Sugandha Mishra Husband, Hot Wallpapers, Comedy Circus, HeropantiSugandha Mishra is a promising and rising musical icon of our nation. Her steady inception in prominent musical shows like “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa” has brought her talent and musical spirit to limelight. Many young female Bollywood singers have shaped their destiny from such competitive musical platforms. Shreya Ghoshal, Monali Thakur, Aditi Singh Sharma and many more are the famous Indian young female singer have been anointed in these musical shows who have now embarked on their carer as Bollywood playback singers. Being a rising singer, Sugandha Mishra songs list do not have many of her super-hit songs but her profile has been is not confined to music alone. Apart from music, Indian singer Sugandha Mishra biography also shares some significant and interesting highlights on her wiki, Bollywood movies and her singer profile. Sugandha is inevitably a budding talent in music and on Television screen.

Singer Sugandha Mishra Family, Age, Wiki

Sugandha Mishra is a Playback singer, a comedian, an actress and a TV presenter. She was born in Jalandhar in Punjab and hails from a music-inclined family. Currently, singer Sugandha Mishra age is 28 years and her date of birth is May 23rd, 1988. Sugandha has a penchant for music right since her naive days of childhood and Sugandha Mishra parents have encouraged her wish and will for music.

Sugandha Mishra family background has been practicing classical music for generations and she belongs to the 4th generation. Moreover, she is the grand-daughter of Pt. Shankar Lal Mishra who is the disciple of “Ustaad Amir Khaan Sahib”. She has been trained from the legend Pt. Shankarlal Mishra and music has been in her family for decades. Sugandha is from Indore Gharana and music simply runs in her blood and soul.

Sugandha Mishra Education, Height, Early Career

Sugandha Mishra hails from a small town in Punjab but she has achieved colossal fame with her talent and musical charm. She has acquired her education from Jalandhar and aspired to be a playback singer, solely immersed in music and euphony. Sugandha Mishra education has been accomplished with a Masters Degree in music and she has also been pursuing doctorate in it.

She had embarked on her career as RJ in BIGFM wherein she got opportunity to explore the versatility within her. Sugandha has been ambitious and always wanted to make a mark as a playback singer and hence soon tried her luck as a singer in movies and short films.

Sugandha Mishra height is approximately 5 feet and 4 inches while it is known exactly and Sugandha Mishra hot pics are also found in some sites like many other trending female Bollywood singers. Her charming and pleasant persona blended with a euphonious and classically trained voice from her grand-father has bestowed fame and name on her.

Sugandha Mishra Career in TV Shows

Sugandha started her career as a RJ but she is now a popular TV presenter and singer. There have been vague rumors about Sugandha Mishra in Indian idol but she has been among the top few finalists in the popular reality show “Sa Re Ga M and Sa Pa”. Sugandha Mishra “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa” audition had been appreciated for her voice and rhythm. Sugandha Mishra live performances in the show and her journey to the premium have added charm and delight to singer Sugandha Mishra biography. During her initial days Sugandha has sung a couple of Bhajans, jingles and songs in documentaries and short films before making it big in The Great Indian Laughter Challenge and in Bollywood movies.

Sugandha has acquired her education from Guru Nanak Dev University where Comedian Kapil was senior to her. The opportunity for Sugandha Mishra first Bollywood song or Sugandha Mishra TV shows was directly or indirectly had been invigorated by Kapil Sharma. He had encouraged her to try for the auditions of “The great Indian laughter challenge” where Sugandha was selected and she soon rose to spotlight as a TV presenter. Sugandha Mishra great Indian laughter challengewas her first TV show. Sugandha has hosted many other shows thereafter like “Laughter Ke Phatke”, “Don’t worry Chachu”, “Laughter Knights” on Star Plus and many more. Sugandha Mishra Comedy Circus Ka Naya Daur” and Sugandha Mishra in “Comedy Nights with Kapil” are her notable performances.

During her zeniths and nadirs there was streak of Sugandha Mishra controversy wherein news about Sugandha Mishra insults Lata Mangeshkar had surfaced. Lata Mangeshkar insulted by mimic Sugandha Mishra was a then juicy media buzz but it soon faded off and people paid less heed to such heated up affairs. Many young female singers India have struggled to emboss their name in music and Sugandha is one such dedicated and hard-working rising playback singer. She started as a RJ and then tried her luck in Comedy series and then followed her dream to be a singer.

Singer Sugandha Mishra Musical Height

Sugandha became well-known as a contestant in “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa” and her voice and musical rhythm was well-received. She has sung in movies like “Shree”, “Kamaal Dhamaal and Malaamal”. Sugandha Mishra movie songs did not created much of a buzz but it soon paved way for Sugandha Mishra MTV unplugged songs and Sugandha Mishra MTV coke studio songs. She has also come in a couple of concerts and Sugandha Mishra live concerts have witnessed enthusiastic people. Sugandha Mishra concert tickets have been sold out in huge numbers and people have expressed curiosity on Sugandha Mishra next live concert and Sugandha Mishra upcoming concerts. Music has been her religion and aim but her TV shows have identified her as an actress.

“Heropanti” was the Bollywood debut of Tiger Shroff, actor Jackie Shroff’s son. Sugandha played the role of the female lead’s sister in the movie. Sugandha Mishra images had been posted on various sites then. Apart from movies and TV shows Sugandha has just started on her musical career and Sugandha Mishra best songs include the songs from “Shree”, “Kamaal Dhamaal and Malaamal” and some of her performances. Her fans are keen about Sugandha Mishra next Bollywood song, Sugandha Mishra upcoming songs. Sugandha is all focussed to work on her musical career after exploring the edges of TV screen and comedy platforms.

Singer Sugandha Mishra Love Life

Sugandha is a cute, charming, bubbly, chirpy girl with a mesmerizing and melodious voice. She has tried her luck and talent in different edges and nooks of TV screen and musical platforms. The biography has highlighted news about Sugandha’s career but not much about Sugandha Mishra love affairs, Sugandha Mishra love life and Sugandha Mishra boyfriend. Sugandha has entangled herself in some controversies like mimic of Lata Mangeshkar and also John Abraham kissing Sugandha Mishra that has affected Sugandha Mishra personal life.

However people and fans have been curious about boyfriend of singer Sugandha Mishra, Sugandha Mishra relationships and Sugandha Mishra breakups and is Sugandha Mishra is married. Much to everyone’s dismay there has been no confirmed news about Sugandha Mishra dating and Sugandha Mishra marriage.

However we hope that Sugandha spreads the fragrance of music and love throughout the nation and soon find her Mr. Perfect. There are sites wherein Indian young female singers photos, singers like Aditi Singh Sharma latest songs are posted and similarly Sugandha Mishra wedding photos shall also be soon. Sugandha Mishra husband name and information about husband of singer Sugandha Mishra won’t be kept in disguise but shall be brought before as soon as we garner facts about it.