Author Amish Tripathi Quotes, New Novel, Next Book, FamilyBooks are the mirror of imagination and notions amalgamated with an amazing and lucid flow of ink. They have the power to resonate in our memory and invigorate our imaginations with its amazing flow of tales. Indian authors like Arvind Adiga, Durjoy Dutta, Chetan Bhagat, etc.; have set an epitome of classy and unparallel writing with beautiful depiction of their tales that have swept chunks of reader’s mind. Amish Tripathi is yet another popular and best-seller author whose series “Shiva trilogy” has struck magnanimous success. Amish Tripathi first book was “Immortals of Meluha” that broke all records and within a week emerged as one of the best-selling books. Immortals of Meluha author Amish Tripathi biography is inspiring and admirable with his staunch academic background and switch from a banker to a prodigiously successful novelist. It is a complete detail on Indian author Amish Tripathi bio data, Amish Tripathi personal life and Amish Tripathi net worth. The IIM graduate has indeed picturized the ash-smeared and blue colored lord dwelling in snowy mountains into a serene human.

Author Amish Tripathi Age and Personal Details

Amish Tripathi has surprised the world with his “Shiva Trilogy” that has broken into the best seller records within a week of its release. The venerated novelist was born in Mumbai. Amish Tripathi date of birth is October 18th in the year 1974 and author Amish Tripathi age is 40 years. Amish Tripathi height is 5 feet and 4 inches.

Speaking about Amish Tripathi education, he has spent his childhood growing up in Rourkela in Odisha. He has acquired his education from ST. Xaviers’s college in Mumbai and his post-graduation from the much revered Indian Institute of management in Calcutta. Amish Tripathi family background was well-educated and wanted him to flourish in financial services industry.

Author Amish Tripathi Best Selling Books

Amish aspired to become a historian but it was not affordable by Amish Tripathi parents. He worked in a financial services sector for nearly 14 years that included elite companies like DBS Bank, Standard chartered and IDBI prior inking on Lord Shiva. The Immortals of Meluha by Amish Tripathi was one of the best and fastest selling books that has defined a new aura of Lord Shiva.

Amish Tripathi best-selling books include the complete series of Shiva Trilogy that has marked a gross retail or more than 60 Crores INR and sold near 2.2 million copies. The biography of author Amish Tripathi brings to us this prestigious fact he was selected as Eisenhower fellow which is a revered programme for brilliant leaders from all across the globe. His switch to being a novelist was a big decision that indeed paid him off with respect and success.

Author Amish Tripathi Best Books, Records

Shiva Trilogy author Amish Tripathi has astounded the world with his debut work of Immortals of Meluha. Author Amish Tripathi wiki is all about author Amish Tripathi next book, Amish Tripathi latest book and Amish Tripathi Shiva Trilogy book. His notable works are “The Immortals of Meluha”, his debut book followed by the “The secret of the Nagas” and “the oath of Vayuputras”.

The Immortals of Meluha author name has got profusely famous owing to its massive selling of copies. The Secret of Nagas by Amish Tripathi and Amish Tripathi “The Oath of the Vayuputras” book are the further two releases in Shiva trilogy that made a record of over more than Rs.60 Crores in sales. He has also been accorded as one of the top 100 celebrities in India consecutively thrice from the year 2012 to 2014.

Author Amish Tripathi Novels, New Books

“Shiva Trilogy” author Amish Tripathi has garnered colossal respect and fame with his fabulous work of Shiva Trilogy. Author and novelist Amish Tripathi is an IIM graduate and has worked in financial sectors for a span of 14 years prior becoming a writer. Amish Tripathi author profile is adorned with his marvellous work of Shiva trilogy. His first two books had acquired such humongous popularity that people impatiently waited for author Amish Tripathi 3rd novel and was immensely keen about Amish Tripathi book 3 release date.

The 3rd novel “Oath of Vayuputras” was also a classical hit and got him among the most revered Indian authors. Amish Triptahy has also been accorded as one of the India’s new icons in the 8th anniversary of DNA newspaper. He has also received several awards for his work. Owing to the success in his Amish Tripathi new release of Shiva Trilogy 3rd novel, people have been looking forward to Amish Tripathi movies especially on Amish Tripathi “Shiva Trilogy” movie. His work has bagged him communicator of the year award in the year 2014 and also was regarded as man of the year in the year 2013 by the honourable Radio One.

Author Amish Tripathi Books into Movies

Amish Tripathi is a popular name and when it comes to his books, readers can hardly resist the wait for the release of his next book. Amish Tripathi next series shall comprise of his next trilogy on Lord Rama. The Ramachandra series is slated to be release on June 22nd in the year 2015. Amish Tripathi new book is “The scion of Ikshvaku” in the Ramachandra series. Amish Tripathi new novel was announced at the “Zee Jaipur Literature Festival” which is anticipated to explore on Lord Rama.

Amish Tripathi new book trailer was showcased in this festival that already made his readers go gaga over Amish Tripathi upcoming books. The book shall be release by the middle of this year. Author Amish Tripathi has his own style of narration that has awed readers worldwide. However there has always been a comparison between Amish Tripathi vs Chetan Bhagat but that has hardly been paid any heed since both of them hail from different genres and have their own way of expressing the notions and depth of stories.

Apart from this, there has been a little fuel burnt up between Amish Tripathi and Karan Johar. “Shuddhi” is Karan Johar’s upcoming work which has been mistaken to be based on Shiva trilogy. This led to the pandemonium of Amish Tripathi cheating on Karan Johar as the author was thought to be scripting for the book. Amish Tripathi in Dubai and on social network space Tweeter has made it public that he all busy with his books and has no hand in the scripting. The author defines panache with his work and his aura is all embellished with creatively and imagination.

Author Amish Tripathi Personal Life, Marriage, Wife Name

Author Amish Tripathi Wife Pics, Preeti Vyas Photos, Children, WeddingAmish Tripathi is an iconic author and novelist who is best known for Shiva trilogy and is all decked up to release his next series on Lord Rama. His biography has spoken facts about his wiki, career and author Amish Tripathi personal details but now it shall pen lines on Amish Tripathi love life, Amish Tripathi relationships and Amish Tripathi controversy.

The author has never struck a controversy with his personal affairs and hence little is known about Amish Tripathi dating. Author Amish Tripathi married Preeti Vyas who is much more than a marketer. Amish Tripathi wife Preeti Vyas is his publisher, distributor, agent, and retailer and looks after every minute detailing of his books release. Amish Tripathi wife name is Preeti Vyas and she does not handle all of these critical works officially but author Amish Tripathi wife is basically the major inspiration and backseat of the author’s driving force.

Amish Tripathi Preeti Vyas love story and Amish Tripathi Preeti Vyas age difference is not much and both are looking beautiful in the photos. Amish Tripathi wife photos and wife of Indian author Amish Tripathi pictures are posted on various popular sites.

Author Amish Tripathi Latest Buzz

Amish Tripathi has release movie and video trailers prior the release of his books. Author Amish Tripathi quotes taken from the ancient Hindu scriptures “Rig Veda” has won away millions of minds in one shot. However his success is completed dedicated to his much loving and passion reader wife Preeti. Amish Tripathi with his wife has been spotted in all of these festivals Amish Tripathi Preeti Vyas relationship is immensely adorable.

The boring banker has turned into a successful writer owing the unwavering support of his gorgeous and lovely wife. There are a few pictures posted on Amish Tripathi children as well. His sons name is Neel Tripathi. Amish Tripathi is a brilliant author but his wife Preeti is an equal contributor to his success and fame.