Varun Agarwal Devika, Girlfriend, Alma Mater Wiki, Books, FamilyVarun Agarwal is an Indian entrepreneur, film maker and author, popularly known as the Alma Mater founder. At a very young age, he has accomplished great things and entrepreneur Varun Agarwal biography will talk about them. He has done very different works such as being an author, a film maker, and of course, an entrepreneur, and so Varun Agarwal entrepreneur profile is diverse and amazing. He was only a graduate student when he founded his first company and then began the journey of Varun Agarwal as film-maker, and over the years, it has been much appreciated. This young and inspiring author of “How I Braved Anu Aunty” has reached such heights that each one of us want to. This Varun Agarwal author biography will discuss about various aspects of his life and track down his journey.

Varun Agarwal Age, Personal Details

Born in the year 1987, Varun Agarwal date of birth is 6th December and so Varun Agarwal age is merely 27 years. As reported, Varun Agarwal family is a well-educated one which explains that why Varun Agarwal education was so important for him to make a good career. Although Varun Agarwal wiki talks very briefly about his career and accomplishments, we will be having a detailed look at them. Even though nothing much is known about Varun Agarwal personal life, but as it turns out, Varun Agarwal parents brought up an extremely talented and genius son.

He was born in Bangalore and so Varun Agarwal birthplace is the capital of Karnataka, which tells us why he has that South Indian touch. To speak of Varun Agarwal height, he is approximately 5 inch 7 feet. However, Varun Agarwal images make him look a lot more stunning.

Career of Varun Agarwal as an Author

Having multiple talents, Varun Agarwal best-selling book called “How I Braved Anu Aunty” and co-founded a “Million Dollar Company”, drew him a lot of attention. Since then he is famous as “How I Braved Anu Aunty” author name and some people also like to call him as co-founder of “Million Dollar Company” due to the engaging story he tells in his book. He is the sole author of this book and it is the only book on the list of Varun Agarwal books as of now.

Ever since the book released, people have been waiting for Varun Agarwal next book which might be a sequel to the first one. But it looks like that Varun Agarwal first book will be the only book we have from him until the launch of Varun Agarwal new book is announced. His avid readers were now interested to know more about “How I Braved Anu Aunty” author and hunted him by searching for “How I Braved Anu Aunty” author profile and pics. For a little more information, he is the fan of Tahereh Mafi as far as writers are concerned.

Varun Agarwal Career as a Film-maker

Even though Varun Agarwal first job was more like a training, Varun Agarwal first project as a film maker with the formation of a short film, and then there was no looking back. To write the film-maker Varun Agarwal biography, one must understand that his channel on YouTube has received lots of love and popularity from the viewers at a very young stage of his career.

In his college days, Varun Agarwal “Last Minute Films” was the first company that he started. After this, his career took off and he became the “Million Dollar Company” founder that is a production house. When LMF happened, Varun Agarwal first film was during his engineering college days. And with his rising success, people were more and more intrigued by “Million Dollar Company” founder wiki so as to gather more information about him.

Varun Agarwal Ad Films, Projects

His Indie film production company is a success and produces Varun Agarwal ad films and other corporate stuff. The corporate world is always looking out for Varun Agarwal next movie, but as of now, we cannot talk about Varun Agarwal upcoming movies. This is due to the fact that Varun Agarwal next project is announced only after it is ready to be out in market.

Even though we do not have information about Varun Agarwal upcoming projects, we can still talk about his previous works in film-maker Varun Agarwal biography. He is best known for the time when Varun Agarwal and A. R Rahman were working together whereby Varun directed the latter. He also had the chance to create a Varun Agarwal Preity Zinta movie and he says that this was one of the best experiences of his life. This was even better when Varun Agarwal Karan Johar movie name came out for release.

Varun Agarwal Career as an Entrepreneur

Even though there are not too much author Varun Agarwal personal details, we still have his career as an entrepreneur to talk about. As an entrepreneur, Varun’s role models are Google’s founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. To start with it, Varun Agarwal entrepreneur bio-data is filled with accomplishments and distinct works. It was when Varun Agarwal and Rohn Malhotra co-founded a company called “Alma Mater” which manufactured T-shirts with their school’s name on it.

However, it eventually enlarged and today Varun Agarwal “Alma Mater” is the biggest supplier in India of printed T-shirts and similar products. He gained lots of pride and honour as the founder of alma mater store and his life journey is now embarked with such greatness. With all of the works he has done, Varun Agarwal net worth comes out to be in Crores.

Varun Agarwal Devika Relationship

Being a youth and a public figure, it is implied that talks about Varun Agarwal love affairs were plenty. This handsome young guy was always in the news for Varun Agarwal love life and the discussions that took place about Varun Agarwal girlfriend. Things got a little steamy when Varun named a girl Devika in his book and narrated a romantic affair with her. Allegedly, she was his senior at school and believed to be girlfriend of Varun Agarwal.

However, another Varun Agarwal controversy broke out when some people questioned that is Varun Agarwal Devika real or if it was just an imaginary character in his book. Since then, Varun Agarwal Devika relationship has always been a mystery and so has been Varun Agarwal girlfriend name, in reality. There has been no source to trace Varun Agarwal relationships and nothing is ever known about Varun Agarwal breakups. However, it looks like Varun Agarwal dating Devika gossip was only true in the book and not for real.

Varun Agarwal Marriage Gossips

If he’s not dating, then is Varun Agarwal married? Well, no he’s not. But we’re sure that we would at least get to know about Varun Agarwal marriage and of course, about Varun Agarwal wife if not his girlfriend. As soon as Varun Agarwal wedding date is out, it can be checked out on Varun Agarwal website and also stay updated via Varun Agarwal blog by following him. You can also find Varun Agarwal contact details on his website and enjoy the great Varun Agarwal quotes for inspiration.