Meghna Pant Husband Pics, Wedding, Family, Happy Birthday Author Hot ImagesMeghna Pant is an Indian writer and novelist and of Meghna Pant best-selling books, “One and A Half Wife” is the best one. In this “One and A Half Wife” author Meghna Pant biography, we shall focus on various aspects of her life including author Meghna Pant love life. Of all the Indian female authors, she is one of the most famous ones and so, she has various accolades to her names. While “One and A Half Wife” author name has become a global name, Meghna Pant novels have left a huge mark on the world readers. We shall also highlight the fact that “Happy Birthday” by Meghna Pant is a collection of short stories that has accumulated its own sort of customers. Continue reading the biography of novelist Meghna Pant so as to know more about her personal and professional life:

Meghna Pant Age, Family, Wiki

The author of “One and A Half Wife” novel is one of the most famous socialite on the web and her popularity can be seen through Meghna Pant Twitter account. To speak about Meghna Pant family background, she was born in a family in Simla where Meghna Pant parents led a simple and ordinary life. This also implies that Meghna Pant nationality is Indian. She has a brother named Sourabh Pant and he is a stand-up comedian.

Born and brought up in India, author Meghna Pant age is 32 years as of now. However, Meghna Pant date of birth is 27th March, 1983. As author Meghna Pant wiki would confirm, Meghna Pant education is a Master’s degree in Business Administration and Meghna Pant first job was as a Business Executive. To know more about Meghna Pant author profile, continue reading:

Professional Career of Meghna Pant

While Meghna Pant hot pics on the internet would tell otherwise, Meghna Pant bio data says that she is a journalist and writer by profession. She also works as a financial journalist, thus, putting her MBA degree to some good use. However, it would be wrong to call it as a Meghna Pant news journalist profile as she mostly works in the financial sector and is not like a news journalist.

In the year 2012, Meghna Pant first book released in New Delhi, India and it was titled “One and A Half Wife” by Meghna Pant. She is very much popular with this book and soon she wrote Meghna Pant short stories titled “Happy Birthday” in London, UK. Meghna Pant blog says a lot more about her works than any printed article. Now that “Happy Birthday” book author name is quite a deal internationally, she is also awarded as Meghna Pant Femina writer of the year.

Meghna Pant Upcoming Books

It would be safe to say that she has gathered many fans within a short span of time and Meghna Pant next novel is much awaited for. It is expected that Meghna Pant new book will break the records of her previous bestsellers as well. Meghna Pant writing style is one of the main aspects of her books that has grabbed hold onto the audiences and also inspired many other writers.

Just like anyone else that becomes famous, Meghna Pant interviews have also been held by the press. Many a things about these interviews have further become Meghna Pant latest news and headlined leading news channels. On a lighter note, her fans say that Meghna Pant in Saree looks much more elegant than Meghna Pant in skirt. This discussion started after she posted a few such photos on the Facebook.

In the years to come, we hope that Meghna Pant books into movies are surely turned so that she can reach wider audiences. This would make Meghna Pant net worth to be a much impressive number. Her works have also been admired by writers like Judy Balan and Sheila Heti. The names and titles of Meghna Pant upcoming books have not yet been released.

Personal Life of Meghna Pant

The gossips about Meghna Pant love affairs have been few and so, not much of author Meghna Pant controversy has been delivered by the media. To be straight outright with it, Meghna Pant relationships have been kept very secretive by her and so, we have very less information about Meghna Pant dating life as well as “One and A Half Wife” author husband.

It is surprising though that the writer has been mentioned at so many global networks and is a global personality now, but details about Meghna Pant wedding or even Meghna Pant husband name have nowhere been mentioned. Well, it would be hard to assume that whether or not is the author Meghna Pant married, but her fans love her for her work and are little concerned about her personal relationships.