Mel McLaughlin Hot Images, Husband Pics, Wedding, Divorce, Kids, 2nd Marriage, FamilyMel McLaughlin is an Australian TV presenter and reporter and in the Australian sports presenter Mel McLaughlin biography, we shall cover various aspects of her life. She is basically a sports reporter and is undoubtedly one of the most trending female sports presenters in the international world of television news. To speak of Mel McLaughlin sports reporter profile, it is very impressive and we shall discuss it in detail in the later section of this biography of Mel McLaughlin. Even though she is pretty famous in Australia, she had all the eyes focussed on her recently. As per Mel McLaughlin latest news, she was interviewing the West Indian cricketer and Chris Gayle flirted with reporter Mel McLaughlin on the international television on air live. We will dig this deeper but let us start with some of the personal details about this diva.

Mel McLaughlin Age, Family, Wiki

Even though she is very popular on her own, Mel McLaughlin family background is not much known. However, it is known that Mel McLaughlin parents belong to the Australian descent only and so Mel McLaughlin nationality is Australian. Also, Mel McLaughlin education was also completed here as she was born and brought up in Australia.

Born in the year 1979, Mel McLaughlin date of birth is 3rd September and so, Mel McLaughlin age is 36 years. As Mel McLaughlin height is one of her assets, she could easily have made it big as a model with that tall height and stunning looks. Even though she is one of the top female sports reporters of Australia as on date, the internet is flooded with hot Mel McLaughlin images.

On the latest controversy with Chris Gayle, it was told that Mel McLaughlin brothers were fairly angry with the comment that the cricketer made. Mel McLaughlin Twitter followers also supported her through this controversial time. To know more about Mel McLaughlin Network Ten Reporter bio data, continue reading.

Professional Career of Mel McLaughlin

Ever since she was appointed on Mel McLaughlin first job, she has successfully won over the hearts of millions of people for her instant and brilliant work. She previously worked in Fox Sports where she was a host of soccer games. Later, TV presenter Mel McLaughlin in big bash league was seen. Then she turned to the world of cricket.

In the year 2013, Mel McLaughlin in Indian Super League was one of the hosts that added to the charm of the event. Since the time she started appearing on the television, Mel McLaughlin beauty secrets have continued to mesmerise her female fans. At various event, Mel McLaughlin in skirt was seen that made her look all the more stunning and gorgeous.

In a recent controversy with Chris Gayle, it was highlighted that Gayle is not the first West Indian cricketer to have his heart set on her. A similar incident took place between Mel McLaughlin and Dwayne Bravo back in January, 2014. Today, Mel McLaughlin net worth is in millions and she has managed to earn more hearts than just numbers in her bank account. In fact, popular TV presenters like Anjana Om Kashyap and Sunetra Choudhury are also inspired from her. To know more about sports anchor Mel McLaughlin boyfriend and her love life, continue reading the next section of this biography.

Mel McLaughlin Marriage, Husband, Divorce

To enlist details about Mel McLaughlin love affairs, it would be wrong to believe exactly what the paparazzi has to say. It has been known in the past that media blows things out of proportion and so, lesser of it should be believed. The gossip about Melanie McLaughlin and Mark Bosnich being in a relationship is one such example.

Three years back, the talks of Mel McLaughlin dating Luke Panic were doing the rounds which were later confirmed by the couple. Then Mel McLaughlin married Luke the following year. This was the time when Mel McLaughlin relationship with Luke Panic was all fun and frolic until two years later in 2015 when Mel McLaughlin split with Luke Panic took place.

While Mel McLaughlin wedding date is not revealed, Mel McLaughlin with her husband has been seen during various events. The two made an adorable couple and were also famous amongst the shutterbugs. Now, to talk of Mel McLaughlin Luke Panic love story, the couple met during work and so, the conversation lit up over the dinner later. It was believed that Mel McLaughlin Luke Panic age difference could be an issue then, but the couple shunned away all such reports.

Today, the only who had the privilege to be called as the husband of sports reporter Mel McLaughlin has parted ways with her. However, Mel McLaughlin divorce reason has not been told as of now. There were news about Mel McLaughlin being pregnant sometime back but there is no confirmation whether there are any Mel McLaughlin children or not.