Sneha Kapoor Husband Photos, Wedding, Dancer Hot Images, Quits D3, ChildrenThe industry for dancers is growing larger. And their demand is also increasing. Most people seeking employment or a career in this field have claimed time and again that there is work for everyone. Popular reality TV shows have become quite the source of entertainment. Earlier it was singing competitions but now it’s dancing. Towards that we will be discussing the choreographer Sneha Kapoor biography. She is new in the making; Sneha Kapoor hot pics have become very popular. Sneha Kapoor personal life will be revealed in the section. Sneha Kapoor dance institute is a dream as of now. To find out more about Sneha Kapoor love affairs read on.

Choreographer Sneha Kapoor Age, Family, Wiki

The biography of dancer Sneha Kapoor mentions that Sneha Kapoor family background is very ordinary. She belongs from Bangalore and is Indian. Sneha Kapoor parents are very proud of her as she is known as the “Princess of Salsa”. The choreographer Sneha Kapoor age is 29.

Sneha Kapoor height is that of any other average Indian woman i.e. around 5 feet 4 inches. The dancer Sneha Kapoor date of birth is 18 April, 1986. The choreographer Sneha Kapoor wiki also states that Sneha Kapoor completed her education from Bangalore itself.

Sneha Kapoor Dance Performances, TV Shows

Sneha Kapoor dance performances are internationally famous. Sneha Kapoor TV shows include “Just Dance”, “Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa” season 5, “Dil Dosti Dance” and Perfect Bride. Sneha Kapoor is mostly known as a dancer than an actor. Sneha Kapoor choreographer profile is full of awards mentions. Sneha Kapoor first dance performance was way before 2006. Sneha Kapoor first TV serial is called “Dil Dosti Dance”.

Sneha Kapoor plays the role f a dance student in “Dil Dosti Dance”. Sneha Kapoor is known as the princess of salsa dance. Sneha Kapoor and Vrushika Mehta were co-stars in the Serial that they were both a part of. So were Sneha Kapoor and Shakti Mohan. Fans will get to see Sneha Kapoor and Raftaar dancing to various styles and tunes in “Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Reloaded”. Sneha Kapoor has also choreographed in a few Bollywood and South Indian movies.

Sneha Kapoor Dance Institute, Movies

Sneha Kapoor Bollywood debut was in Madhur Bhandarkar’s Heroine where she choreographed a song. Sneha Kapoor has also choreographed pieces in just dance. Sneha Kapoor had participated in did season 3 and Sneha Kapoor dance studio is known as SKI which stands for Sneha Kapoor Institute. It is very difficult to say which one is Sneha Kapoor best dance, but she has received many international awards for her choreography and performances on foreign soil.

The piece that Sneha Kapoor and Shantanu Maheshwari danced to was an incredibly beautiful one. Sneha Kapoor is teaching dance at present through her institute SKI. Sneha Kapoor had also participated in “Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 5” and now Sneha Kapoor is busy with the functioning of her dance academy.

Sneha Kapoor Love Life, Marriage, Husband

The choreographer Sneha Kapoor love life started when she landed the offer of the TV series which was aired on Channel V. there were many rumors about Sneha Kapoor dating Shantanu Maheshwari but it was not true. The dancer Sneha Kapoor boyfriend is Lavin Gothi. The hot Sneha Kapoor images can make any man jealous of her boyfriend. Sneha Kapoor is very grounded and sweet in real life, and the husband of choreographer Sneha Kapoor is very lucky to have found a dancer in his wife. Sneha Kapoor Lavin Gothi age difference is not much.

Lavin Gothi Sneha Kapoor love story started on the set of “Dil Dosti Dance”. Sneha Kapoor is not yet pregnant, as the couple got married very recently however Sneha Kapoor does plan to have children in the future. Sneha Kapoor husband profile is similar to that of her. He is also a dancer.

Sneha Kapoor Lavin Gothi relationship started through the serial they were acting in after which they dated for 2 years and finally got married. Sneha Kapoor wedding date was an auspicious day for the choreographer Sneha Kapoor to get married. Sneha Kapoor husband name is also quite famous.

Choreographer Sneha Kapoor Latest Buzz

Sneha Kapoor “D3” latest news is that she has quit the show and decided to move on for personal reasons. Sneha Kapoor d3 information mentions that she has not publicly revealed why she plans to quit. Sneha Kapoor twitter has thousands of followers who love her sexy dance moves. Sneha Kapoor got married in a very pretty Saree. Sneha Kapoor personal details are mentioned in the sections above. There are chances that Sneha Kapoor will be soon seen in a new TV show.

Sneha Kapoor live concerts happen on the international dance festivals. Very recently Sneha Kapoor had thrown a grand birthday party for her husband. Sneha Kapoor photo-shoot pictures have Sneha Kapoor flaunting her new look. The dancer Sneha Kapoor net worth is $2.5 million which will increase now that she owns an institute. Sneha Kapoor salsa dancer bio data also mentions that she has broken the world record of the most number of dance flips. The earlier record holder was from UK with 33 flips and she did 39.