Shirley Setia Hot Photoshoots, HD Wallpapers, Boyfriend, Family, Wedding, Cute ImagesThe Indian community has spread across the world and so have their talents. They have become senators in America, scientists and comedians and what not. Towards that regard, we will discuss the Indian singer Shirley Setia biography, which will reveal what it feels like to be of a different origin and make it big in a foreign land. She has already belted out many hit songs at a very tender age. Shirley Setia songs list is adding up and she is becoming an inspiring influence upon many young Indian female singers. Shirley Setia singer profile is what we will be revealing today in this article. If you saw Shirley Setia cute pics you will find it hard to believe that she was a singer that too accomplished. Shirley Setia album songs are very mesmerizing and her MP3 songs are available on YouTube, and most of them have millions of hits on them. The hot Shirley Setia images are amazing. After seeing her pictures you will surely want to know Shirley Setia beauty secrets, so why wait? Let us find out.

Shirley Setia Age, Family, Wiki

So we will break into Shirley Setia personal life one by one. She belongs to an Indo-Kiwi family background. The singer Shirley Setia age is 21 and her date of birth is 2nd July, 1995. Shirley Setia height is 5 feet and 3 inches and her birthplace was Daman. But you may think she is taller after seeing Shirley Setia hot photos, but that is because she is wearing those high heels. Her Twitter handle has a lot of followers which says just how famous she is.

The singer Shirley Setia wiki also mentions that she lives away from her parents, in New Zealand. Shirley Setia is pursuing a commerce degree in the University of Auckland and that is all about her education. She is one of the upcoming young female singers of India, after her videos received a very good response in the country. She is also a marketing and publicity intern with the Auckland Council.

Shirley Setia Early Career, Songs, Albums

The biography of singer Shirley Setia is turning out to be quite interesting. Shirley Setia first song was a Hindi song from the 90’s. Shirley Setia first video song was based on the cover of ‘Tum Hi Ho’ in 2013. Shirley Setia first track launch was done by T series. Shirley Setia has still not though about bringing out a debut album as she is currently in her final year of studies and that keeps her very busy.

The channel of Shirley Setia mostly contains cover of Bollywood songs and most of those covers are sung by Shirley Setia on the lead, and they are all movies songs. The singer Shirley Setia also has a Facebook Page and her personal details can be found there or her website. Shirley Setia keeps uploading new songs to her channel every month. Shirley Setia new video songs are mostly about yesteryear movies. Shirley Setia new album will be her debut.

The unsung singing sensations of India will have the name of Shirley Setia on the top, she is a guitarist whose biography we are discussing here. Shirley Setia guitar videos have her looking absolutely gorgeous. Shirley Setia guitar chords are tuned perfectly to her tunes. Shirley Setia guitar songs are not many but they are still famous as they are a tad different than the original tunes.

Shirley Setia guitarist wiki also mentions that she is one of the most famous young female singers that are gathering momentum. Shirley Setia YouTube singer bio-data is still continuing with more details about her love life in the next section. She is like Shraddha Sharma who also had her own YouTube channel and also launched her own debut album.

Singer Shirley Setia Love Life, Relationships

The boyfriend of Shirley Setia will be real proud of her for having made a name for herself so soon. The singer Shirley Setia boyfriend identity is a mystery but we are sure he is out there. Although we have seen a lot of Shirley Setia and Sanam Puri, they are just performers that make music together. But who knows they also might be making love; nothing wrong in that

Some of the greatest works of art are born out love. Shirley Setia new movie song will be up in her channel very soon. What we do wonder is that how does Shirley Setia get the time for dating? We are sure it must be very difficult to maintain Shirley Setia relationships, with college and internship and music covers and a trip to India happening all at once.

Shirley Setia is not thinking about marriage right now as she is just in her twenties. It is the time for Shirley Setia to enjoy the romance and poetry of her love affairs, and create beautiful music. Shirley Setia love life will serve as a great tool of inspiration for her. She is a flashlight for many young female singers in India who are looking for a path.

Shirley Setia does a lot of events. Honestly speaking, Shirley Setia has become a cyber-rock star of sorts and her wiki and songs are just starting to materialize. This cute female singer has already become a star in India and has a great future ahead in the industry. Shirley Setia boyfriend will be very lucky to have her.

Singer Shirley Setia Latest Buzz

She is one of the trending female singers in India. The YouTube sensation Shirley Setia does all the covers of the latest songs in different fashions and her fans are craving for more. Shirley Setia latest album is still in the pipeline and information about it is yet to be revealed. Shirley Setia live performances keep happening in India, details about which can be got from the website. Shirley Setia live concerts have been very successful so far.

The details about Shirley Setia next concert are available on her official website. She has the potential to become one of the leading female singers in India in future. Shirley Setia hairstyle makes her look younger and cuter. Shirley Setia was seen in shorts when she was travelling in India. Shirley Setia was also looking ravishing in a blue skirt. Shirley Setia interviews are candid and to the point and reveal that music was not her first choice of a career.