Tennis Player Kei Nishikori Wiki, Records, Girlfriend PicsKei Nishikori is a professional tennis player from Japan who has recently been anointed with world rank 10 on September 6th, 2014. He is the only player from his country to have accomplished this laudable achievement and has acquired a prestigious place in sports. Japanese tennis player Kei Nishikori biography gives detailed information about his achievements and his journey to the zenith of his sports career. Kei Nishikori started playing tennis since he was 5 and he made through the ATP main draw event when he was 17 in the Countrywide Classic held in Los Angeles. Kei Nishikori ranking history reveals that he is the only Japanese player who was ranked among the top 10 in the prestigious ATP Singles. Kei Nishikori tennis player profile is graced by his stupendous achievements and momentum of gameplay that has laurelled him as the first Asian player who has marked his presence in the Grand Slam Singles final. He has an extensive list of achievements and is one of the most promising players in Tennis.

Tennis Player Kei Nishikori Age, Personal Details

Kei Nishikori was named as the ATP Newcomer in the year 2008. He has garnered massive success broken records in his tennis career. The star tennis player was born in Matsue in Japan. Kei Nishikori date of birth is December 29th, 1989. Kei Nishikori age is 24 years currently. He was born in an educated and well-settled Japanese family where his mother is a piano teacher and father Kiyoshi Nishikori is an engineer.

Kei Nishikori family background reflects strong moral values and he was brought up amongst ethics and traditions. He has an elder sister named Reina who completed her graduation from Tokyo. Kei Nishikori height and weight is 5 feet and 10 inches and 68 kgs respectively. He completed his studies from Aomori Yamada high school and shifted to Florida to IMG Academy. He is a voracious reader and loves to listen to music. He had a penchant for tennis since 5 years old and today he has grown up as an incredibly popular player.

Japanese Tennis Player Kei Nishikori Wiki

Kei Nishikori nurtured his flair for his game by taking lessons from an early childhood. He was named as the ATP Newcomer in the year 2008. Kei Nishikori ATP ranking is amazing game play was witnessed in further matches and in the year 2010 it was declared that he would take his tennis lessons from Brad Gilbert and Dante Bottini from IMG Academy. Kei Nishikori wiki talks about Kei Nishikori debut match and Kei Nishikori records.

Kei Nishikori has played many domestic matches prior shooting to international fame. He has won the prestigious 2004 title at the Riad 21 tournament held in Morocco which was apparently Kei Nishikori first tennis match and his debut record win. He had also won the 2006 junior French open. Kei Nishikori French open in which he partnered with Emiliano Massa was a fantastic win.

Kei Nishikori won many consecutive matches and bagged the 2007 Sony Ericson Cup. Owing to his phenomenal wins it has been declared that Michael Chang would coach him. Kei Nishikori coach Michael Chang is former World no.2 player. His progress in the grand U.S. Open is a toast to Japan. He won against Milos Raonic in a 19 minute match and also grabbed a venerated victory against world No.1 Novak Djokovic in the semifinal round.

Tennis Player Kei Nishikori Injury & Comeback

Kei Nishikori has won many significant championship matches and his victories are no fluke. His early career has garnered him many victories coupled with a few defeats. But his gameplay is a marvelous treat to watch. In the year 2009 he suffered an injury on the right elbow. Kei Nishikori injury was quite serious and he even withdrew from the Wimbledon. Kei Nishikori Wimbledon and the US Open did not grace his tennis journey owing to his injury. He made his comeback nest year and took quite some time to gain his momentum back. He later won the Sarosta Open that year.

He slowly traversed throughout he matches and ousted in the Grand Slam tournament. Kei Nishikori results in Kei Nishikori grand slam record made a chocolate topping on his achievements. All through these years he played incredibly well and he bounced back with same vigor and flow in the French open 2014. Kei Nishikori latest news about Wimbledon focuses about his match with many top world ranking players. However Kei Nishikori vs Roger Federer at the 2014 Gerry Weber open marked a splendid play of Kei Nishikori. Much to the dismay he eventually lost the match.

Tennis Player Kei Nishikori Records

Kei Nishikori vs Milos Raonic in the championship witnessed his defeat despite his victory in the opening set. He later reached the Grand Slam semi-final at 2014 US Open and defeated Milos Raonic. He paved his way to the quarter finals and regained his position. Later he defeated the world No.1 Champion Novak Djokovic in the semi-final round and emerged as the 1st proud Japanese to secure this place.

The final match will decide his position of World ranking. US open 2014 winner Kei Nishikori shall gain World ranking 5th if the statement stands true otherwise he shall achieve the 8th position. US open 2014 winner name and Kei Nishikori upcoming matches is anticipated to bring about a significant change in Kei Nishikori’s tennis career. The finals are being anticipated by all his fans.

Kei Nishikori Personal Life

Kei Nishikori hails from a humble Japanese family and he has nurtured his flair for the game in a way that he now counted among the best tennis players of the world. US open 2014 finalist Kei Nishikori personal details have talked about his career and achievements but it hasn’t spoken much about Kei Nishikori personal life and Kei Nishikori love life. Most of the Japanese girls have fallen for this charming and marvelous player and there has been several visitors on Kei Nishikori twitter profile and Kei Nishikori blog who are anxious to know about Kei Nishikori love affairs.

His fans are curious know about his link-ups and love interests and who he is dating. There some recent news about girlfriend of Kei Nishikori and his fans were keen about Kei Nishikori girlfriend name. Nishikori has been linked with Honami Tsuboi who had competed at the 2008 Beijing Olympics gymnastics championship. Kei Nishikori girlfriend Honami Tsuboi is a prominent gymnast in Japan and they have been spotted in a couple of places together. Thought it has been rumored that Kei Nishikori with his girlfriend are enjoying a lovely love tale but the couple has been silent about their relationship.

The duo was reported to have met through a common friend. Kei Nishikori girlfriend Honami Tsuboi profile is graced with her athletic achievements. She is currently studying at Waseda University. The fans are still clueless about is Kei Nishikori dating anyone though some websites have reported to put up Kei Nishikori girlfriend pics. Hence a little more wait and patience shall finally lead to a conclusion about this Japanese sports couple.

Kei Nishikori Marriage Gossips

Presently news about Nishikori’s World rank is more of an interest to his fans than his rumored affair. Yet some crispy rumors have been churned already and invited Kei Nishikori marriage gossips. His fans have even their principal doubt about Kei Nishikori wife, his marriage and questioned is Kei Nishikori married. Well US open 2014 winner wiki have already unveiled news about his rumored affair with Honami Tsuboi but yet no news has confirmed it.

His upcoming match is so far the biggest curiosity of his fans and it is hoped that Kei Nishikori retires as a great tennis player of his nation and brings numerous laurels for Japan. He is a toast for Japan and an incredible young sports personality.