Priya Malik Husband Pics, Hot Images, Bhushan Malik Wedding, Big Brother FamePriya Malik is a popular Indian based, Australian resident, mainly known for her comedy. However, Priya Malik profession is of a teacher where she teaches in a high school in Australia. Given her personality, it would be hard for many to perceive Priya Malik as teacher, but the fact is that she is. Currently, she is in news for being the latest wild card entrant in the Bigg Boss house, and so, this “Bigg Boss 9” contestant Priya Malik biography will be featured on her. While there is no end to Priya Malik controversies, it is amazing that “Bigg Boss 9” gossips started about her way before she entered into the show. This biography of Priya Malik by Youth Developers will emphasize on Priya Malik personal life as well as her professional career.

Priya Malik Age, Family, Wiki

Born in Dehradun, India, Priya Malik nationality is Indian. Priya Malik date of birth is 16th July, 1987, therefore, as of now, Priya Malik age is 28 years. Speaking of Priya Malik height, she is approximately 5 feet and 4 inches. Priya Malik wiki revolve around various controversies as she always likes to remain in the limelight.

While Priya Malik hot pics may not reveal the fact that Priya Malik family background is of the rich heritage of India, hot Priya Malik images have managed to gather her lots of fans. On the other hand, Priya Malik parents belong to the small town of Dehradun.

Professional Career of Priya Malik

Of all the amazing interesting facts about Priya Malik, the first one is that she is a teacher. As per Priya Malik school teacher bio data, she completed her Master’s degree in Australia. If one looks at Priya Malik Twitter account, it is evident that Priya Malik comedy fame is much bigger in Australia than in India. She is deeply inspired by Indian comedy artist Neeti Palta. However, it is still hard to discuss anything about Priya Malik net worth.

There are news that Priya Malik upcoming TV shows will be on air soon in India, but it is uncertain that what kind of work she will do. In any case, Priya Malik new look is always a delight to watch. Some of her fans are also hoping to see Priya Malik movies so it is essential that Priya Malik Bollywood debut happens soon.

Priya Malik in Bigg Boss 9

Ever since Priya Malik first TV show released on air, Priya Malik scandals have been surrounding her. She was one of the top four finalists in Priya Malik in “Big Brother” Australia and grew to fame soon enough. However, “Bigg Boss 9” contestant name is now much more popular in India as she is known for her weird activities in the Bigg Boss house.

The scene where Priya Malik urinates in a bottle was one of the most off putting things in the Bigg Boss house. It wasn’t enough that Priya Malik pees in a car, the controversy was further given rise when Priya Malik threw her pee on Kishwer Merchant. This was possibly one of the most disgusting things in the history of Bigg Boss.

Also, the abusive fight between Priya Malik Rochelle Rao was also a great source of entertainment for the viewers. Further, talks about Priya Malik and Prince Narula have been doing rounds in the Bigg Boss House, owing to Priya Malik dirty talks with the latter.

Priya Malik Marriage, Husband

Given that she is such a socialite, the talks about Priya Malik love affairs are nothing new. In fact, she has been very open about Priya Malik love life. Back in the days when Priya Malik dating Bhushan Malik news came out, it was astonishing to everyone as no one had thought that he would be Priya Malik boyfriend.

In the year 2008, “Bigg Boss 9” contestant Priya Malik married Bhushan Malik and since then, Priya Malik husband name has also become a social name. Priya Malik wedding date is not known exactly, it is known that Priya Malik Bhushan Malik relationship became official in the year 2008.

Not much is known about the husband of teacher Priya Malik but it is evident that Bhushan Malik Priya Malik love story is an inspirational one. Well, as it turns out, “Bigg Boss 9” contestant Priya Malik husband has a lot of patience. Talks about Priya Malik Bhushan Malik age difference have been doing the rounds in the media, but then again, Priya Malik pregnant talks have also been in the news. Let’s see when Priya Malik children come in the world.