Whatsapp Founder Jan Koum Biography, Net WorthThe incredibly fast grown app on all Android smartphones, Whatsapp was propelled by the American internet wizard Jan Koum. He is the co-founder of this social networking brilliant app Whatsapp and had geared the era with the lucrative notion of messaging application conglomerated with sharing of photos and videos. Whatsapp founder name Jan Koum is uttered with great reverence especially among all ignited youngsters for whom life has become amazingly easy and modish with the presence of Whatsapp. It has connected people worldwide with free messaging and photos sharing service with the minimal balance of net packs. Whatsapp founder Jan Koum biography has stirred many Quiz questions and he has become a popular figure in GK books and quiz shows. Whatsapp founder Brian Acton and Jan Koum have contributed for the success of this enticing app and have thus eased the messaging service all across the globe. The American entrepreneur and Computer Engineer Jan Koum have set an ambience of technological panache with the advent of the idea of Whatsapp.

Jan Koum Age and Family Background

Jan Koum along with Brian Acton is the CEO and co-founder of Whatsapp. He has been acclaimed as a prodigious personality with regards to technology and computer wisdom. He was born in Ukraine and Jan Koum date of birth is February 24th, 1976. Whatsapp founder age is 38 years which is Jan Koum age and Brian Acton age is 42 years currently. Jan Koum has acquired citizenship of America and inspite of Jan Koum nationality being from Ukraine.

Jan Koum was a born Jewish and he had grown up in Fastiv which was in the outskirts of Ukraine. Hence Jan Koum religion is Judaism and Jan Koum family background was not very opulent and his parents strived hard for their daily bread. is Jan Koum Jewish was a question raised owing to his American citizenship but his native roots were deep situated in Ukraine. His mother initially worked as a baby sitter and Jan worked as a cleaner at a nearby grocery store. His father stayed away from the family and later intended to join them.

Jan Koum Wiki and Education

Jan Koum had a struggling childhood and he did not enjoy a lavish life like other kids. He had a deep penchant for programming and he later enrolled himself at the San Jose State University. This offered an opportunity to promote Jan Koum education but he simultaneously worked as a security tester at Ernst and Youngas while pursuing his education.

Whatsapp founder wiki talks about Whatsapp founder history, Jan Koum wiki, his career and professional advancements that ultimately led to the dawn of this mammoth application Whatsapp. Though he had spent a difficult childhood but he has emerged gigantically successful with the launch of Whatsapp which was acquired by Facebook Inc. for US$19 Billion in 19th February, 2014.

Whatsapp Owner Jan Koum Career

Jan Koum was hired by the esteemed organization Yahoo in the year 1997 where he worked an infrastructure engineer. He met the co-founder of Whatsapp Brian Acton when he joined Ernst And Youngas. They left Yahoo in the year 2007 and both had applied at Facebook and Twitter. Much to the dismay Whatsapp founder rejected by Facebook and Twitter and they failed. In the year 2009 they brought an iPhone and embarked on the notion of this free messaging service Whatsapp.

Jan Koum had mainly come up with this ignited idea but Brian Acton supported it equally that together incorporated the Whatsapp app. People started pondering who is the founder of Whatsapp and is Jan Koum the founder of Whatsapp. But biography of Whatsapp owner Jan Koum speaks it all about the inspiration and motivation behind the launch of Whatsapp. Whatsapp was finally incorporated a week after Koum’s birthday in the year 2009.

Jan Koum Success Story

Jan Koum who has emerged colossally prominent with the launch of Whatsapp Messenger had marked the splendor of technological advancement with this messaging network that connects millions of people all around the globe with their pals and family. Jan Koum and Brian Acton were the brain child behind the success of this incredible app. They both were former employees at the giant hub Yahoo.

Whatsapp founder and CEO Jan Koum profile is now marked with grandeur as the messaging app has reached more than 400 million active users all around the world who share nearly 700 million photos and videos along with regular texts accounting to more than 10 billion, in this Android app. Jan Koum success story is evident from this quick and mammoth growth of this user-friendly app which is now the need and greed in every Android smartphone. In spite of Jan Koum drop out from San Jose State University he has emerged prodigiously successful and set an epitome of intellect for all aspiring technological minds.

The success of Whatsapp has also accentuated Jan Koum net worth which is US$ 6.3 Billion as recorded in March 2014. Even Brian Acton has been benefitted equally and Whatsapp founder net worth has touched soaring high numbers in billion. Jan Koum Forbes cover was yet another mark of appreciation for his achievement. Jan Koum has truly set an example for everyone to make an innovative mark in this trade and has especially inspired Indian computer wizards like Ankit Fadia.

Jan Koum Personal Life

Jan Koum has become an iconic figure after the incorporation of Whatsapp Inc. in the year 2009. Whatsapp billionaire Jan Koum personal details are also a matter of interest for some readers who are anxious about his complete biography. Facts about Whatsapp founder Jan Koum reveal about Jan Koum life history and Whatsapp owner images which are posted on internet websites. News about Jan Koum upcoming projects had also stormed media for a certain span but he has not yet unveiled any of his future intentions so far.

Rumors and gossips had also been fuelled about Jan Koum girlfriend name and Jan Koum wife name. The gossips mongers have left no stone unturned in victimizing this elite technology wizard spreading rumors about Whatsapp owner Indian. They had also spread blazing rumors about Jan Koum girlfriend gossips which was accelerated by Jan Koum Evelina Mambetova love affairs rumors. It has been rumored that Ukrainian model Evelina Mambetova is the leading lady in Jan Koum’s life.

The girl makes an amazing 5’11’’ frame with mesmerizing looks and appearance. His growing intimacy with the model has also flared up questions like is Jan Koum married. Thankfully no rumors about Jan Koum kids have stormed the media. Jan Koum has been the sensational talk for his achievements but Jan Koum contact info has not been disclosed though he can be contacted in Jan Koum Blog and Jan Koum Facebook profile. Jan Koum enjoys his celebrity status and he relishes his dream intending to make it even bigger.