Maria Goretti with her Husband Arshad WarsiMaria Goretti is a versatile and robust Indian VJ who has awed all spectators with her alluring presentation skills and ravishing persona. She is best known as a VJ but she has left no stone unturned in the field of acting and hosting. She is also the host of a TV show and enjoys being associated with it. The gorgeous and riveting VJ Maria Goretti is the wife of popular Indian actor Arshad Warsi and she relishes her happy married life for more than a decade now. The biography of Arshad Warsi wife aria Goretti showers light on her career as a VJ, actress and Host. NDTV Good Times TV show host Maria Goretti profile reflects her journey from the commencement of her career as a VJ to the current host of a TV show. Her dynamic personality had amazing presentation had enthralled all viewers and she gained colossal fame as a VJ hence her fans are anxious to get acquainted with MTV VJ Maria Goretti biography. The gorgeous VJ turned actress has graced her life with her successful career and contented personal life.

Actress Maria Goretti Date of Birth, Height, Religion

The sensational MTV VJ Maria Goretti had adorned the shows in MTV with her unmatched and marvelous presentation skills. Her married life with the Indian actor Arshad Warsi is as satiated as her professional life. Maria Goretti was born in Mumbai, India but she was settled in Goa. Arshad Warsi wife Maria Goretti date of birth is January 26th, 1972.

Maria Goretti height is approximately 5 feet and 4 inches. Maria Goretti family background traces its roots to Christianity. Maria Goretti was born to a Roman Catholic family and she is a staunch follower of her religion. She had been named after Saint Maria Goretti and hence she had imbibed the values of religion right since her early days of childhood.

VJ Maria Goretti Wiki

Maria Goretti has embarked her career as a MTV VJ but she today she stands distinguished as the elite brand ambassador of a prime ice cream brand. Arshad Warsi wife Maria Goretti Wiki talks about this fascinating journey with her and also acquaints you with the star actor’s unfailing support and encouragement that led her to this zenith of fame and popularity.

MTV VJ Maria Goretti had tried her hand in modeling prior being a VJ and had backed a few commercial advertisements. Her venture in movies was also yet another epitome of her versatility.

NDTV Good Times Host Maria Goretti Blog

Maria Goretti had been selected as a VJ through an exquisite talent hunt show in the year 1999 and much to everyone’s wonder it was in this very year she exchanged vows with the popular Indian actor Arshad Warsi. By then she had nailed herself in the modeling world as well and had advertised for Sunsilk and Titan.

Maria Goretti’s current TV show in NDTV Good Times has earned her a huge fan following and Maria Goretti Blog and Maria Goretti Twitter is overwhelmed with their responses. They also ping her on Maria Goretti Facebook official and her blog about her cookery experience has gained prodigious prominence. She had also been offered roles in a few movies but she did not quite have a penchant for acting and hence dropped the choice of becoming an actress.

Arshad Warsi Wife Maria Goretti Movies

Maria Goretti had stirred the viewers and enthralled them with her commendable appearance and presentation as MTV VJ. Maria Goretti story narrates her tale as VJ, actress and host. She excelled well as a VJ but did not continue long after her marriage with Arshad Warsi. She did venture in movies and Maria Goretti first film was Raghu Romeo in the year 2003. She had made a special appearance in the movie “Salaam Namaste”.

Maria Goretti “Salaam Namaste” movie had casted Maria and her child Zeke in a small special role. Maria Goretti movie list includes just these two movies and Maria Goretti upcoming movies are not a talk anymore. She did not much think of giving acting a fair shot and hence did not pursue her career in it thereafter as she laughed at having one actor in the family as enough entertainment.

Maria Goretti Food Blogging

Maria Goretti had enjoyed an elite limelight during her career as a VJ and actress but the greatest turning point commenced with the notion of setting up a blog on her cooking experience. Maria Goretti cooking and foodblogging was initially a numb idea for her as she hardly knew anything about blogs but her friend Jaya helped her setting up the blog.

She had a flair for cooking and relished cooking different delicacies and shared them in the blog. She had also hosted a TV show Do IT Sweet that was featured on NDTV Good Times Channel.

Maria Goretti Arshad Warsi Love Affair

Maria Goretti has a mesmerizing smile and alluring persona that has captured hearts of millions. The actor Arshad Warsi had also fallen head over heels for this gorgeous beauty of the nation. Maria Goretti personal details talk about Maria Goretti personal life. She met the popular Indian actor Arshad Warsi in the year 1991 when the actor was invited to judge a dance competition in her college in which she participated.

Maria Goretti and Arshad Warsi dating had fallen in line and Maria Goretti and Arshad Warsi love affair commenced. The news of Arshad Warsi dating Maria Goretti had created a buzz and actor Arshad Warsi girlfriend name was the growing interest of all his fans. Maria Goretti herself had become colossally popular as years passed by and established herself as a successful VJ and actress.

Hence Maria Goretti boyfriend name was the prime talk of B-town. Everyone is curious to know Maria Goretti husband name. Maria and Arshad had walked a long way of their wedding but it has been affected by the actor’s tumultuous closeness and intimacy with actress Dia Mirza.

Maria Goretti Marriage, Children

Maria Goretti cherished a courtship for quite some time but finally settled their minds on marriage. Maria Goretti and Arshad Warsi marriage news stormed the entertainment news in the year 1999. Maria Goretti and Arshad Warsi wedding date is February 14th, 1999. People are also very much desperate to know about Maria Goretti husband Arshad Warsi profile.

The couple had thus answered all their curious fans about the hot and sizzling Maria Goretti lover name and Is Maria Goretti married? The couple gave birth to a baby boy in the year 2004 and Arshad Warsi and Maria Goretti son name Zeke Warsi brought a bundle of joy for them. Zeke was born on August 10th, 2004.

Maria Goretti pregnant again? Was another media buzz when she gave birth to a charming princess on May 2nd, 2007. Maria Goretti daughter name Zene Zoe Warsi was yet another reason of happiness and celebration for the couple. Maria Goretti hot pics and Maria Goretti and kids pictures are also available on internet. She makes a dynamic wife, mother and robust host.

Arshad Warsi and Maria Goretti Split and controversy

All is not well between Arshad Warsi and Maria Goretti after the actor’s growing closeness with the actress Dia Mirza. The news of Arshad Warsi and Maria Goretti split is on air as Maria complained that Arshad always remains busy in his work and hardly spends time with his children and family. Maria Goretti and Arshad Warsi divorce rumors had flared after the couple was heard of being involved in a tussle for a long time. The kids presently live with their mother and she has moved out of her house.

Owing to Arshad Warsi and Dia Mirza affair gossips which is apparently true the bonding between the married couple is deeply shaken and it has also fuelled Arshad Warsi controversy. All these blazing new have curbed Maria Goretti and Arshad Warsi love story and it may soon meet a dead end.

The couple was an epitome of love and faith that was a rare sight in Bollywood but now with them falling apart it might be appalling news for all their fans. We hope that the ice wall between the two melts and they grace their lives again with love and affection.