Neeti Palta Husband Photos, Stand-up Comedian Hot Pics, Wedding, BoyfriendThe Indian comic circuits lack a female perspective till some time ago, or so they say. But then entered this lady, she had a knack for poking fun at men. Today we will look into the Indian stand-up comedian Neeti Palta biography and try to discover where she gets her funny bones from? Neeti Palta comedian profile is an interesting one but for those you who have seen her in action through one of Neeti Palta comedy shows, they will clearly know that she is a one of the top female Indian comedians and has recently been tagged as one of the most rapidly female trending Indian comedians across the world. Now we will look into Neeti Palta personal life without further ado and will also discuss the rapidly building Neeti Palta net worth.

Comedian Neeti Palta Age, Family, Wiki

The biography of comedian Neeti Palta consists of information about Neeti Palta family background. The comedian Neeti Palta age is not more than 30 and Neeti Palta height is enough to make her look tall. Neeti Palta date of birth should figure somewhere around 1982 and the comedian Neeti Palta wiki will also mention that she hails from a very strict army background. Neeti Palta education happened in Delhi itself.

Neeti Palta hot images are quite unconventional and deviated from the common mainstream images of models. The Indian female comedians are making a mark for themselves all over the world. Neeti Palta first comedy show was “O Teri” although she had already done Neeti Palta first comedy video before that.

Stand-up Comedian Neeti Palta Comedy Shows

There are a number of Neeti Palta comedy videos on YouTube as well as on her personal website which will have you in spits. She has embarked on a number of Neeti Palta comedy tours around the world, performing on demand to corporate groups, comedy fests and international social events. Neeti Palta TV shows are many but among them “O Teri” has gripped everyone’s sensibility.

From Neeti Palta Twitter account we got to know that she left a very well-paying job in advertising to follow her passion and one must admit that she is doing quite well for herself. The Clovia videos of Neeti Palta new comedy series on YouTube are quite hilarious and they address the daily idiosyncrasies that women face in an Indian environment.

Comedian Neeti Palta Comedy Tours

Neeti Palta stand-up comedy is actually very refreshing. She has broken barriers and made a mark for herself. She first went from advertising to writing scripts and then to comedy. Neeti Palta personal details suggest that she has made it large in a competitive environment and believed that women can do anything under the sun. Now we will talk about Neeti Palta love affairs in the next section. Her comedic content is unlike the stuff that female contemporary of the comedic circles Aditi Mittal serves her audience and it would be interesting to see them perform together.

The dates for Neeti Palta next comedy tour are not out yet but you can look at the comedian Neeti Palta bio data for the time being to find us what kind of comedy she doles out. Neeti Palta upcoming comedy shows is bound to contain some content on men because that’s her favorite kind. Looking at Neeti Palta photos one is unlikely to think she is a comedian.

Comedian Neeti Palta Love Life, Marriage

Neeti Palta relationships are many but maybe not romantic. Because one of her friend’s blog post suggests that comedian Neeti Palta love life is not planned to take off ever. The comedian Neeti Palta boyfriend could have been a boy named Rahul but she had refused pointblank. And that was the first and last of Neeti Palta dating history.

The uncle of this rather funny girl had tried to get comedian Neeti Palta married right after she had completed her post-graduation but he was in no mood to settle and that was the end of setting Neeti Palta wedding date. Sources crop up here and there suggesting that Neeti Palta husband name could have been Rahul but he never got the honor of being the husband of comedian Neeti Palta.

Stand-up Comedian Neeti Palta Latest Buzz

Neeti Palta new look is in vogue. The new lot of contemporary dig the latest hot Neeti Palta pics and she has been turning a lot of heads and making Neeti Palta latest news as people are starting to see her talent and the crowds in Neeti Palta live comedy shows has been increasing in size. It’s a slow but steady walk to the top. Neeti Palta live performances are really enjoyable and toss into the pot Neeti Palta hairstyle and the concoction of Neeti Palta comedy on men, and voila! You got the perfect broth of comedy to tickle your senses.