Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Biography, Net Worth, BlogSatya Nadella is an elite and illustrious industrial personality who has recently been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of the gigantic and world class technology hub Microsoft. He has had a staunch academic background graced with prodigious achievements in his professional career that has taken him to this zenith of his career. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella biography gives ample information on this erudite personality and his career and professional advancements. Biography of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella interest many young professionals who have embarked on their technology oriented profession to make it big in this electronics era. Satya Nadella has been the inspiration of all ignited minds all across the globe who is striving in their educational space to be a part of the prestigious establishment Microsoft and advance in the career. Hence the Satya Nadella biography is the keen interest of all the young and booming professionals.

Satya Nadella Age, Family Background

Satya Nadella is the present CEO of Microsoft and has succeeded Steve Ballmer. Satya Nadella birthplace is Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh, India. Satya Nadella real name is Satyanarayana Nadella and he presently stays in US and Satya Nadella residence is in Washington. His ethnicity is Indian and citizenship is from United States. He was born in a Telegu family from the district of Anantapur.

Satya Nadella family background shows strong academic foundation. Satya Nadella father served as a civil servant in Indian Administrative Service. Satya Nadella date of birth is in the year 1967 and Satya Nadella age is nearly 47 years. He has achieved humongous success and made a mark in his trade only with his commendable academic background and family support.

Satya Nadella Education

Satya Nadella has completed his schooling from Hyderabad Public School in Begumpet. He has secured a bachelor degree in Electronics and Telecommunications engineering from the exquisite Manipal Institute of Technology in the year 1987. He later traversed to U.S. and accomplished a MS degree in Computer Science from University of Wisconsin in the year 1990.

Satya Nadella education was further adorned with a M.B.A. degree from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business. He has passionate about his subjects and had a deep penchant for technology that later served as his motivation to build is career with Microsoft. The man is a dynamic and robust personality whose career graph and ascend is a true inspiration for all erudite and talented professionals. Satya Nadella, Vishal Sikka are epitomes of Indian intellectuals who have made it big beyond national boundaries and inspired the brilliant minds of our nation.

Satya Nadella Wiki

Satya Nadella had been working in Microsoft since 1992. Satya Nadella Wiki reveals his steady growth of career in Microsoft that paved way for him to cut the mustard in Microsoft and emerge as the successor of Steve Ballmer, former Microsoft CEO. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella wiki talks about his personal life as well that shall fascinate you with the fact that he is an avid reader of Indian and American poetries.

Satya Nadella quotes show his way of expressing his contemplations that encourages the employees and enables them to dream big. Satya Nadella email on the first day after being appointed the CEO had conveyed his messages to all his employees about his vision to change the world through Microsoft and empower people to work wonders.

Satya Nadella Career

Satya Nadella had worked with Sun Microsystem as an elite member of its staff and then joined Microsoft in the year 1992. He had worked as senior vice-president in the R&D department and later became the President of Microsoft’s Server and Tools Business. Satya Nadella news spread all across the globe when he made an outstanding transformation in the company’s business that generated sumptuous profit and revenue for Microsoft.

Satya net worth and Satya Nadella salary is 1.2$ million currently and he has received lavish stick bonuses in is prior positions. Satya Nadella compensation along with stock bonuses had bagged $7.6 million including his base salary in the year 2013. On February 4th, 2014 Satya Nadella was declared as the new CEO of Microsoft.

Satya Nadella Marriage, Wife, Children

Satya Nadella has achieved prodigious success in his career and he believes his family has supported him throughout to make it this grand. Satya Nadella personal life speaks about his married life and Satya Nadella family. Satya Nadella marriage had taken in the year 1992. Satya Nadella wife is Anupama who is the daughter of his father’s batchmate. Satya Nedella’s father- in- law K.R. Venugopal is also an IAS.

Satya Nadella wife Anupama is also a well-educated lady and comes from a staunch educated family. Satya Nadella personal details include details about his marriage and kids. Satya Nadella wedding date is in the year 1992 and he has three kids. Satya Nadella kids live with him in Bellevue in Washington, U.S. Satya Nadella and his families are five members and he is extremely affectionate to his daughter and defies the father-daughter relationship.

Satya Nadella kids name had been mentioned in one of Satya Nadella interview. Satya Nadella family pics are not much displayed on the sites but it shall be featured soon in the upcoming interviews and sites. Satya Nadella believes in teamwork and his penchant for cricket seems to have given him notions about team play and leadership that has graced his career.

Satya Nadella Latest News

Satya Nadella has set an aura of panache in his career and has hence inspired millions. Satya Nadella blog and Satya Nadella Facebook also shares his information. He can also be tweeted or followed at other social sharing spaces. Bill Gates was an iconic gigue and now he is gone from Microsoft. Huge anticipations are being made from Satya Nadella.

Satya Nadella and Bill Gates have become the stalwarts in Microsoft and news have stormed in media about their healthy working relations. News about Satya Nadella and Chandrababu Naidu had surfaced in which the Chief Minister has proposed Nadella to open a Microsoft hub in Hyderabad, the native place of Nadella. Satya Nadella has been thoughtful about this notion and he shall definitely ponder over it to transform Anantapur into a Microsoft hub.