Australian Model Miranda Kerr Latest PhotoshootMiranda Kerr is a top ranking Australian model who has shot to international prominence owing to her successful modeling career. She has marked extreme brilliance in the field of modeling and has garnered copious success. Australian model Miranda Kerr biography is truly extensive and as it unveils the brief description on her personal and professional life. She is one of Victoria’s Secret Angel and is the first Australian to take part in its campaign. She had also represented Australian up-market departmental store chain David Jones. Biography of Australian model Miranda Kerr is awe-inspiring to notice the humongous success that she has garnered in her profession. She has also launched her personal brand for skin care products entitles as KORA Organics. First Australian Victoria’s secret model name Miranda Kerr is a popular name now and her career is making a positive growing graph. She has also released a self-help book named Treasure Yourself. Her versatility and working approach is truly commendable.

Model Miranda Kerr Age and Personal Details

Miranda Kerr embarked on her profession of modeling when she was 13 years old. Australian Victoria’s secret model Miranda Kerr personal details talks about her various early life details career and relationships. Miranda Kerr full name is Miranda May Kerr. She was born in Sydney in Australia and Miranda Kerr date of birth is April 20th, 1983.

Miranda Kerr age is 31 years and she is a heart-throb model of her nation. Her glowing complexion and astounding mesmerizing countenance has graced her appearance on numerous fashion shows. Miranda Kerr height is 5 feet and 9 inches and she exhibits a beautiful slender personality. Though she was born in the capital city of Australia but she brought up in New South Wales.

Miranda Kerr family background is mixed with little Scottish and majority of French. She has been cradled in her arms of her parents’ john and Therese Kerr. Her brother Mathew is two years younger than her. Miranda had secured education on health psychology and nutrition prior entering modeling.

Australian Model Miranda Kerr Wiki

Australian Model Miranda Kerr had begun her modeling career at Chaay’s Modeling agency. Model Miranda Kerr wiki as a model got driven since then and she subsequently won Australian model search that was hosted by Impulse fragrances and Dolly magazines. Dolly Cover Girl 1997 winner name Miranda Kerr became a buzz in the fashion industry thereafter and she paved her way to bigger thunders.

This victory in the model competition accelerated Dolly Cover Girl 1997 winner Miranda Kerr Miranda Kerr profile and local newspapers labeled it as ‘concerned outrage’. This created controversy all around and also raised tensions among young girls about beauty, fashion and entertainment fraternity. She walked in smoothly in the fashion industry and walked the ramp for many famous designers. After her success in Maybelline she was the 1st Australian who was offered Victoria’s Secret Angel contract in the year 2007.

Miranda Kerr first Victoria’s secret fashion show made her share the platform with many other popular and stable models. She also replaced the famous model Gisele Bundchen. She was then counted among the top ranking models like Adriana Lima, Heidi Klum etc. Miranda Kerr first Victoria’s secret commercial marked the inception of her grand career. Prior Miranda Kerr Victoria’s secret fashion show she had featured in the televised runway shows on Victoria’s secret from years 2006 to 2009 that was aired on 4 continents. Her popularity began increasing and she received international recognition.

Australian Model Miranda Kerr Photo-shoots

Miranda Career had already set panache in her modeling career as Victoria’s secret Angel. She was signed as the face of the much esteemed California fashion retailer Arden B. Miranda Kerr new ad and debut ad campaigns was signed with him and it was shot by Diego Uchitel. Miranda Kerr upcoming appearances were featured in the tele-series How I Met your Mother with other fellow models that went popular immensely. Miranda Kerr hot pics were shot and Miranda Kerr new photo shoot thereafter increased her net worth.

She was signed as the face of Clinique Happy and struck a lucrative 6 figure deal with David Jones. Forbes placed her in the tenth position and Miranda Kerr net worth Forbes was estimated to be around 3.5 million dollars in the year 2007. She was ranked in the second position in the year 2013 and is presently one of the highest paid models. She featured in many brands like Wonderbra and Reebok and Miranda Kerr latest photo shoot has given her enormous fame and name. She has also starred in many websites and commercials advertisements.

Miranda Kerr Personal Life

Miranda Kerr had established herself as a renowned and top-ranking model within a short span. She started dating Adrian Camilleri who is a finance broker. Miranda Kerr personal life started inviting personal relationship controversies since then. Camilleri had been charged against fraudulent behavior and there after Kerr ended her relationship with him. Kerr had also suffered huge financial setbacks on being advices by him but she refrained from taking any action against him. Miranda Kerr love life started taking a twist thereafter and Miranda Kerr love affairs confronted many faces.

