Tennis Player Marin Cilic Wiki, Girlfriend Photos, ShirtlessMarin Cilic is a prominent tennis player and is the current US Open winner. He is a Croatian professional player and has won 12 ATP singles so far achieving an august world ranking of 9th position. Marin Cilic ATP ranking has anointed his exemplary skills. He shot to international fame after defeating the then Tennis champion Andy Murray in the US Open of year 2009 who then held 2nd position in World ranking. Croatian tennis player Marin Cilic biography talks about Marin Cilic ranking history, his achievements and personal life. He is also the quarterfinalist at the Wimbledon of 2014 year. Local coaches and regular evening practices encouraged Marin to nurture his flair for the game and today he is the US Open champion and one of the top ranking tennis players in the world.

Tennis Player Marin Cilic Age, Personal Details

Marin Cilic was born in a small town in Croatia in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Marin Cilic nationality is Croatian. Marin Cilic date of birth is September 28th, 1988. Marin Cilic age is 25 years currently. He was born to Bosnian Croat parents and grew up in Medugorje, a small town in Croatia. Marin Cilic height and weight is 6 feet and 6 inches and 74 kgs respectively. He looks exclusively charming and handsome with his tall and well-built countenance that has wooed away many gorgeous damsels.

Marin Cilic family background is of Roman Catholic origin and followed Christianity. Marin’s father Zdenko wanted his three sons to enjoy sports and avail all the opportunities that he lacked in his days. Marin Cilic siblings, Vinko and Goran also loved player tennis but Martin excelled in it. Marin hailed from a rural town in Croatic and was the first to play on the tennis grounds of his town.

Tennis Player Marin Cilic Wiki

Marin Cilic played on the local tennis ground of his town until he was recommended by Goran Ivanisevic. Marin Cilic coach Goran Ivanisevic encouraged him to shift to San Remo in Italy when he was 15 and worked with Bob Brett who was the former coach of Ivanisevic. Marin Cilic and Goran Ivanisevic left no stone unturned to nourish his potential in tennis that eventually helped him traverse to the zenith of his career.

Marin Cilic wiki unveils further significant information about Marin Cilic debut match and Marin Cilic results. He played on the junior ITF in the year 2004 which was apparently Marin Cilic first tennis match. He emerged victorious in some domestic matches and then got qualified for US Open of 2004. However he lost in the second round against Sam Querrey.

Marin Cilic French Open in the year 2005 bagged him the prestigious winner title where he defeated Antal vander Duim in the finale round. In his junior career he garnered 6 tournaments in singles and 4 in doubles along with Greg Kates, his Canadian partner. Marin Cilic tennis player profile is graced with his versatility and it has garnered him prestigious awards and humongous recognition. With simple attitude and strong hopes Marin Cilic has become a professional tennis player in the year 2005.

Marin Cilic Debut Matches

Marin Cilic is a toast to his nation and his matches a great treat to watch. He represented his Herzegovina and Bosnia in his junior career with Zachary Rosen. He has played several matches and has slowly traversed to the top. Marin Cilic latest news focuses about his US Open tour. He won against Grigor Dimitrov and Denis Istomin to reach the quarter finals. Much to his disappointment he lost against Kei Nishikori. Kei Nishikori wiki and tennis career was graced with this victory.

Thereafter he has played some more matches in the season and defeated top ranking players in tennis. He had won against tommy Robredo and Paolo Lorenzi to create a clash with Novak Djokovic. Marin Cilic vs Novak Djokovic was a spectacular match nut Marin lost in all 3 sets. During this time he did not play that well and people witnessed his several defeats. He stormed with astounding victory in the Wimbledon.

US Open 2014 Winner Marin Cilic Records

Marin Cilic Wimbledon was a rebounding to his game-play and he defeated several top ranking players. Eventually he lost to Novak Djokovic. Later in the US open Series he reached the 3rd round at Roger’s cup where he was defeated by Roger Federer. Following that he played further rounds and in the semi-finals he Marin Cilic beat roger Federer in 6 matches which was his first victory against Federer.

Thereafter Marin Cilic beat Kei Nishikori in the straight sets at the Grand Slam final. With this US open 2014 winner Marin Cilic emerged as the second Croatian who triumphed in the men’s singles titles after Goran Ivanisevic. US open 2014 winner name and us open 2014 winner wiki is a pride for Croatia and his fans are celebrating this stupendous victory.

Apart from Marin’s matches, Kei Nishikori vs Roger Federer match in the US Open Champion was also a phenomenal watch. Marin Cilic has brought laurels to his nation and Marin Cilic upcoming matches are being anticipated by his increasing number of fans. He is a true gem and star of Croatia.

Marin Cilic Personal Life

Marin Cilic is one of the most celebrated tennis players of his nation and is currently an internationally prominent figure. US Open 2014 finalist Marin Cilic personal details have spoken about Marin Cilic records and his achievements that have made him a celebrated tennis player. Marin Cilic Twitter profile and Marin Cilic blog has witnessed massive tweets and likes from his fans and adorers.

His recent achievement and latest victory has invited mammoth fame and success for his career. People are well-versed with Marin Cilic grand slam record but now they are curious about Marin Cilic love affairs and Marin Cilic love life. The tall and handsome Croatian Marin Cilic has an affair with the gorgeous Kristina Milković. Now many fans know about Marin Cilic personal life and Marin Cilic girlfriend Kristina Milkovich.

Marin stormed a phenomenal win at the US Open 2014 where his gorgeous girlfriend was spotted. Surprisingly Marin Cilic with his girlfriend as spent five long years and they are happily together though he did not have any intention of marrying her until this year January. However his massive win girlfriend of Marin Cilic is anticipating a proposal for marriage.

Though nothing much has been known about Marin Cilic girlfriend Kristina Milković profile but Marin Cilic girlfriend name and Marin Cilic girlfriend photos have been captured by media. The girl is believed to have dilated immense mental support to the champion and it is her unfailing support that has encouraged him throughout.

Tennis Player Marin Cilic Marriage and Latest News

Marin Cilic is one of the most celebrated tennis players of Croatia and his sensational victory at US Open 2014 has garnered pride for his nation. Marin Cilic injury in a couple of matches has never deterred him from his goal and ambition and he has worked even harder despite his many defeats in prominent matches.

News about his victory has engulfed all newspapers and sports news. Apart from this people have also been wondering is Marin Cilic dating anyone and is Marin Cilic married after seeing his girlfriend during the final match at US Open 2014. It has churned several crispy Marin Cilic marriage gossips and rumors about Marin Cilic wife.

People are anticipating the player to soon propose his stunning girlfriend. Marin has just embarked on the grand success of his career and is also playing placid in his personal life. We hope that prior Marin Cilic retires he garners colossal fame and prosperity in both and professional and personal front. The stud player I surely going to make it big in his sports career.