Travis Kalanick Girlfriend Violin, Uber CEO Net Worth, Wedding, Wife PicsTravis Kalanick is a well-known American young entrepreneur CEO, and the great man behind the Uber cabs transportation. He earned a great fame and name as the co-founder and CEO of Uber cab and is right now one of the billionaire and a successful businessman. Being an American Travis is a successful and experienced serial entrepreneur and attained great heights at a very young age. Uber cab founder Travis Kalanick biography stands as an example to the people who are striving to earn a better image in the world. Uber cab CEO wiki can be explored as a brilliant entrepreneur through hard work and a successful business person.

Travis Kalanick Family and Personal Details

Going into Travis Kalanick personal details is interesting and enthusiastic. Travis Kalanick date of birth is August 6, 1976 and his full name is Travis Cordell Kalanick. He has born in Los Angeles, California. Travis Kalanick age is 38 and his success stories are lessons for every upcoming business entrepreneur. Founder of Uber cab Travis Kalanick nationality is American.

According to the details of Travis Kalanick family background his family belongs to Catholic with Czech and Austrian roots. Travis Kalanick parents are Bonnie Kalanick and Donald Edward Kalanick. His mother worked in Los Angeles Daily News for retail advertising. His father was a Civil Engineer. Travis Kalanick has a brother named Cory, working as a firefighter and two half-sisters. Travis Kalanick height and other personal statistics are not specified anywhere.

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick Education, Wiki

Travis Kalanick education was completed with computer engineering (UCLA) from University of California, Los Angeles. He graduated from Granada Hills High School. Making a view in Travis Kalanick personal life, currently he lives in San Francisco, California, United States. In the childhood, he dreamt to become a spy. But he has reached in a good position just like the Ola Cabs founder, CEO Bhavish Aggarwal.

Travis Kalanick efforts made everybody know Uber cab founder name after he started the transportation business in 2009. Travis Kalanick success story is worthy of reading and one can know how qualification, efficiency and hard work help an individual. Travis Kalanick career is the best example of people who like to know how to get succeeded in life with great achievement.

Travis Kalanick Awards and Honors

Travis Kalanick is interested in speaking at conferences and business events. He participates in the meetings of TechCrunch Disrupt, Tech Cocktail, DLD, and LeWeb for delivering his speeches. His honors and Awards include MIT Technology Review TR35 – 2001 as Top technology innovators under 35 and Technology Pioneer in World Economic Forum in 2005. Travis Kalanick profession exhibits his inner strengths and abilities that are dragged out to get success.

Travis Kalanick Forbes Appreciation

Travis Kalanick Uber taxi CEO bio data has been well versed with his business minded thinking. Travis Kalanick Forbes recognition is very prestigious for him when he is selected for two consecutive years. He is selected at the 190th position in the Forbes list of the 400 richest Americans in the year of 2014. He is in the news for the year 2015, as he was selected as the 96th billionaire out of 283 billionaires in United States. He is in the 35th position in the richest Tech people which is much esteemed in his life.

Travis Kalanick Business, Entrepreneurship and Achievements

Travis Kalanick profile of becoming a prominent business entrepreneur has taken important step towards success when he took a dropout from ULCA in 1998. Travis Kalanick first job as a co-founder was begun with his own business along with his schoolmates.

Travis Kalanick first project Scour Inc Company was started to provide multimedia search engine with peer-to-peer file exchange services of first generation. It was the first multimedia search engine ever. The company ran for two years after it was closed owing to bankruptcy.

Travis Kalanick next project Red Swoosh was started in January 2001 with same internet technologies as the founder and CEO of the company. The products of Red Swoosh offer services for broadband entertainment and video deliveries with high band width and speed.

Travis Kalanick business was running well and it is the largest Data Grid in the world with more than 200,000 machines simultaneously connected. The company was acquired by Akamai Technologies in April 2007 for $19 million. Travis Kalanick took the position of Head of P2P Initiatives for one year up to 2008. Travis Kalanick has become a great entrepreneur like SpaceX Founder Elon Musk.

