Sundar Pichai Wife Pics, Anjali Pichai Photos, Family, HousePichai Sundararajan is a technical executive and worker at the Google Inc. who is recently in news due to the announcement of him being crowned as the CEO of Google Inc. There are several aspects to Sundar Pichai success story and this biography of Google CEO Sundar Pichai by Youth Developers will cover all of it. Right from his early life to being one of the most influential persons in America, Google CEO Sundar Pichai biography will throw some light on all the areas of his life. If you have seen Sundar Pichai photos, then you will be able to tell that he is no heartthrob but has the mind of a genius. As far as Sundar Pichai net worth is concerned, considering Sundar Pichai salary in Google, it would be an understatement to say that he is a millionaire now.

Sundar Pichai Age, Family, Wiki

As Sundar Pichai wiki would confirm, he was born in Tamil Nadu, India in 1972 and so, Google new Indian CEO age is 43 years currently. However, exact Sundar Pichai date of birth is 12 July, 1972 and his followers wish him birthday every year. Speaking of Sundar Pichai height, his height is more than just a statistic as he has achieved a lot at a young age.

An article named 7 interesting facts about Sundar Pichai was published on the web and one of such facts listed that even though Sundar Pichai parents are Indian and that Sundar Pichai family background belongs to India, despite being born in India, Sundar Pichai nationality is American. It is may be because he completed his education from America and has been a resident ever since. But a major part of Sundar Pichai education was also completed from IIT Kharagpur, India.

Professional Career of Sundar Pichai

Right from Sundar Pichai first job to his journey of being the CEO of Google Inc, Sundar Pichai businessman profile has always been very impressive. He has taken all his projects very seriously and this is why Sundar Pichai new projects are seen with lots of curiosity. Even today, he does his work with equal intensity as he did Sundar Pichai first project and this is why Sundar Pichai life history is filled with recognitions and Sundar Pichai awards.

As regards Google new CEO Sundar Pichai bio data, it is amazing that his most of the career has been spent in Google and Sundar Pichai linkedin profile will be able to provide more exact details on this front. Lots of people have been looking for Google CEO Sundar Pichai contact details as he is an inspiration to loads of aspiring CEO’s but Sundar Pichai email id Sundar Pichai email id and other details have been kept private, just like most of Sundar Pichai personal details.

To have a little sneak-peak into his life, follow Sundar Pichai Twitter account get to know him more and more about Sundar Pichai next project. As far as Sundar Pichai upcoming projects, it would be interesting to see that what his latest improvements will be after being appointed as the CEO of Google. Lots of other information about him and his work will be available on Sundar Pichai blog.

Being a public figure, Sundar Pichai controversy is bound to happen every now & then but Sundar Pichai personal life has never been a victim of it. The rumoured conflict between Sundar Pichai and Satya Nadella spread like fire in the woods but it was nothing but the media hype. Over his huge accomplishment of being named as the CEO of Google Inc. several other entrepreneurs like Kavin Bharti and Peyush Bansal have congratulated him.

Sundar Pichai Marriage, Wife, Children

Speaking of Sundar Pichai love life, it is a rarity that we get to hear about Sundar Pichai relationships considering the fact that he belongs to the business industry. But we know that Google CEO Sundar Pichai married Anjali Pichai; however, Sundar Pichai wedding date is not revealed. But we know for a fact that Sundar Pichai wife name is Anjali and currently, Sundar Pichai with his wife lives in the United States. Also, there were tiny rumours about Anjali Pichai Sundar Pichai age difference but it was not paid much heed due to the irrelevance of the topic.

Now, talking about Sundar Pichai wife Anjali Pichai, she is a very secretive woman and even after being called as the wife of Google CEO Sundar Pichai, she has maintained her silence over the professional life of her husband. But you can find Sundar Pichai wife photos on the web; however, it is hard to say anything about Sundar Pichai wife profile.

About his family, Sundar Pichai and Anjali Pichai have two kids together and Sundar Pichai children are one son and a daughter. The two have a love marriage but nothing about Sundar Pichai Anjali Pichai love story was ever revealed to the media.