Rupi Kaur Images, Poems on Menstruation, Period Photos, Wedding, TattoosThe contemporary Indo-Canadian poet, and a leader among the contemporary Canadian female poets, Rupi Kaur has become quite a popular figure in the literary world after her first book on prose and poetry, “Milk and Honey” was published in 2015. She is better known among her peers as an “Instapoet” as her main source of popularity has been from the poems and quotes that she had posted online on Instagram. Her poems on Instagram have been instant hits all over the world. This young promising poet, born in India and brought up in Canada, has been dealing with the subjects of femininity, violence, love, loss, and abuse in her poetic creations. She has already made a mark in the world of poets as being a feminist poet and one of the most famous Canadian female poets, making her point for violence against womenfolk in most of her writings.

Rupi Kaur Family Background, Age, Education, Wiki

Born in the north western state of Punjab in India, Rupi Kaur’s family shifted to Toronto, Canada when she was only 4 years of age. Thus she hails from a family background that has a mix of Indian traditions and western thoughts. Her parents, especially her mother, a big influence in Rupi’s life, had always provided encouragement to her in being creative. Rupi has learnt to paint from a very early age.

Rupi Kaur age is 24 years and her date of birth being 5 October 1992. Rupi had started creating verses for her friends and crushes in school, and had started getting them messages and best poems written in her very own words. The author Rupi pursued her studies in Canada throughout, going for college education and then to the University of Waterloo, Ontario where she got herself a degree in Rhetoric and Professional Writing.

Rupi, a new promise among the female writers in Canada, along with her parents and four siblings currently reside at Brampton in Ontario, where they have finally settled after a lot of shifting residence from one place to another in and around Canada.

Rupi Kaur Career in Poetry and Literature

The social media networks like Instagram and Tumblr have been the platforms where the Indo-Canadian nationality borne Rupi started her early career and debuted as a poet and writer. She has always invited controversy by writing about subjects that are still looked upon as social taboo. Her most notable work on the Instagram is her photo-essay on menstruation. It is a beautiful creation – a visual poetry that challenges the taboos associated till date with menstruation.

Apart from topics revolving round subtle feminine issues, Rupi’s subject matters also include heartbreak, love, abuse and femininity. A few of her selected work are on the International Women’s Day. Some of her feminist quotes as well as quotes on love have set the world thinking as they express the truth is clear words.

Rupi Kaur – ‘Milk and Honey’, the First Book

The leading among the Canadian female authors, Rupi’s first attempt at creating masterpieces of literature outside of the social websites has been with the “Milk and Honey” book which she has published herself on Amazon in 2014. However, the popularity of the book was instantaneous and it attracted publisher Andrews McNeel to do a second print on the book in October 2015. “Milk and Honey” is a collection of some brilliant pieces of poetry, illustration, quotes, and prose pieces. The book has four distinct chapters, each dealing with a separate theme altogether.

The titles of the parts are also very catchy. Each part deals with a different purpose and a different pain and has the power of healing a different heartbreak altogether. You can get a grip on your life after you have gone through the lessons in this book.

  • The Hurting
  • The Loving
  • The Heartbreaking
  • The Healing

The book has received a lot of accolades and has remained a best-selling book in Canada on Amazon for a considerable period, along with such renowned literary figure like Margaret Atwood. The book has also been among Amazon’s bestselling poetry books and ranked second. Its popularity can be fathomed from the interesting fact that it remained on the top-seller list of the New York Times for not less than 25 weeks.

The sale figures of the book as in October 2016 lie at an astounding 500,000 copies. The poet says that it is a book on survival, as it shares experiences in femininity, loss, love and abuse. The success of the book has inspired Rupi to go for more creations of her inspirational and bitter-true poems. Two more books are in the air, to be published by Andrews McNeel Publishing and Schuster Canada. The first one is expected by the end of this year only.

Rupi Kaur Writing Style, Inspirations in Life

The famous feminist poet Rupi has been rightly tagged as a poet whose poems on menstruation and other writings should be read by every woman. The poems, many of them attacking the menstrual taboo, are honest and unbiased in their outlook and talks about the common day to day experiences of most of the women throughout the globe.

The poet of these inspiring creations has herself drawn her inspirations from writers like Virginia Woolf, Anais Nin and Warsan Shire, as is known from Rupi Kaur wiki. We also come to know from her Twitter account that Rupi has a very special writing style in lowercase only, using only periods as punctuation marks. She revealed that this has been done to pay her tribute to the Gurmukhi script of her birthplace and also reflects the equality of letters.

Rupi Kaur Love Life, Marriage Plans

The good-looking Rupi Kaur is still single as she is not in a relationship with anyone. She has a promise of a very long way to go in her poetic career and her marriage still not in the air. This beautiful lady has a great promise in her love life as well, as many young men all over the world would happily want to be called her boyfriend. We still have to wait to know about the husband of Rupi Kaur.

Rupi Kaur Upcoming Books and Events, Net Worth

Rupi Kaur has been called the “Voice of Her Generation”. She has been rebellious once when one of her period photo on Instagram featuring her with menstrual blood stains visible, was removed from Instagram. She declared that it was just the issue that she was fighting against – ‘Destigmatising the Taboos of Menstruation’.

Instagram later re-posted the photo with period stains and duly apologized. With one book, that too, the debut one breaking the charts and two more new books coming up, Rupi’s net worth is already soaring. The world is waiting for more of this menstruation-themed photo series artist’s notable works to come.