Sweta Singh Hot Images, Wedding, Husband Photos, Aaj Tak Hot News Anchors, Legs, Feet, KidsMedia and journalism are the ruling fields that bring before us the current hot affairs and news from all across the globe. Journalists and news reporters play a vital role in delivering the best piece of news and keep us on our toes about the current world. There are many Aaj Tak news anchors who have shot to limelight. Sweta Singh is one such popular news anchor and journalists from the much venerated news channel Aaj Tak. Shweta Singh news anchor profile is graced with many events and interviews with stalwarts from different backgrounds. She is also the editor of special programming of news channel Aaj Tak. There are many hot female news anchors like Mini Menon, Reham Khan, etc.; and Sweta Singh is another addition in this sizzling list. Indian journalist Sweta Singh biography brings to you many interesting and unknown facts about Sweta Singh as news reporter and her personal details. She has worked with several prominent news channels earlier and her career is adorned with many outstanding achievements.

News Anchor Sweta Singh Age, Family Details

Media is the brewing means of communication and many youngsters are making their careers in it. Sweta Singh is another hot example of such a talented and glamorous anchor associated with Aaj Tak. Sweta Singh date of birth is August 21st. She was born in the year 1977 and hence news anchor Sweta Singh age is 37 years old which gives us an idea about her experience in the media. She hails from the busy city of Patna and has acquired her education on media and mass-communication from the highly esteemed Patna University.

Sweta Singh family background is simple and educated and Sweta Singh parents are highly principled people with traditional Indian values. She has acquired her graduation degree in the field of Mass Communication and had started her career during her college life. There have been many female news anchors of Aaj Tak but Sweta Singh reached to the peak of her anchoring career within a very short time.

Sweta Singh height is nearly 5 feet 5 inches and she bears a charismatic personality with an amazing delivery. She is now pronounced as the famous female news anchors in India who have defined this profession in their own way. Sweta Singh photos have been posted in some sites and they have witnessed commendable number of likes and hits. She is an epitome of modern Indian women who perform stupendously in their career and yet bear the roots of Indian values and traditions.

Indian Journalist Shweta Singh Wiki

Sweta Singh is one of the famous news anchors who has brought a touch of glamour and style to the boring news reading and made it interesting. The biography of journalist Sweta Singh is highly inspiring for many female news anchors India with her determination and career graph. Her graduation years marked the early inception of her career. Sweta Singh first job was with Times of India and then she has worked with other prominent news channel.

Sweta Singh next job was with Zee News and currently she is associated with Aaj Tak and is the current editor of special programme in Aaj Tak. Sweta Singh Aaj Tak salary and Sweta Singh net worth has reached notable figures and hence she is counted among the famous and trending female news anchors. She has been recognised as an elite news reporter and journalist and has been given many prestigious awards.

News Anchor Sweta Singh Career

Journalist and News Reporter Sweta Singh has been a famous news reader and has graced her career by working with Sahara News, Zee News and currently with Aaj Tak. Sweta Singh news reporter biography shall now provide you vivid details about Sweta Singh new shows and Sweta Singh awards.

She kicked off or started her journalism and news reading career with times of India and then worked with Hindustan Times. Aaj Tak news anchor Sweta Singh wiki gained its pace while she worked with Times but gained prominence while working with Zee News and Sahara News. Sweta Singh new job with Aaj Tak has showered enormous respect and prosperity on her career.

Aaj Tak News Anchor Sweta Singh Awards

Shweta Singh has been laurelled with a prestigious award for her programme on Sports which was broadcasted in Aaj Tak. She was awarded by the “Sports journalism Federation”, India. news reporter Sweta Singh bio-data got stronger with her work with Aaj Tak and the switch in electronic media in the year 1998 accelerated Sweta Singh salary. She has displayed exemplary talent and expertise in all sports related news and the show “Sourav ka Sizer” bagged her award in the year 2005.

Sweta Singh twitter profile and Sweta Singh Facebook received innumerable hits and likes for her shows. She had been bestowed with the Best news producer award in the prestigious ENBA awards for “Vandemataram”. Young and new Indian female news anchors consider her as an inspiring icon in journalism. Sweta marveled all her fans by winning the highly prestigious ITV award in the year 2012 as the best anchor.

Sweta Singh Personal Life, Marriage

Sweta Singh Aaj Tak Salary, Husband, News Anchor, Wiki, AgeSweta Singh has given the perfect mix of glamour and style with some serious reading and added spice magic to the profession. The biography has got readers acquainted with Sweta Singh’s career details but no information has ever been provided about Sweta Singh contact details and Sweta Singh personal details.

The strong and talented lady has showcased her talent in media and journalism and there have been no rumors about Sweta Singh love affairs and Sweta Singh love life. However it there have been some news about Sweta Singh personal life and about Sweta Singh husband.

Sources have also revealed that Sweta Singh marriage has taken place a couple of years earlier but there has been no focus on husband of Sweta Singh and on Sweta Singh husband name. According to sources she enjoys a placid and peaceful family life and there have been no posts on Sweta Singh controversy about Sweta Singh relationships and Sweta Singh linkups or even about Sweta Singh breakups.

She is a well-balanced lady and extremely focussed on her career. Her dynamic personality speaks a lot and hence petty gossips about Sweta Singh boyfriend and Sweta Singh marriage does not make much sense. She is the leading Indian women epitomizing modernity and glamour who can conquer the world with her talent and will and define style and personality in a new way.