OLX Founder Fabrice Grinda Biography, Girlfriend, Net WorthThe smartest buying and selling platform OLX has eased the process of business and led to quick selling of products at a fair price negotiated by both buyers and sellers. The French entrepreneur Fabrice Grinda had co-founded the illustrious company OLX along with Alex Oxenford OLX. The site allows a vast range of advertisements to be displayed and makes marketing seamless. OLX founder name Fabrice Grinda is a renowned personality in the business fraternity and he is considered among the most influential entrepreneurs and investors of the world. OLX founder Fabrice Grinda biography is inspiring and gives a brief introduction and detailed information of his early works and career. The biography of French investor Fabrice Grinda also unveils the secrets of a successful entrepreneurship and leaves the ignited minds spellbound with his astounding achievements that has made the classified ad website OLX a humongous success. His biography shall talk about his personal and professional niches.

Fabrice Grinda Age, Family Background

Fabrice Grinda has invested in numerous start-ups like Wikimart, Alibab group, Windlen and BrightRoll etc. OLX website founder Fabrice Grinda was born in Boulogne Billancourt, France. Fabrice Grinda date of birth is August 3rd, 1974. Fabrice Grinda age is 39 years. Fabrice Grinda nationality is French. He has grown up in Nice and the moved to Princeton in U.S. he has invested in some 124 companies so far with the net amount of more than 7 million.

Fabrice Grinda height is 5 feet and 8 inches. Fabrice Grinda family background has their roots settled in Nice. He had completed his graduation from C Massena in the year 1992. He had garnered a number of distinctions and awards as the best and most distinguished student. He had also been anointed with the much esteemed Wolf Prize that is rewarded to the best Belleison thesis. Jan Koum and Sachin Bansal are also successful entrepreneurs but Fabrice Grinda has graced his profile as an Angel investor as well.

OLX Founder Fabrice Grinda Wiki and Profile

Fabrice Grinda has a staunch academic background and had secured his education from Princeton university economics. His intellect and ignited notions were reflected in the fabulous inception of OLX Company. OLX founder wiki is embellished with his outstanding academic profile and [professional achievements. To finance his education he had set up an export informatics materials organization that was named as Princeton International Computer.

OLX website founder profile was further accelerated when he founded the prestigious company Aucland.fr. This was Fabrice Grinda first project and Fabrice Grinda wiki was geared up with this web auctioning site set up with partners Sacha Fosse Parisis. He left Aucland in the year 2000 and sold the shares of the company. He further got involved in other entrepreneurship activities before embarking on the inception of OLX.

OLX Website Owner Fabrice Grinda Career

In the year 200 Fabrice Grinda founded the company Zingy after returning to United States. The company witnessed an outstanding prosperity between the years 2001 to 2005. In the year 2006 Fabrice Grinda Angellist joined hands with Alex Oxenford OLX and hosted free classifieds in Buenos Aries and New York. Fabrice Grinda and Alec Oxenford together contributed to the growth of the site and set up brilliance with its humongous success.

OLX founder net worth is in terms of million $U.S. and Fabrice Grinda net worth has also reached figures in millions. In the year 2010 South African group Naspers acquired the site and in 2012 Fabrice Grinda gave his executive position with the largest classified as website OLX in Portugal, India, Brazil and Pakistan with more than 100 million visitors every month. Fabrice Grinda OLX founder personal details and academic profile has invigorated his career and has led to the Midas success of OLX.

Fabrice Grinda Blog and Jose Marin Investments

Fabrice Grinda marketplaces have been established in New Delhi, Amsterdam, Islamabad, Cape Town and many more places. Fabrice Grinda upcoming projects might also encircled in similar ad classified fields. Fabrice Grinda & Jose Marin angel investments have also got him recognition in his business and investment.

With the notion of OLX he has epitomized outstanding success and advancement. OLX founder blog is also flooded with amazing responses and wishes. His business strategies and plans are the inspiration for many and Fabrice Grinda 9 business selection criteria have awed everyone. He has shot to prodigious recognition and fame with OLX which currently employs about 1000 employees.

OLX Founder Fabrice Grinda Personal Life

Fabrice Grinda is the brainchild behind the amazing company OLX that eased buying and selling business to a great extent. His professional niches have been highlighted in interviews and sites but French entrepreneur Fabrice Grinda personal life has not been talked about much. Is Fabrice Grinda married is a common doubt in the minds of many and they wondered about Fabrice Grinda wife name.

Much to everyone’s dismay not much has been known about Fabrice Grinda girlfriend and Fabrice Grinda wedding date and pics. Information on his love affairs and family life has never stormed the media and hence Fabrice Grinda with his wife and their history is still a dark mystery. Fabrice Grinda wife images are the interest of some who are desperately curious to dig out facts about his personal life.

However rumors and gossips keep fuming in the ambience and quiet recently the rumors of Fabrice Grinda wife pregnant and Fabrice Grinda kids had flared up. Well rumors keep getting churned but the astounding part of this intellectual lies in his career accomplishments that has given the globe the fantabulous experience of OLX.