Shatter Me Author Tahereh Mafi Images, Wiki, Books, Quotes, AgeTahereh Mafi is an American writer and a bestselling author. As a writer, Tahereh Mafi author profile is quite impressive, given her age and the success she has already achieved. Quite often people intend to write author Tahereh Mafi biography but her intellect and talent cannot be beaded into enough words. In fact, much to the surprise of everyone, even Tahereh Mafi wiki hasn’t said much apart from her basic details and unmatchable skills. A lot of times Tahereh Mafi quotes prove to be just enough to suffice the situations where words fall short. The best of works of this young lady include Tahereh Mafi unravel me series which comes out to be an international bestseller. People are often intrigued as to what is bestselling New York Times author name, and the stats show that over the previous year, Tahereh Mafi shatter me series and her New York Times’ works have gained her much attention.

Writer Tahereh Mafi Age, Personal Details

Numerous times efforts have been made to extract New York Times author Tahereh Mafi personal details but not enough has ever been abstracted. Her low profile nature and introvert behaviour has always left people wondering about her. In fact, this conservative lady has never even revealed the exact Tahereh Mafi date of birth, and only her birth year (1988) has been known. This makes Tahereh Mafi age to be merely 26 years.

Nothing much could ever be highlighted about Tahereh Mafi family background, but all that is known is that she is the youngest child in the family and has four older brothers. To talk about Tahereh Mafi birthplace, she was born in a small town of Connecticut in USA which makes Tahereh Mafi nationality to be American. Media has always found Tahereh Mafi personal life to be discreet and so; all that we have of her is Tahereh Mafi bestselling books.

While writing the biography of USA Today author Tahereh Mafi, people often look for facts like Tahereh Mafi height and other personal details of her; however, the talent that she possesses is simply incomparable and that should be the only thing that should intrigue her fans. Although, people who admire her work and respect her skill would want to know more about her career journey in Shatter Me author Tahereh Mafi biography.

Writing Career of Tahereh Mafi

Inspiring millions of young female authors, this lady has her name in the top list of adult fiction authors. However, she is more than just that. This young adult author of Shatter Me, Tahereh Mafi started off her writing career in the year 2011 when her first novel “Shatter Me” was published. On this benign book, Tahereh Mafi Shatter Me movie was also made and so, Tahereh Mafi first book became immortal.

Of all Tahereh Mafi novels, people have always loved her debut novel the most. However, her fans have been eagerly waiting for Tahereh Mafi next book after her immensely loved Shatter Me series. However, destroy me by Tahereh Mafi was the one loved by most in particular. After her first novel, Tahereh Mafi writer bio-data includes subsequent novels like Unravel Me, Destroy Me, Ignite Me, and Fracture Me. All of this success when combined together makes Tahereh Mafi net worth quite impressive.

However, millions of eyes are waiting for the next Tahereh Mafi new series of novels that would be just as loved as Shatter Me. Nothing can be definitely said about Tahereh Mafi upcoming books, but indeed, Tahereh Mafi literary agent will do as good a job as he did previously. Rest, response of the new books can be followed on Tahereh Mafi website quite easily.

Tahereh Mafi Best Selling Books

Till date, she has written 5 novels all of which account as top 5 books by Tahereh Mafi, given their genre of writing. When translated in Polish, Shatter Me series are better named as Tahereh Mafi Dar Julli and is loved by readers all over the globe. One can easily find Tahereh Mafi book list on the web, but there is nothing better than seeing her in person at Tahereh Mafi book signing ceremonies. But to confront the truth, Tahereh Mafi tour dates aren’t released until the end time, and it always comes as a surprise to her fans. How much her fans love her can be visibly seen at Tahereh Mafi Twitter profile which was flooded with fan messages on Tahereh Mafi Ignite Me release date (4th February, 2014).

Despite of her fame amongst the youth, there is no Tahereh Mafi awards list as of now; but sure there are some nominations. The book nerds were left with utter excitement when Tahereh Mafi and Veronica Roth were on a tour to Canada. However, Tahereh Mafi all books are as loved as books by Veronica Roth. In fact, Tahereh Mafi top 5 books are all her books and she’s the modern Shakespeare for the young.

Personal Life of Tahereh Mafi

Tahereh Mafi Husband Ransom Riggs Wedding Pics, Pregnant, ChildrenThere have been several occasions where Tahereh Mafi love life has been publicly discussed. However, most of Tahereh Mafi love affairs have proven to be baseless. Today, she’s married to co-worker, and Tahereh Mafi husband name is Ransom Riggs who is also an author. Fans and media were always wondering about Tahereh Mafi boyfriend, but soon the question turned to is Tahereh Mafi married with Ransom Riggs? Well, the answer is Yes.

To add cherry on the cake, Tahereh Mafi husband Ransom Riggs is also a book writer which makes the two perfect for each other. However, as it is the habit of media, several Tahereh Mafi Ransom Riggs divorce rumors were out soon after Tahereh Mafi marriage in 2013. But they all came out to be baseless. Before that, news about Tahereh Mafi dating Ransom Riggs was also entertained.

For the fans of the two, Tahereh Mafi wedding pics can be searched on the web and a lot more can be known about Tahereh Mafi Ransom Riggs love story which will touch the heart of the millions. Although, rumours of Tahereh Mafi Ransom Riggs engaged were out a long time before it was actually true. Well, all’s well that ends well.

As regards the future, her fans are expecting to see Tahereh Mafi pregnant really soon as to discover whether Tahereh Mafi children will be adopting the writing genes of both the parents.

For more about Ransom Riggs, Tahereh Mafi husband age and profession can be looked up on the web and also for the latest Tahereh Mafi husband profile and photos. While Tahereh Mafi hot images are less seen of, her writing says it all for her.