Travis Kalanick, the Attraction of Uber

Biography of Uber cab CEO Travis Kalanick became improved with his stride towards new ideas of transportation network. Travis Kalanick new project Uber has been started in June 2009 with services of transportation, consumer internet, and enterprise content delivery. The company is the joint venture with Garrett Camp, another co-founder. He blended the business innovation with disruptive technology and met urban commute challenges.

Uber Company follows three employee policy in every city it has its operations. It uses mobile applications to connect passengers with drivers for allocating vehicles and ridesharing services. Uber has its operations in 58 countries and in more than 300 cities around the world. He is maintaining 14 personal investments spread over 10 companies more.

As a part of his success journey Travis Kalanick and Chris Sacca met each other and right now Sacca is an investor of Uber. There are several wonderful moments and chances which were appropriately utilized by Mr. Kalanick due to which he earned a better position. His business achievements are innumerable and he used all his sources exactly without spending the bucks over a lavish and a luxurious life. The Uber transportation was the idea of a friend who planned to serve people by providing the best taxi services at much affordable price.

Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp owe the pride of starting the company. In the same way the CEO of Uber Travis Kalanick and Shervin Pishevar who is banker have a better relation and are by times located in parties, it is fact that Kalanick met Gabi Holzwarth with whom he was dating the party organized by Pishevar.

Travis Kalanick Controversy

Along with the success stories there are a few controversies around the bright business personality which made him famous. Travis Kalanick controversy is his flashy statements along with a few typical steps and a businessman which turned the passionate entrepreneur. One of the controversial features was in the US, that anybody with or without an authentication can sign in as a driver on the app and take the business lead. It was turned out to be a threat to the New York’s taxi service.

Travis Kalanick Publicity

Through the Travis Kalanick wiki we can understand that Travis Kalanick net worth is nearly US$6 billion. His wordings “as an entrepreneur I try to push the limits. Pedal to the metal” signifies his dedication towards his work and reaching the goals. Travis Kalanick life history reveals that nobody must step back anyway and look forward for winning the goals. Travis Kalanick latest news was published on the internet wishing him on his birthday on August 6th, 2015, explaining the man behind the world’s most valued startup, Uber.

Travis Kalanick on the Internet

Travis Kalanick twitter profile @travisk has millions of followers with so many tweets every day. Travis Kalanick contact details can be found on his profiles on many websites. He can be contacted on Travis Kalanick email id He has his personal page travis-kalanic on Crunchbase website. Uber cab founder Pics can be seen on the net in his existence of meetings and Travis Kalanick images in Instagram.

The company has been started its services in major cities of India. Travis Kalanick blog can be followed for latest news and discussions about Travis Kalanick upcoming projects. Uber cab founder wiki can be found on his LinkedIn profile and check his qualifications and attainments. Travis Kalanick interviews have been published on the websites like along with videos.

Travis Kalanick Love Affairs, Relationships, Marriage

Travis Kalanick love affairs are not much to say about as he is particularly involved in his professional life. But girlfriend of Travis Kalanick came into limelight in an award ceremony in 2015. Travis Kalanick girlfriend is Gabi Holzwarth, who is a violinist, product intern at Shyp, and Huffington Post writer. She is very talented like American Sportscaster and TV Host Heidi Watney.

Travis Kalanick dating Gabi Holzwarth since he met her at a party hosted by Shervin Pishevar. Travis Kalanick love life with her encouraged her to put up anxiety and eating disorder of her from which she was suffering from long time. Travis Kalanick Gabi Holzwarth relationship is strong and she says that he is very supportive and saved her life from battling with disorders in life. It seems that she would be a better one in the world to be Travis Kalanick wife as she deserves it.

Travis Kalanick marriage is not announced yet. It is true that there will be no Travis Kalanick Gabi Holzwarth breakup and they will lead successful life together. We should wait for the news of Travis Kalanick married to Gobi Holzwarth and watch Travis Kalanick wedding photos very soon.