Mohsin Hamid Quotes, Moth Somoke, Books, The Reluctant Fundamentalist Author PhotosMohsin Hamid is a Pakistani author but Mohsin Hamid nationality is shared by United Kingdom and Pakistan since 2006. He has prominently written three novels which have been acclaimed as Mohsin Hamid best-selling books and in this Pakistani author Mohsin Hamid biography, Youth Developers will be discussing more about his work and personal life. Little is known about Mohsin Hamid personal life but we have, indeed, tried hard to dig in some deeper. Read on to find out more about him. Mohsin Hamid first book was named Moth Smoke and Mohsin Hamid moth smoke book blew away the reader’s minds in a way like never before. Even though it was a very good work and was launched in the year 2000, it did not turn into one of Mohsin Hamid movies.

Author Mohsin Hamid Age, Personal Details

To start with Mohsin Hamid family background, he comes from a Pakistani family that has found its home in the USA and so Hamid stayed in USA until the age of 9. However, Mohsin Hamid date of birth is not exactly known but about the author Mohsin Hamid age, we can say that he is in his early 40’s. After spending 9 years in USA, Mohsin Hamid parents moved back to Pakistan and he attended his high school there.

By the age of 18, author Mohsin Hamid wiki reveals that the author had once again came back to the USA for further education. This implies that writer Mohsin Hamid education is completed partially in Pakistan and partially in the USA. As his name would suggest, Mohsin Hamid religion is Islam. To know more about Pakistani writer Mohsin Hamid personal details, check out Mohsin Hamid website.

Writing Career of Mohsin Hamid

It would be a shame to Mohsin Hamid writing style if I were to say that his books haven’t gained popularity. The most prominent one was “The Reluctant Fundamentalist” book by Mohsin Hamid that later turned into a well-known movie. In fact, the movie did so well that people were searching for the reluctant fundamentalist author name; however, it was not his first book.

After this, there was no looking back and Mohsin Hamid next novel was now much awaited. Then came the revolutionary book called The Reluctant Fundamentalist in the year 2007 and Mohsin Hamid asia society presented him with great appreciation. The successful bestseller opened the gateways for new opportunities and Mohsin Hamid next release was now even more craze amongst the readers. The wait was put to an end in 2013 when he released How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia.

As of now, there is no news on Mohsin Hamid latest novels but author Mohsin Hamid quotes are always here to help his readers. Even though there is no word on Mohsin Hamid upcoming books, but he still manages to be surrounded by the media and Mohsin Hamid latest news include several events like Mohsin Hamid tour dates and others. At several occasion, his works have been compared with that of Amish Tripathi and Anuja Chauhan.

Author Mohsin Hamid Marriage, Wife, Daughter

Mohsin Hamid Wife Photos, Zahara Hamid Pics, Daughter Dina, FamilyA gentleman that he is, there have never once been any rumours about author Mohsin Hamid love affairs and even before he got married, there was no word on Mohsin Hamid girlfriend. This implies that writer Mohsin Hamid love life is either too personal or too boring. However, author Mohsin Hamid married life is much talked about.

To speak of Mohsin Hamid wife name, Zahara is his wife and the couple has been married for quite a while now. In the year 2009, author Mohsin Hamid wife Zahara and Mohsin Hamid daughter Dina moved to London. As of now, Mohsin Hamid children count to only one. The wonderful facts about Mohsin Hamid Zahra love story have never been made public due to their conservative nature but Mohsin Hamid wife Zahra is a beautiful woman.

However, there were talks about Mohsin Hamid Zahra age difference to be a little more than normal, but that doesn’t matter as long as the couple is happy. As his fans, we would love to have seen writer Mohsin Hamid wedding photos but since they were never out in public, wife of Pakistani writer Mohsin Hamid continues to remain as a mystery woman.