Aditi Mittal Hot Pics, AIB Video, Comedy Shows, Wiki, BoyfriendAditi Mittal is the first popular comedian of Urban India that has won recognition around the world and changed the thinking of people about women into Humour world. Some people think women are not funny. Aditi Mittal comedian profile will explore her entry into comedy. Many few are aware of Aditi Mittal comedy shows which often goes houseful. Though it is very difficult to do stand ups as all the eyes are on you. She writes consistently on twitter as what other comedians like Megan Amram chose the path for comedy. The most viral Aditi Mittal AIB video became prominent in Youth. She is amongst top 10 Indian female stand-up comedians. There is lot more to be read in Indian stand-up comedian Aditi Mittal biography so go ahead with the following paragraphs.

Aditi Mittal Age, Family, Wiki

Born in Mumbai the official Aditi Mittal date of birth is unknown but her age is estimated to be 29-30 years old. The comedy on Aditi Mittal age was often heard. The outstanding performer Aditi Mittal height is average. The wise cracking jokes required lot of thinking and smart writing that explains Aditi Mittal wiki. Talking about Aditi Mittal parents who have faith in her that one day she will stand on her own.

Aditi Mittal siblings are inspired by her comedy style. The girl has completed education from Canadian University. Aditi Mittal education added value to her profession indirectly. She got immense support from her family. Aditi Mittal family background was inspiring. She looks damn hot with fair tone and black specs. Aditi Mittal hot pics are popular on social media. She is amongst the trending female comedians India.

Comedian Aditi Mittal Career, Comedy Shows

Aditi Mittal started her career not as a regular job but as a social person who likes to crack jokes for friends and relatives. She was a joker for the people who were close to her. But had a strong belief that one day she will do stand up comedy as explained in comedian Aditi Mittal personal details. She loves writing and most of her content for comedy is written by her. Aditi Mittal as writer enjoys making sense with the trending news.

In an interview she spoke about her school days where she used to be the clown in the class and friends greet her for the comic style. Aditi Mittal first job was with the media channel in New York. Then she called off the job and return Mumbai. She was quite fat and worked on daily routine practising hard and gained confidence to speak in front of people. The hot Aditi Mittal images are in demand.

Aditi Mittal first comedy show was “Stand-up Planet” which was most appreciated. She felt times are changing urban women is also participating in humour. Since then demand for Aditi Mittal TV shows increased and she stepped in world of comedy successfully. Aditi Mittal upcoming comedy shows will be released soon. Aditi Mittal new TV show followers are increasing day by day.

Comedian Aditi Mittal TV Shows, Books

Aditi Mittal has been a voice over artist for several films. Aditi Mittal as actress outshone her acting skills. Aditi Mittal movies had a role of witty girl. Her family believes in Bollywood style. Aditi Mittal Bollywood films interest made her more attracted towards comedy. Surely fans are waiting to watch Aditi Mittal upcoming movies. In the past she has worked with Cyrus Broacha and CNN-IBN. The Times of India rewarded her as top 10 Indian hot female comedians. This has surely increased Aditi Mittal net worth in India and overseas.

Aditi Mittal has a habit of observing people around her and almost everything she piles up in her script. Aditi Mittal books on comedy are quite popular and inspired by Simon Cotter. The planning of Aditi Mittal next book is around the corner. Aditi Mittal personal life explains that her father says she is the funniest face on the earth. This is the biggest ever compliment from father to his child that makes biography of standup comedian Aditi Mittal special.

Aditi Mittal Love Life, Marriage Gossips

The people often say never fall in love with witty girl as she won’t take it seriously. This is the reason Aditi Mittal love affairs are hardly known. Not as smooth as Romeo Juliet love angle but Aditi Mittal love life is somehow on track. The hot news of Aditi Mittal boyfriend covered the part of media but soon vanished. She likes to have arranged marriage and Aditi Mittal wedding date decision is left upon her parents. The eccentric fans wanted to know is Aditi Mittal married. Well the fans have to wait to hear the good news.

When asked about Aditi Mittal husband name she replies sarcastically that someone who could bear her comic sense will become husband of comedian Aditi Mittal. The interesting experiences of life can be read in actress Aditi Mittal biography. There are very few female stand-up comedians in India and veteran Aditi Mittal altered the definition of female comedians in Urban Indian. It will take time to hear the news of Aditi Mittal kids. Though she has created her own comic characters that were successful that makes Aditi Mittal comedian bio data strong and worth reading.

Aditi Mittal AIB Controversy

AIB is first of its kind became the first comedy show driven by four bachelors who managed to become popular within a span of 4 years and the only cheaper platform was You Tube channel to showcase their talent. Aditi Mittal AIB roast biography unfolds her journey with the four Musketeers. Aditi Mittal AIB wiki explores her contribution to the show which successfully lay on adult jokes.

She is famous for her character name Mrs Lutchuke who is a sex-expert. She has written many scripts for women centric comedy. Aditi Mittal controversy had positive impact on her comedy as censor board never filed any complaint against her. That’s what makes her stand in hot female stand-up comedians India. She is the grooming comedian and Aditi Mittal comedy videos are available on internet. One can witness Aditi Mittal comic roles and the sense of mixing reality and humour.