Mehr Jesia Rampal Myra Rampal, Kids, Age, Hot Pics, Miss UniverseArjun Rampal is a prominent and venerated Bollywood actor and supermodel who has astounded the nation with his handsome macho looks and robust personality. His wife Mehr Jesia is also an Indian supermodel and former Miss India. Arjun Rampal wife name, Mehr Jesia is popular nationwide and a mark of panache in the modelling world. People are aware of Arjun Rampal’s biography but only few are familiar with Arjun Rampal wife Mehr Jesia Rampal biography. This biography of Indian model Mehr Jesia shall bring before you details about Mehr Jesia Rampal miss India and model Mehr Jesia Rampal profile. Mehr is among the top Indian models of the first generation and has garnered fantabulous recognition in her modelling career. She has won many significant beauty pageants and has won many elite titles like other successful models like Maria Goeretti, Aditi Arya, Nathalia Kaur, etc.

Model Mehr Jesia Age and Personal Details

Mehr Jesia was born in a Parsi family and she grew up in Mumbai. Mehr Jesia Rampal date of birth is November 30th, 1970 and model Mehr Jesia age is 44 years currently. However, according to some sourced Mehr’s age is 47 years presently but there has been confirmation about it. Mehr Jesia family background is a well-established Parsi family in Mumbai. Mehr Jesia Rampal education was acquired from J.B. Vachha School in Mumbai and she grew up in a Parsi colony in Dadar.

Mehr had a deep inclination towards sports and she enjoyed playing a couple of outdoor sports like badminton, swimming and some more. Mehr Jesia Rampal parents had encouraged Mehr to take up anything that she had a penchant for which later inspired her to follow her dream of modelling.

Model Mehr Jesia Wiki, Career

Mehr had started her career in modeling in the year 1980. Mehr Jesia bikini photo shoot and Mehr Jesia hot pics were a heated talk in the glamour world then. No sooner than that did Mehr win her titles in beauty pageant competitions at national and international platforms. Mehr Jesia height is 5 feet and 10 inches and her weight is 49 Kgs. A vivaciously mesmerizing persona blended with glamorous looks defines supermodel Mehr. Her eye and hair color is brown and Mehr carries a tall slender countenance.

Mehr had been anointed with the prestigious title of Femina Miss India in the year 1986. Mehr was crowned as “Femina Miss India universe” that has added feathers to Mehr Jesia wiki. Moreover, Mehr’s modelling assignments and achievements over the years have garnered her colossal success and fame in the scintillating world of modelling.

Model Mehr Jesia Modeling, Net Worth

Mehr was among the Indian supermodels of first generation along with other successful models like Madhu Sapra, Anna Bredmever and a few more. Mehr Jesia modeling assignments, hot Mehr Jesia sexy photo shoot accelerated her modelling career and added to Mehr Jesia Rampal net worth. Mehr soon rose to immense limelight and emerged as one of the finest and most renowned model of her times.

It began with photographer Faroukh Jussawalla’s urge to Mehr to try for Femina Miss India. Mehr was anointed with the crown and it paved way for success in the modelling fraternity. Arjun Rampal wife wiki is magnanimously embellished with contracts from revered brands like Lakme, Nivea, Philips and many more. Her success thus resulted from multiple factors. She officially retired from modelling in the year 1999.

Model Mehr Jesia Movies, TV Commercials

She met her beau during her modelling career and soon the handsome macho Arjun Rampal tied the nuptial knot with breath-taking Mehr. Apart from modelling, Mehr has also tried her luck and fate in movies and there have been tea time talks about Mehr Jesia movies and Mehr Jesia next modeling photo shoot. Mehr along with hubby Arjun had produced I See You in the year 2006. Mehr Jesia first movie failed to create a notable impact on critics and box office but people did talk about Mehr Jesia Bollywood films.

Fans even pondered that wife of actor Arjun Rampal, would soon be seen in the big screen with her long flashy legs and amazingly stunning looks and countenance. However inspite of random rumours grinded on Mehr Jesia ads, Mehr Jesia upcoming movies and Mehr Jesia Salman Khan TV commercial, she did not quite show up in any further movies or ads. Mehr has embossed her name among the top Indian supermodels and has become a regular iconic presence at all fad events and has defines the aura of vogue in India.

Model Mehr Jesia Arjun Rampal Love Story

The absolutely stunning and gorgeous modelling Diva Mehr Jesia has given the modelling world spell-binding essence of her persona both on and off the ramp. The biography of supermodel Mehr Jesia has so far captured interesting talks about Mehr Jesia career and modelling profile and also about Mehr Jesia new movies. It shall now unveil facts about model Mehr Jesia personal details, Mehr Jesia personal life especially about Mehr Jesia love affairs and Mehr Jesia love life. Mehr had made her fellow models go head over heels for her while she actually skipped her beat for the handsome and hunky macho Arjun Rampal.

The fellow models had always been eaves-dropping about model Mehr Jesia boyfriend and Arjun Rampal Mehr Jesia love story. However the model turned successful Bollywood actor Arjun Rampal had way ahead impressed this mermaid beauty. Soon there was striking headlines and media bites about Arjun Rampal and Mehr Jesia open kiss and Mehr Jesia controversy. But Mehr and Arjun hardly paid any heed to it and moved ahead for their wedding.

Model Mehr Jesia Wedding and Married Life

Arjun Rampal Wife Pictures, Mehr Jesia Husband Photos, WeddingThe bold and beautiful supermodel of the 90’s Mehr Jesia had lost her heart to the then supermodel Arjun Rampal. Mehr Jesia sister and Arjun’s sister knew about this relation and they were all cool about it. After some months of lovey-dovey dating, model Mehr Jesia married the supermodel and Bollywood actor Arjun Rampal. Though there were some hesitations due to Mehr Jesia Arjun Rampal age difference but it was well-managed by both of them.

Mehr Jesia Arjun Rampal wedding date is in the year 1999 and Mehr turned to Bollywood actor Arjun Rampal wife. Arjun Rampal, Mehr Jesia husband name was not so popular in Bollywood then but marriage proved lucky for the rising actor and he soon got his opportunities. Thereafter, Mehr Jesia husband Arjun Rampal has traversed a long way in Bollywood and has garnered many venerated awards and recognitions.

Model Mehr Jesia Daugters

The couple was faring well both in their professional and personal lives. In the year 2002 there were news about Arjun Rampal wife pregnant. She gave birth to Mahikaa in the year 2002. In 2005, model Mehr Jesia pregnant again and gave birth to the lovely Myra. Arjun Rampal children or rather Mehr Jesia daughters have been given beautiful and unique names and people were quite fascinated about Mehr Jesia daughter names especially on Mehr Jesia Myra Rampal. Indian supermodel Mehr Jesia husband, Arjun Rampal has always received an unwavering support from his better-half that has helped him grow in his career.

However quite recently there were rumours of Arjun being linked with Suzanne Roshan which even led to hyped gossips about Arjun Rampal divorce with wife Mehr Jesia. Arjun, husband of model Mehr Jesia has denied the crap about the affair and rumor about Arjun Rampal Mehr Jesia divorce. The couple seems to quite lose in love and trust than to lend an ear to such headless talks.