Novak Djokovic with her Wife Jelena RisticNovak is the world number one professional tennis player who is considered as a living tennis legend. His fantabulous gameplay has won him numerous accolades and he has emerged as the Serbian top professional tennis player. His career has already been graced with notable achievements but his wedding with his childhood sweetheart Jelena Ristic has created wonders in his life. Novak Djokovic wife name Jelena Ristic was not a popular figure but her love affair with Novak has garnered the interest of all fans to search information related to her. They are curious about Novak Djokovic wife Jelena Ristic profile. All the lined up fans of Novak Djokovic are anxious to know about his sensational love story and Novak Djokovic wife Jelena Ristic biography. The Serbian tennis player has exchanged vows with his long time sweetheart Jelena Rustic and epitomized true love.

Jelena Ristic Age, Nationality & Controversy

Jelena Ristic is an extremely charming and gorgeous girl who has offered unfailing support to Novak Djokovic and has graced his career with encouragement and positive vibes. She was born in Serbia and Jelena Ristic date of birth is November 16th, 1986. Jelena Ristic height is 5 feet and 7 inches and she is blessed with a mesmerizing smile and ravishing slender countenance. Novak Djokovic wife age is nearly 27 years. Novak Djokovic girlfriend Jelena Ristic nationality is Christianity.

Jelena Ristic wiki or currently popular as Novak Djokovic wife wiki is pretty placid and it only talks about her eight year-long love affair with the Wimbledon tennis champion Novak Djokovic. There has been now Jelena Ristic controversy in her profile to add spice to the media chatters. The couple looks highly alluring and appears as the rare perfect celebrity match.

Novak Djokovic Wife Jelena Ristic Love Tale

Jelena Ristic has known Novak Djokovic since their high school days. Novak Djokovic girlfriend Jelena Ristic personal details showers light on her charismatic personality. She is a wonderful person with a clean soul. Her riveting and pleasant personality has enthralled the elite tennis player. Jelena Ristic and Novak Djokovic relationship has seen several ups and downs but the couple has prioritized their relationship above all.

Jelena has been supportive and encouraging throughout that secretively paved way for Novak’s humongous success. How did Jelena Ristic and Novak Djokovic meet might be a curious question in the minds of Novak’s fans. It is fascinating to know that their love tale began in the early days of high school. Jelena Ristic boyfriend name and Jelena Ristic Novak Djokovic Vencanje was then only a gossip among all the school mates but now tennis star Novak Djokovic marries Jelena Ristic are the blazing headlines of all esteemed sports papers. The news of their wedding has stormed the media and astonished their fans.

Novak Djokovic Jelena Ristic Wedding

The dazzling beauty Jelena Ristic has charmed the world tennis champion with her enticing personality and beautiful smile. Jelena Ristic hot pics are displayed on many popular internet sites that shall keep you glued to her beauty. Novak Djokovic girlfriend marriage has stirred all the followers of tennis and adorers of the tennis king. Jelena Ristic and Novak Djokovic married in a lavish and private ceremonious way in Montenegro with only a few close family members and pals.

Jelena Ristic Novak Djokovic wedding date is July 10th, 2014. She blushes cutely whenever the media talks about Jelena Ristic husband name after the wedding highlights. Jelena Ristic husband Novak Djokovic wiki is so filled with events from tennis that this pinch of love affair and blushing teenage love gives it an amazing twist. The couple Novak Djokovic and Jelena Ristic makes a perfect picture and their wedding pictures stand simple sensational.

Jelena Ristic Pregnancy News & Breakup Rumors

Jelena Ristic has married the illustrious Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic just four days after his victory at Wimbledon 2014. The reason behind this surprise wedding was probably the news of Novak Djokovic girlfriend pregnant. The baby bump has still not been much witnessed but Novak has shared this warm feeling with his competitor Roger Federer. Roger Federer wife Mirka Federer has been blessed with a bunch of twins and hence the tennis player Novak joked about it with Roger.

Jelena Ristic pregnant pictures are available on internet sites and the couple is rumored to expect a healthy baby son. The couple has seen many tough days together but it has never reached the extent of Novak Djokovic girlfriend break up. Hence it is hoped that the newly-wed couple gets blessed with a cute little angel and walk their divine married life happily.

Media has also showered some light on Jelena Ristic Novak Djokovic foundation name and Jelena Ristic Roland Garros 2014 which is available online. The foundation has raised 140000$ for the education and nourishment of pre-school children in Serbia at an inaugural dinner held in New York. The biography of Jelena Ristic is simple yet colorful with the fabulous colors of love with the world tennis champion Novak Djokovic.