Keshav Bansal Family, Girlfriend, Wedding Pics, Gujarat Lions IPL Owner, Intext CEO Wife ImagesIt is said that entrepreneurial skills cannot be taught. Either you are born with or not. The brief of IPL team owner Keshav Bansal biography tells a tale of a boy who might as well be a prodigy in this regard. He is the Intex Technologies CEO who has taken big strides in the business world with great confidence at a very early age. His net worth is estimated to be more than 90 Crore. His success story will scrutinize here in order to understand the path he took to reach his destination. His personal life will also be discussed in order to unearth some juicy trivia. He was quite active on Twitter a little while ago while he was preparing to become the youngest IPL team owner. He is one of the most promising Indian philanthropists. This young boy who is also the CEO of Intex has heads turning with his ventures. The entrepreneur profile of this man will throw a lot of light on his life.

Keshav Bansal Age, Family, Wiki

The boy comes from a business oriented family background from Gujarat. His parents are quite proud that their son is learning the ropes of business from an early age and is also making headlines wherever he is going. His father, Narendra Bansal’s heritage is Rajasthani and he started the Intex Technologies. Keshav’s mother is the one who hails from Rajkot.

Currently, keshav Bansal age is 24. His approximate height is 5 feet 5 inches though he does carry himself in an attitude taller than his height. His date of birth is in 1992. He completed his education from abroad. He attended college in the UK and has a business degree from Manchester Business School which is what Keshav Bansal wiki mentions. His birthplace is Gujarat ad his nationality is Indian.

Keshav Bansal Success Story, IPL Team

There are two kinds of entrepreneurs. One that have to struggle a lot and succeed with the originality of his/her ideas and the second, where he/she has the it all and with the sheer passion of things get those things done. Keshav Bansal falls into the second category. A boy barely 25, he has taken on his father’s business and IPL (his dream) by storm.

Keshav Bansal first job started at his father’s company. Although he had studies many organizations during his formative years as a businessman, he still went on to work with his father’s organization. He has not founded any organization yet as he has recently bought a team in the Indian Premiere League which was his lifelong dream and thus has his hands full with it. But he has not talked about founding any startups yet but they may change in the future as the boy is just 24 and has a lifetime ahead of him.

Keshav Bansal is a sports enthusiast and is at present the most talked about young Indian entrepreneur in the country and abroad. Keshav Bansal IPL team name is Gujarat Lions. He is the son of a tech philanthropist who might also share his father’s passion for upcoming technologies. For this season of the game, Keshav Bansal and Suresh Raina have done pretty well for the Gujarat Lions. The owner has however said that the team cost is fine but they will incur losses for the next two years and right now he is working in order to mitigate those losses.

Keshav Bansal Love Life, Relationships, Marriage

For this young man having a love affair is not on the cards right now let alone a wedding. He is super busy laying out his plan for the IPL team he owns for the next two years. He may have had relationships in the past but as long as we can remember he has been shouldering some very tough responsibilities. So we are not sure about Keshav Bansal girlfriend.

Keshav Bansal may have a love life but the chances of that being serious are very low. A marriage is surely not on the cards right now as the 24-year old is busy juggling business responsibilities and does not have the time to venture farther from there. However we can say that the wife of Keshav Bansal would be very lucky to have him by her side when the time comes.

Keshav Bansal Latest Buzz

Based on the life history of this entrepreneur so far, it can be said that he does have the wits to do great. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth but he is doing it justice. He no spoilt brat of a rich dad in fact he has shouldered responsibilities from Day 1 when his father needed him to. While giving interviews also he appears more business oriented and does not talk about nonsensical stuff.

Although he has too much on his plate with the new IPL team to even think about a new startup we know for sure that getting the funding for the same in case he wanted to start up with an upcoming projects would not be very difficult. Unlike playboy Siddharth Mallya, this second generation business tycoon is very responsible or his actions in the business world. He looks at the recent action of buying the IPL team of Gujarat as an investment and is looking forward to running that front of the business with plan.

Some of the interesting facts about the boy are that he is a sports enthusiast which kind of explains all the latest news about him buying the IPL team. He is a national level squash player. He is also fanatically crazy about cricket and football. He is one of the rising male entrepreneurs of India who come from a well to do business family yet does not boast about it. The Intex Technologies CEO is least worried about his salary right now and more concerned with the profit turnover of the team he just bought.