Miranda Kerr new song everything To me in which she was starred led to the juicy affairs of her an d Tamarama. They had a four year relationship which ended on mutual terms. Miranda Kerr boyfriend list went on extending and she began dating popular actor Orlando Bloom in the end of 2007. Victoria secret model Miranda Kerr husband wiki was also as prominent as her. Miranda Kerr boyfriend name was pretty seasonal but announced their engagement in the year 2010. They married in the month of July and Miranda Kerr and Orlando bloom kissing during their marriage proposal churned the media gossips.

Miranda Kerr husband name Orlando Bloom is a prominent Hollywood actor. Miranda Kerr Orlando Bloom wedding pics are available in many popular sites. Herr became the mother of a charming son. Miranda Kerr with her husband Orlando Bloom cherished their marriage for quite some years and with the dawn of this little angel their life seemed complete. However their marriage ended after a couple of years and couple got separated mutually.

Miranda Kerr Married with Orlando Bloom

Miranda Kerr dated actor Orlando bloom and then settled her decision on marriage. Miranda Kerr first boyfriend was Christopher Middlebrook. Miranda Kerr first boyfriend Christopher died in a brutal car accident in the year 1998. Kerr was deeply attached to her and this incident had broken her in her naive age. Miranda Kerr Orlando Bloom baby was named after him. Miranda Kerr son name is Flynn Bloom and he was Bloom in 2011 January. Miranda Kerr pregnant pics were also put up by some websites.

A few months later Kerr revealed the secret behind the name of her first child. Miranda Kerr ex-boyfriend Chris Flynn had a sweet teenage love story with Kerr and how did Miranda Kerr’s first boyfriend died always bothered her. The 1998 car accident had shocked her deeply and depressed her to the core. She found it hard to return back to her normal life. Orlando Bloom too embraced the decision of Miranda on naming their child and helped her more on this sensitive issue.

Miranda Kerr Orlando Bloom Love Story

Miranda Kerr boyfriend Flynn thus stayed immortal in their memories forever. Miranda Kerr husband and baby lived a happy life until October 2013 when the couple announced their break up. Miranda Kerr Orlando Bloom Oscars had graced their professional lives and united them but that it didn’t mean enough to sustain their relationship. Miranda Kerr Orlando Bloom break up news had shattered her happy married life and Miranda Kerr Orlando Bloom cheating was believed to be Miranda Kerr Orlando Bloom split reason.

The actor mostly immersed himself in drinking and that had made Kerr’s life very agonizing. This was another possible reason of Miranda Kerr husband divorce. Besides, the actor was also spotted with co-actress Ian McKellan in her house where he was believed to get wasted. The marriage ended a couple of months later and people stopped wondering is Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom still together. Miranda simple hated his drinking addiction that had ruined their happy married life forever.

Miranda Kerr New Boyfriends and Love Affairs

Miranda Kerr had had begun on a marriage relationship but it ended on a miserably sad note. Miranda Kerr boyfriend fight had become a part of her personal life. is Miranda Kerr married was no longer the doubt in the minds of her followers but people did wonder is Miranda Kerr really dating James Packer. Miranda Kerr new boyfriend James Packer is a billionaire and Miranda was rumored dating him after their divorce. Erica Packer his wife had separated a month earlier prior Orlando and Miranda’s divorce.

Orlando started dating her which was believed to be a revenge on Miranda that pretty bizarre her life. This hook up triangle was indeed chaotic. Miranda Kerr ex-husband Orlando blood had embarrassed the model with his drinking habits and now it was the triangular love story! Apart from this there was yet news about is Miranda Kerr dating Justin Bieber. Miranda Kerr was reported to have texted dirty texts with Bieber. He had also kissed her before Orlando Bloom. Miranda Kerr husband Orlando Bloom had involved himself in a fight with Justin Bieber when this incident took place. This has created quite pandemonium about Miranda Kerr’s relationship status.

Miranda Kerr Controversy, Latest Buzz

Miranda Kerr movies list may not have been big but her boyfriend list seems to be extensive. Miranda Kerr pregnant before marriage was one of her old controversial buzz but the latest rumors on Miranda Kerr birth controversy and Miranda Kerr pregnant again was a new juicy story on the star model. Miranda Kerr birth control pills have the heated talk for some time which was soon swept over by is Miranda Kerr bisexual? These stars are always engulfed by some or other blazing heated news but you never identify which one to believe on. The juicy and creepy affairs keep running and rumors mills are churned nimbly.