Vishal Sikka Family, Wife Photos, Vandana Sikka Pics, KidsA dynamic and magnetic personality Vishal Sikka who held a highly esteemed post at the Global Managing Board and Executive board of SAP AG has been announced as the CEO and MD of the venerated and established IT organization Infosys on June 12th, 2014. The Infosys CEO name had been the crispy rumors that churned the mills of the media for quite some time, but with the official outbreak of the news it has marked the dawn of a new beginning. The conventional saga at Infosys of laurelling one of his eminent founders as the CEO of this third-Largest service IT exporter met a dead end with the crowning of Vishal Sikka, father of SAP Hana as its CEO. Vishal Sikka is anticipated to tide over all the grim state of affairs of the company and soar it to the pinnacle of glory. Here is a brief and vivid description about Infosys CEO Vishal Sikka biography that will unveil this prodigious leader’s talent and intellect.

Vishal Sikka Age & Family Background

Vishal Sikka is prodigiously knowledgeable and an erudite leader who has given an outstanding contribution in the development and distribution of products across SAP’s portfolio. He has been the backbone behind the dilation of the SAP portfolio including its analytics, database and technology, cloud and all sorts of applications. Vishal Sikka family background traces his roots to an affectionate Punjabi upbringing in Madhya Pradesh. He was born on June 1st, 1967.

Vishal Sikka age is 47 years. It is astounding to have such a vibrant and scrupulous personality of this age heading a monumental IT establishment. He has secured his graduation in B.S and M.S in Computer Science from the august Syracuse University in New York. In the year 1996 Vishal Sikka completed his Ph.D. from the illustrious Stanford University. No wonder Vishal Sikka parents are blessed to have such a talented and intellectual son. Vishal Sikka is an epitome of brilliance and panache.

SAP Hana Founder Vishal Sikka Wiki

The Infosys current CEO Vishal Sikka has a remarkable educational and professional ground. Vishal Sikka Wiki speaks about the biography of Dr. Vishal Sikka in lucid words. In the year 2002 Vishal Sikka joined SAP to head its all strategic creative and innovative projects. Within a short span of time owing to his contribution and brilliance, he was promoted to look over the direction and road map of SAP’s products and its infrastructure. He gradually climbed the zenith of success and was named as the first-ever CTO reporting to the then CEO of SAP.

However, Vishal Sikka leaves SAP after a board meeting, which he departed from, on 4th May, 2014. Vishal Sikka departure from the SAP has in turn become a boon for Infosys. On June 12th, 2014 he has been announced as CEO of Infosys. Vishal Sikka after SAP is now propelled to take this different stride on his back and give Infosys a distinguished recognition. He shall embark on this new journey from August, 1st 2014. Narayan Murthy has finally relinquished his hold on Infosys and rested in on the hands on an outstanding intellectual leader.

Infosys CEO Vishal Sikka Salary & Net Worth

Vishal Sikka has set a mark in the trade with his outstanding success and brilliance of notions. He has been recognized as the father of SAP Hana and with his departure from SAP he is now set to mark the inception of the Infosys’ new frame of success. Vishal Sikka success story Vishal Sikka resigned SAP is believed as a godsend for Infosys. It was the Vishal Sikka inside story that made him take this decision and sealed his thought for this new journey.

Vishal Sikka car accident in Costa Rica in the year 2008 during a vacation with family rattled his mind and he decided to change the course of his journey. In 2014 when Vishal Sikka joins Infosys it will create another sensational buzz in the industrial growth and grace the aura with excellence and innovative actions. Vishal Sikka surname reflects his salary, which is gigantically big and lucrative. Vishal Sikka salary is expected to be nearly 32 Crores per annum or higher which is indeed a sumptuous amount.

Vishal Sikka net worth is much higher than mere figures and his intellect and innovativeness is immeasurable. Vishal Sikka personal blog and Vishal Sikka SAP blog is quite interesting and interactive. Vishal Sikka SAP LinkedIn is also popular and it gives some of Vishal Sikka contact details which are desired by most venerated and established industrial pillars. Vishal Sikka is a stalwart personality in the industry and it is accepted unanimously worldwide.

Vishal Sikka Marriage, Wife & Kids

The father of SAP Vishal Sikka has a humble and steady personal life. SAP founder Vishal Sikka personal life reflects the motivation and encouragement behind his decisions that change the road map of his life. Vishal Sikka marriage has contributed in this man’s glory. A recent interview with him has revealed details about Vishal Sikka wife name, Vishal Sikka wedding and Vishal Sikka kids.

He has a contented and an extremely supportive family that has encouraged him to establish himself in the industry and business. He has successfully emerged as the CEO of the giant software establishment of the nation India. Having such a great and accomplished figure is bound to create a history for Infosys.