Images of Emraan Hashmi Wife and SonThe lucky mascot and the inspiration behind the leading actor of Bollywood Emraan Hashmi is his gorgeous and beloved wife Parveen Shahani. A pre-school teacher Parveen Shahani has imbibed the values to keep a healthy and home and has hence been the backbone of her husband’s success. The simple yet so ravishing, classy yet so down to earth Parveen Shahani believes in inculcating the right morals and principles in her children at school. She is also the girlfriend of Emraan Hashmi. Emraan Hashmi wife Parveen Shahani biography unfolds the various traits of this wonderful lady, her personal interests and knacks and a glimpse of her profession. Parveen Shahani Hashmi biography is a must read for the dedicated wives to embellish their hubby’s career and lift it to sublime heights. The heart-throb and the actor best known as the serial-kisser is indeed blessed with a loving and a broad-minded wife who has shed the feeling of insecurity and welcomes her husband’s work with dignity and respect. These days, Emraan Hashmi is busy in the promotion of his upcoming movie “Raja Natwarlal” with her co-actress Humaima Malick.

Parveen Shahani Hashmi Family Background

The gorgeous lady Parveen Shahani was wooed by the appealing and handsome actor Emraan Hashmi and now shares the eternal bond of marriage with him. Parveen Shahani family background is Sindhi but her marriage or ‘Nikah’ took place under auspice Islamic laws and customs. Parveen Shahani father is a big businessman in Mumbai, while her mother is a housewife. Emraan Hashmi wife age is 33 years, but her glowing face still reflects amazing glamor and grace.

Parveen Shahani height is 5 feet and 3 inches, which is incredibly suited her slender and lean body structure that makes her all the more riveting and alluring to her darling hubby. Parveen Shahani movies have not heard of any, and she enjoys her teaching job and household chores. Parveen Shahani date of birth is 27 April, 1981 and she used to celebrate her birthday with her family members only. A huge number of fans and followers must have contributed to the star Emraan Hashmi’s accomplishments, but Parveen Shahani has given it the perfect edge.

Emraan Hashmi Wife Wiki

Parveen Shahani has discovered the true love of her life in the actor Emraan Hashmi and is walking the path of love and commitment with him for over a decade now. Emraan Hashmi wife name hasn’t been the quite mentioned in the B-town, but the amazing lady is an epitome of wonderful and sensational home-maker. Emraan Hashmi wife wiki unveils her rational and strong approach towards life that keeps her beliefs and principles upright.

Emraan Hashmi married Parveen Shahani after dating her for six long years or even more and is so spellbound about his wife’s gestures that he wishes to spend his entire life with her till the very end. Parveen Shahani wife of Emraan Hashmi is truly a lady of admiration and inspiration. The more we get to know about this beautiful lady the more respect and admiration we build for her.

Parveen Shahani Hashmi Son Ayaan Hashmi

Parveen Shahani has excelled as a girlfriend and an elite wife, but she hasn’t left the stone unturned in parenthood. Emraan Hashmi wife pregnant with their child had ushered in a flurry of happiness in the house. Emraan Hashmi son name is Ayaan Hashmi, who is a bundle of joy for the couple. Much to the disappointment Emraan Hashmi son Ayaan Hashmi has been diagnosed with the life-threatening disease cancer. The actor has become all frail and broken with this sudden shock of life.

Emraan Hashmi son suffering from cancer has left the lively and cool actor with utter despair, but his wife seems to handle the rough patch of life in a calm way. She believed that things will get better and they shall be able to tide it over. The inconsolable situation is improving with Parveen Shahani’s strong faith in God.

Emraan Hashmi Wife Marriage and Love Affairs

A gorgeous and enticing star wife Parveen Shahani is incredibly sensible and virtuous. Emraan Hashmi wife personal life is fascinating as she has experienced the charm and magic of love with the actor for a long time prior marriage. What adds to the feathers in the cap is their successful marriage in spite of her hubby’s multiple affairs in film roles. The reel life and real life have been segregated well and the hot and sexy scenes on the big screen don’t bother the amazing lady. Emraan Hashmi wife kiss seems to be the best kiss in the actor’s life in spite of the various luscious kisses he had in his movies.

Emraam Hashmi Parveen Shahani Love Story

Emraan Hashmi wife age difference has never affected the relationship and the mature lady has wonderfully abridged the gap with love and affection. Emraan Hashmi and Parveen Shahani love story had faced the zeniths and nadirs during their six long years of dating and has emerged triumphant. Is Emraan Hashmi married?’ is no longer the amazement of his fans because with their child Ayaan Hashmi they have made the answer pretty obvious.

The wedding date of Emraan Hashmi and Parveen Shahani is 14th December, 2006 that marked the inception of a new beginning in their lives. Emraan Hashmi wife religion is Islamic after her marriage. Emraan Hashmi and Parveen Shahani wedding pics are available on many web pages on the internet. Parveen Shahani kid Ayaan Hashmi always loves to spend time with her mother. The couple truly gives a made for each other sight.

Emraan Hashmi Wife Latest Buzz and Divorce Rumors

Parveen Shahani is a stunning wife and a wonderful mother. Parveen Shahani love affairs have never been surfaced in Bollywood and she has always relished a placid and calm family life. Emraan Hashmi and Parveen Shahani hot pics aren’t much of a craze as she is a homely lady and enjoys being a home-maker. Emraan Hashmi wife divorce reason and many such rumors might have aired, but it has all met a dead end and holds no truth in it.

Emraan Hashmi wife controversy hasn’t ever bothered the couple because it has not made any sense until now. Parveen Shahani wiki is fascinated with all the facts revealed about her and it engrosses you more to get acquainted with her wonderful traits. Emraan Hashmi and Parveen Shahani interview has also given us vivid information about Emraan Hashmi wife and child and their importance to the star actor.

Is Parveen Shahani Pregnant Again

Although, we tried to cover all information about Emraan Hashmi wife, but if you want to know more about the biography of Emraan Hashmi wife Parveen Shahani, you can also browse through at different internet sites. There are also some rumors made by people that is Parveen Shahani pregnant again? It is also one of the latest buzz in B-town about Parveen Shahani, but no reports have confirmed it yet. Parveen Shahani is indeed a marvelous lady, a dedicating and loving wife and an unmatched mother who has graced her house with love and welcomed her husband’s bold roles in movies with respect.