir Gill success story has been quite the journey. She started off with CNBC-TV18 where she worked for 3 years, 2006 through 2009 an then Tanvir Gill shifted to ET now in 2009. Tanvir Gill works as a Senior News Editor and anchor in Times Now. This was all about Tanvir Gill life history. Tanvir Gill love affairs have been discussed in the next section.

Tanvir Gill net worth is very high now that she is a senior news editor. Just like Anasuya Bharadwaj, this youngster looks less than her age and at first it bothered her if anyone will take her seriously. But the TRP ratings on her show do prove that the world is listening to her.

Tanvir Gill Love Life, Marriage

Tanvir Gill controversy was about her being so young and still giving financial advice. Tanvir Gill love life has been well guarded and very few details about Tanvir Gill boyfriend is known. The news about Tanvir Gill dating is not true. She has gone on record to say that, working in the television sector takes a lot of hard work. She has to reach office at 7 everyday to research and script shows. She hardly gets the time to think about anything else.

Tanvir Gill and Charul Malik are often pitted against each other for doing similar shows but the former would win that debate point blank any day. The Indian female news anchors’ scene is opening up with time, while giving more power and opportunities to women in leadership roles.

Tanvir Gill is not married yet as she is still focused on her career. Tanvir Gill wedding date has not been decided yet neither has Tanvir Gill husband name been finalized. The new crop of young female news editors look up to this iconic youngster for inspiration and hope that one day they could be like her too.

News Anchor Tanvir Gill Latest Buzz

Tanvir Gill personal details has already been discussed and Tanvir Gill contact details like Tanvir Gill email id and phone number and address could be found in the official website of ET NOW or at Glassdoor. Tanvir Gill is always in the latest news as she talks about the stock markets.

Tanvir Gill interviews are quite famous as she has questioned some major hot shots of the financial world like members of BlackRock, PIMCO, State Steel Global Advisors and Goldman Sachs Asset Management. Tanvir gill future plans are quite uncertain as she is taking each day as it comes and she is still learning her way through the industry. Tanvir Gill beauty secrets are simple, hydration and sleep.

Tanvir Gill has admitted that she follows no diet plan, methodically because she is a big foodie and wouldn’t be able to survive on diets. Tanvir Gill workout routine is yoga which she does at home; the husband of news anchor Tanvir Gill will be very interested to know these facts about Tanvir Gill and would be bidding his time to meet her.